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This page contains a list of all defined tournaments. You can either browse running tournaments or join a new tournament waiting for players.

Top entry fee prize tournaments
NameGame typeFirst prize status (Brains)Entry fee (in Brains)Signed players
Backgammon Champions League. 2020.Backgammon202515018
Nackgammon Champions League.Nackgammon9001508
Brain campionshipBackgammon4505012
Brain campionshipHyper Backgammon3755010
Brain campionshipPlakoto262507
Brain campionshipFevga225506
Brain campionshipCloning Backgammon187505
Brain campionshipBackgammon Race112503
Brain campionshipLogik112503
Brain campionshipKnight Fight112503
Christmas Masters Tournament !!!Backgammon105503
Christmas Masters Tournament !!!Nackgammon105503
Christmas Masters Tournament !!!Plakoto105503
Brain campionshipCrowded Backgammon75502
winter is comingFive in Line45203
winter is comingHalma 8x845203
winter is comingHalma 10x1045203
Brain campionshipChess37501
Brain campionshipFroglet37501
Brain campionshipAnti Froglet37501
Brain campionshipChinese Chess37501
Brain campionshipCapablanca Random Chess37501
Brain campionshipSphere Froglet37501
Brain campionshipGrasshopper37501
winter is comingPro Five in Line30202
winter is comingSwap Five in Line30202
winter is comingChinese Chess30202
winter is comingAssimilation30202
winter is comingLine415201
winter is comingLinetris15201
winter is comingAnti Chess15201
winter is comingAtomic Chess15201
winter is comingPente15201
winter is comingKeryo Pente15201
winter is comingSmall Pente15201
winter is comingSmall Keryo Pente15201
winter is comingOpen Pente15201
winter is comingOpen Keryo Pente15201
winter is comingFroglet15201
winter is comingAnti Froglet15201
winter is comingGrand Chess15201
winter is comingCapablanca Random Chess15201
winter is comingLos Alamos Chess15201
winter is comingSphere Froglet15201
winter is comingGrasshopper15201
winter is comingRacing Kings15201
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