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Team tournaments(discuss)
*583*Fright*568*Night*657* Knight*1271*Fight*1229* (Knight Fight - show rules)
October 31, 2010 - Fright Night Knight Fight Team Tournament.

Good luck to all teams!

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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 6
Time control (?): 3 days 12 hours, standard vacation
For games with a random start position generate: a random position with each opponent
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
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Results of team players
Zach (2091)The Untouchables141400
pedestrian (2056)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse121200
Labbeda (2169)Republic of Uganda*1235*141202
Hrqls (2041)The Untouchables141202
SL-Bosse (2156)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse121101
Sir_Toby (1837)The Untouchables141103
lukulus (2014)Republic of Uganda*1235*141103
Nuno Miguel (1798)Tugas121002
whikki (1972)Společenství přátel *145*121002
Codypup (2038)121002
incognito (2063)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse121002
varkala (2131)Republic of Uganda*1235*141004
Holyman (1841)Republic of Uganda*1235*141004
dalkelly (1809)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼12903
SentineL (1989)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse12903
furbster (1928)12903
Fitzmertz (1901)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse12903
Doleži (1870)Společenství přátel *145*12903
joshi tm (1551)The Untouchables14905
Bobes (2101)The Untouchables14905
Crow3 (1576)12804
mellon (1974)Lorien *1277*12804
enikybeniky (1655)Lorien *1277*12804
Maik-2000 (1829)12804
Undertaker. (2127)Tugas12804
Roberto Silva (1900)Tugas12804
Zurab (1859)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE12804
cd power (2005)*1156*Welly's12804
Resher (2032)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse12714
omega3007 (1902)12705
honcho (1668)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼12705
El Cid (1727)Tugas12705
tolsty2002 (1833)*1254*The ORIGINAL Flame Pit*1254*12705
eefke (1782)*188* The Teamplayers *188*12705
Good Luck :)FLR (1834)The International Friendship Club12705 (1997)The International Friendship Club12705
dr. martanek (1845)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE12705
Flake (1943)Republic of Uganda*1235*14707
Vocilka (1850)Republic of Uganda*1235*14707
Kiwiyeti (1611)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼12606
bert515 (1931)The International Friendship Club12606
Fencer (1847)Společenství přátel *145*12606
Gror (1818)Společenství přátel *145*12606
Pedro Martínez (2044)Společenství přátel *145*12606
aaru (1904)The International Friendship Club12606
Gammonator (1980)The International Friendship Club12606
Kolja (1862)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼12606
Harry (1711)Lorien *1277*12606
Übergeek 바둑이 (1425)*1254*The ORIGINAL Flame Pit*1254*12606
alilsassy (1879)*1254*The ORIGINAL Flame Pit*1254*12606
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