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*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*
4 won tournaments

*** A Fellowship for Top Backgammon Players ***

Invitations periodically sent based on Player's BKR. Usually, only players with a BKR of about 2000 or more invited/accepted. This provides for really strong Fellowships Tournaments, and also strong teams for the Team Tournaments.

If you are a top BG player, enjoy playing challenging games, then join here. No pressure to enter any tournaments or to chat.

Usually enter the Team Backgammon Tournaments and have a great, successful team.

Join Now !!


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68 members
Level Flag Name Rank
Jason  Big Boss
Vikings  manager
arpa  manager
faith  member
NightWishes  member
Maxxina  member
cardinal  member
goodfoods  member
Slavka  member
Dakota Spring  member
lovelysharon  member  member
SueQ  member
TIGER0005  member
Eriisa  member
Beaupol  member
TheAlchemist  member
nstre  member
Antje  member
gasper  member
lindaw4  member
DaRK AnGeL  member
Czuch  member
Klinsmann  member
SMART ALX  member
seti vikki  member
tenuki  member
Mr Buildmother  member
Andre Faria  member
WizardII  member
pentejr  member
zockerdotcom  member
Bratr  member
H0nzík  member
stod  member
Zach  member
Zarzer  member
aaru  member
jryden  member
karij  member
stemacis  member
Hrqls  member
FilsdeTycho  member
furbster  member
Kiwiyeti  member
Baked Alaskan  member
A663  member
lukulus  member
UzzyLady  member
Ogopogo  member
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BKR: 1685
Crowded Backgammon
0 players
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(*) Each player can be a member of only one team of the same game type. You are already a member of Crowded Backgammon team of ^i^ IRONHORSE SALOON ^i^ fellowship.

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Fellowship Stairs
Name Match type Time control (?) Creator
Premier Stairs - Doubling Cube - Backgammon5 points match with doubling cube 21 daysBry
Premier Stairs - Normal Game - Backgammon2 games match 14 daysBry
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