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Profile: GregW

GregW - Brain Rook, 8420 Brains, 900 achievement points
Total score: 4743 wins, 107 draws, 3548 losses, 470 won tournaments

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GregW's tournaments:

  - Team tournaments

 Aug 2020 *1185* Nackgammon Championship XI (Nackgammon)
 June 2020 *1185* Crowns of Checkers XI (Checkers)
 Oct 2018 *1185* Crowns of Checkers X (Checkers)
*1115* DIEGO*1115*MARADONA *1123* 1920-2020 *1125* (Dice Chess)
*1115* DIEGO*1115*MARADONA *1123* 1920-2020 *1125* (Spider Linetris)
*1115* DIEGO*1115*MARADONA *1123* 1920-2020 *1125* (Spider Line4)
winter challenge (Hyper Backgammon)
winter challenge (Crowded Backgammon)
winter challenge (Nackgammon)
Triple Gammon (Hyper Backgammon)
Brains - December 2020 (Hyper Backgammon)
9. MINI K.O. - Linetris (Linetris)
BIG Small Pente (Small Pente)
Spider Line 4 - invitational (Spider Line4)
Enjoy your life - brains (Hyper Backgammon)
Enjoy your life - brains (Linetris)
Enjoy your life - brains (Line4)
*1184*Knockout Hyper Backgammon (Hyper Backgammon)
Mid September Tourney (Five in Line)
20*43*20 Fevga (Fevga)
*119* FAIRY TALE LEGENDS *119* (4. September 2020, 10:29:15) (Ludo)
GoodFoods Hyper I'm Back(Gammon) (Hyper Backgammon)
quick gammons (Hyper Backgammon)
quick gammons (Nackgammon)
quick gammons (Backgammon)
*1184*Knockout Dice Poker (Dice Poker)
*1184*Knockout Backgammon (Backgammon)
Summer Championship (Triple Dice Poker 6D)
Summer Championship (Dice Poker 6D)
Summer Championship (Triple Dice Poker)
Summer Championship (Dice Poker)
Summer Championship (Ludo)
Summer Championship (Crowded Backgammon)
Summer Championship (Nackgammon)
Summer Championship (Backgammon)
*139*JUNE FUN *139* (16. June 2020, 07:41:55) (Ludo)
Magnolia Blossoms (Dice Poker)
Magnolia Blossoms (Ludo)
Magnolia Blossoms (Hyper Backgammon)
Magnolia Blossoms (Dark Battleboats)
Magnolia Blossoms (Battleboats Plus)
Magnolia Blossoms (Nackgammon)
Magnolia Blossoms (Backgammon)
Bloomin' Lilys (Hyper Backgammon)
Bloomin' Lilys (Crowded Backgammon)
Bloomin' Lilys (Backgammon Race)
Bloomin' Lilys (Nackgammon)
Bloomin' Lilys (Backgammon)
Tiger Lilys are bloomin (Hyper Backgammon)
Tiger Lilys are bloomin (Crowded Backgammon)
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