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7. September 2016, 20:17:39
Subject: I do not know if this is the correct...
..board to discuss this.

anyway,I am sure people come up with many ideas for backgammon variations.
I have always had many idea for these variations.
some would be more interesting as far as strategy as others.
here is 3 original ideas that would be fun.
all thse variations same as backgammon except the new additional rules.

backgammon-frozen tag
if a piece is landed on by an opponents piece.
it remains were it is,but it is frozen=can't move until one of it's own colour pieces lands on it.
if no other pieces are behind this piece that could free it.then it is just frozen for one turn and can't be moved on the next turn.

if a piece is landed on by an opponents piece.
the opponets piece as usual is sent to the bar.
the piece that made the hit is now designated with the letter "C".
this gives it the power of conversion.
now the next time this "C" piece lands on another opponents piece or one of his own colour.the piece is changed to it's opponents colour.
and the "C" designation is lost from the piece.
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