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12. July 2021, 05:04:12
Subject: issue with laptop - problem solved :)
Modified by mal4inara (12. July 2021, 06:23:29)
hi all, in the past I usually use my tablet, phone or PC for accessing Brainking.

I have a laptop now, an old one but it will do what I need, hopefully.  It was given to me, just had to buy a new battery.

When I have finished my move, I click on move to next game, and instead it is taking me to the main page.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  I have reinstalled Chrome, as that is the browser I prefer.

This laptop is Window 8.1, could that be the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.  This loads so much faster than my tablet which is 6 years old, and will be easier to play games.

PROBLEM SOLVED:  well, it seems to be solved.  I was using an old corded mouse, and the issue seems to be with that.  I changed to my wireless mouse from the PC and didn't have any issues.  

Here's to playing more easily  :)
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