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This page contains the list of users who wish to have a higher level of membership but cannot (for any reason) buy it themselves. If you feel like you would sponsor someone today, choose one player from the list and click "select" to proceed.

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User name Desired level Public message for a sponsor (optional) Date of request Time left  
heavenroseDesire Brain Rook2. June 2021, 04:22:10 3 days 2 hoursSelect
ann67 3. June 2021, 02:54:38 6 days 1 hourSelect
BrainKingPoliceBE AWARE- Border C Rule and Nice Works are the same person, a proven liar and cheat. If you don’t believe take a look at his nice works profile, or a view across a river tee hee12. June 2021, 15:01:27 11 days 13 hoursSelect
noscereI would like to join fellowship and can't afford the subscription :-(10. June 2021, 22:13:05 11 days 20 hoursSelect
Border C RuleBE AWARE- heavenrose and Peach Wine are the same person, a proven liar and cheat. (If you believe BKP look at their win loss record ..Oh!! their isnt one lol see their other accounts ie nice works ..every Tuesday ) tee hee11. June 2021, 12:20:04 12 days 10 hoursSelect
ajaxajaxturnaje ďakujem9. June 2021, 13:06:11 26 days 11 hoursSelect

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