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This page contains the list of users who wish to have a higher level of membership but cannot (for any reason) buy it themselves. If you feel like you would sponsor someone today, choose one player from the list and click "select" to proceed.

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User name Desired level Public message for a sponsor (optional) Date of request Time left  
BadBoy7I would like to be able to set up tournies in my fellowships if someone would like to sponser me thank you19. July 2020, 22:20:35 3 days 21 hoursSelect
heavenroseCan you help me please. I cannot afford to pay.12. August 2020, 03:35:50 4 days 2 hoursSelect
Nice worksWarning- heavenrose and Peach Wine are the same person, a proven liar and cheat, as is cool1cat who used brains she got by cheating to sponsor PeachyWine. Helping them is condoning cheating. Happy to elaborate on request.14. August 2020, 05:12:32 4 days 4 hoursSelect
Bartnes 3. August 2020, 11:22:55 18 days 10 hoursSelect
cool1catpeachwine is heavenrose. i have only 1 account.5. August 2020, 18:47:04 20 days 18 hoursSelect
kyngeSacDrowning in medical debt, no disposable income, any help deeply appreciated!13. August 2020, 03:48:29 28 days 3 hoursSelect

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