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Name Deadline Creator Number of voters
Movies of 2011closedcoan.net324
What do you use the internet for most?closedcoan.net274
2022 World Cup Host Cityclosedcoan.net251
2018 World Cup Host Cityclosedcoan.net207
Team Tournament for October 25, 2010closedcoan.net228
Do you have a pet?closedcoan.net309
Meeting in Olomouc, Czech republicclosedHelenaTanein120
What kind of a Black Rook (lifetime) membership action would you prefer?closedFencer260
How many other countries have you been to?closedcoan.net275
How often do you visit BrainKing?closedcoan.net273
What web broser do you like to use?closedcoan.net248
How long should polls be open?closedcoan.net320
Anonymous or Public poll?closedcoan.net343
Pizza Toppingsclosedcoan.net341
2010 World Cupclosedcoan.net554
2010 Winter Olympics - Men's Ice Hockey GOLD Predictionclosedcoan.net385
2016 Summer Olympics - Which city will be picked?closedcoan.net249
Should we create a team tournament in August as well?closedHelenaTanein331
Should opponent's ships that are not sunk be revealed when a game is finished?closedHelenaTanein424
Which online social networks do you use?closedcoan.net439
How do you like the new vacation day rules?closedcoan.net383
Will you track your "achievements"?closedHelenaTanein429
What movie are you interested in the most? (2009)closedcoan.net358
Do you want anonymous visitors profile statistics?closedHelenaTanein345
Card game on BrainKingclosedcoan.net425
Coffee or tea ?closedHelenaTanein518
Is Brainking faster now?closedHelenaTanein279
What feature would you most like to see on BrainKing?closedcoan.net389
Who will win the mens 2008 Football (Soccer) Olympics Gold?closedcoan.net338
If you had the choice to live anywhere else, where would you live?closedcoan.net519
If you had the choice of the following drinks, which one would you pick:closedcoan.net584
Do other members of your family also play on Brainking?closedcoan.net565
What movie are you interested in the most?closedcoan.net549
Which one of the following sports do you like the best?closedcoan.net632
Do you play on BrainKing with your native country flag?closedHelenaTanein655
What kind of game(s) would you like to see added to this site?closedcoan.net674
What age group do you fall into?closedcoan.net924
Do you want to play team tournaments during summer holidays?closedHelenaTanein676
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