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8. December 2003, 12:18:12
red dragon 
Subject: What's everyone reading at the moment?
I'm reading two books right now:
John Grisham - The Summons and
Terry Brooks - Running With the Demon.

I've just finished Merlin - Book 2 of the Pendragon cycle by Stephen Lawhead.

8. December 2003, 12:01:11
LMAO!!! No, in his books the pages bend themselves!! Ha ha! :oD

(Don't you just hate that, when you get a book from the library and theres pages bent over!)

8. December 2003, 11:58:55
red dragon 
Did you bend the pages to keep your place?

8. December 2003, 11:33:49
I have recently read a book by Uri Geller. Dead Cold.

I was told by a few people that his books weren't very good etc etc... but this one was great! I couldnt put it down. I'll be trying some more of his and I'd recommend this book to everyone!

8. December 2003, 05:55:49
Does anyone read books by Bently Little? The first one that I read by him was The Association. I have been a fan ever since

5. December 2003, 14:27:32
Thanks, Scarlet. I go on ebay a lot, but I've never seen the books I want to value.

2. December 2003, 08:09:21
Subject: Re:
Harley.. sometimes I go over to ebay and look it up there.. I know that is only one way.. and maybe not that reliable.. I will check around.. :)

1. December 2003, 21:25:15
The Listener 
How interesting! Thanks taurec :·)

1. December 2003, 20:59:31
Subject: Dec 01, 1835
Hans Christian Andersen
published his first book of fairy tales.

28. November 2003, 19:13:32
Too bad we can share the books as easily as we can talk about them lol

28. November 2003, 18:56:17
Does anyone know how I go about getting a book(s) valued? Preferably by photo/description on the net.

28. November 2003, 07:02:36
Subject: A Krakauer Cuisine-Equipoise to BigMac Moorer :-)
could be a tip for christmas - click here to check.

25. November 2003, 06:04:38
cya peeps 
Subject: Ok, I don't read much fiction but I read many books.
But, a favorite ever was Watership Down (Adams) and The Shannara Series by Terry Brooks. Here's his web site

21. November 2003, 22:27:39
The Listener 
Enjoy all :·)

      ~ MS

21. November 2003, 14:51:51
At last! Books only!

21. November 2003, 14:32:14
Subject: Favorite Books
All The Left Behind Books

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