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    26. July 2010, 06:02:01
    Subject: Re: How many other countries have you been to? lol..does Arkansas count?

    25. July 2010, 22:22:51 
    Subject: How many other countries have you been to?
    I went ahead and put up a quick poll - keep throwing up ideas here - I will use some of them.

    The current poll - How many other countries have you been to? (And before someone asks - for those places which may or may not be considered as a country by everyone - simple, if you consider it a different country, count it. If not, don't count it.)

    23. July 2010, 15:48:28
    Subject: Re:  Why not ask.. what people like best about BK?
    Family Oriented
    Able to post photos

    23. July 2010, 13:47:34 
    Well lets say if I made one for fav game on BK - do you think:

    Choose #1 fav game only.

    Multiple, and choose top 3 (person can actually pick as many/little as they want, but will ask for top 3)

    Public so we can see everyone's answers, or private where you can't see who voted for what

    23. July 2010, 09:26:09
    Subject: Re: Coan i like the sound of Aaru suggestion of fav game on BK
    thou saying that it take forever to set up with over 100 different games

    23. July 2010, 00:32:35 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: Yea, I was going to try to have about 2 a month... but started a different job, so have been short on time..... will try to get one created this weekend.

    22. July 2010, 22:21:54
    Subject: Re:

    22. July 2010, 22:00:01
    how about when will bk3 be finally implemented?

    21. July 2010, 10:55:45
    For example:
    What is your favorite game in BK?
    How many active games is right for you?

    21. July 2010, 07:40:07
    Subject: Coan
    any ideas on the next poll
    its been nearly 3

    1. July 2010, 18:52:14
    The current poll would be better if it had asked “how many hours are you active on Brainking per day/week?”.
    On a normal day when I’m at home I keep a Brainking tab open all day, I didn’t know which option to choose but I picked one anyway.

    1. July 2010, 02:51:40
    Subject: Re: Yes, that is probably what happened. There have been a few obnoxious polls in some fellowships, and I probably hid the notification of those for that reason.

    1. July 2010, 02:46:44 
    Subject: Re:
    rod03801: It also shows up fellowship polls - you may have hidden one of "those" which hides everything. (also a reason why I'll try to at least post in here when I start a poll - just in case some have it hidden... but still read this board.)

    1. July 2010, 02:16:12
    Subject: Re: Hmm thanks. That did it. I don't recall ever UNchecking it though.

    1. July 2010, 02:13:29 
    In settings, there is a "Show new poll notification" option - make sure that is still checked. (I created it and did not vote for awhile - and I seen the notification at the top.)

    1. July 2010, 01:50:04
    Subject: Re: Weren't we informed of new polls on the top of the "Main Page" at one time? I don't seem to get the notifications, and I'm sure I've never "shut them off". Weird.

    1. July 2010, 00:43:59 
    Just released another 1 week "quick" poll.

    29. June 2010, 17:33:45
    I think the weather must be great for there to be more people who vote

    11. June 2010, 01:18:50 
    Subject: MORE POLLS!!!!!
    Since the current poll out is looking like users here will mostly like shorter polls (1 week), I figured I would try to make some 7 day "quick polls" here and there - so figured I would start out one about web browsers.

    PLEASE FEEL FREE to leave suggestions - Looking for a subject that will apply to everyone world wide (not just one country). Feel free to post them here, or leave me a private message with them if you want.

    As for the current poll about web browsers - I would guess that top 5 will get the most votes (Chrome,Firefox, IE, Opera, & Safari) - but included about 14 others

    **** Also the past poll about an Anonymous vs. Public was pretty close (Well most people don't care) - but a more people like Anonymous then Public... but since it was pretty close, I'll try to mix in some Public votes along the way for fun.

    1. June 2010, 00:07:51
    Subject: Re: Coan okay got the first part now i just have to bug you for another 75 polls then im

    1. June 2010, 00:05:13 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: OK, I lied - I went ahead and released the poll a few minutes ago since this next week will be a busy one for me, so might as well do it now.

    How long should discussion polls stay open to vote?

    Some quick facts:

    Most votes are done within the first 2- 3 days (for example, the 2016 Summer Olympic poll was open for about 3 days and got 249 votes)

    Other polls lately which have been open for 1 month has gotten around 350 votes

    The World Cup 2010 poll has been open for about 2 months, and has gotten around 550 votes.

    So of course the longer they are open, the more votes they will get - so what do you think is a good time frame?

    MY OPINION: 14 days for a poll to stay open, giving the majority of people a chance to vote and hopefully catch those who are on vacation. And then also try to start one every time one ends, so around 2 polls a month. (Of course if the votes say something different, I'll try to do what the public wants..)

    Other opinions or thoughts?

    31. May 2010, 23:52:10
    Subject: Re: Coan good job i got a life long membership then

    31. May 2010, 23:46:25 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: If I stay up on them and try to do 2 a month, then it should only take a little over 3 years to get about 75 more of them.... Maybe squeeze in a bonus one here or there and maybe get it to just under 3 years...

    31. May 2010, 23:43:58
    Subject: Re: Coan OMG thats going to take years to get

    31. May 2010, 23:40:21 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Modified by (31. May 2010, 23:42:36)

    ... There is also one for 50 votes

    31. May 2010, 23:38:52
    Subject: Re: Coan where is this 100 achievement i dont see it
    or are you winding me up

    31. May 2010, 23:22:26 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: I already have one in mind - I was just kind of waiting until June 4th (when one of the current ones is complete) to put up the new one.

    ... I still need 75 more to get the 100 Achievement!

    31. May 2010, 22:52:54
    Subject: Coan
    alot of us still need one more poll to get the achievement pretty please

    31. May 2010, 18:43:07 
    Glad to have suggestions for Polls, but lets not start harassing other players by naming them here. (posts & replies have been removed.)

    30. May 2010, 20:57:28
    Subject: Re: polls
    fair man: You can, however, suggest a poll question on this board and if is a good one then one of the poll creators will create it.

    30. May 2010, 19:06:44
    Subject: Re: polls
    fair man: As a pawn, you can not. You would have to be a big boss or little boss of a fellowship, and then you could create one just for your fellowship.

    30. May 2010, 19:00:21
    cheese king 
    Subject: polls
    how do i create a poll

    7. May 2010, 00:37:55
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public

    6. May 2010, 14:20:51 
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public
    Snoopy: So I won't mention that there is an achievement for 50 public votes also! (of course there is also one for 100 votes.)

    6. May 2010, 08:12:32
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public
    Modified by Snoopy (6. May 2010, 08:12:45) another quick one would be great has i still need one more to get the achievement then i can finally shut up about them..

    6. May 2010, 02:15:36
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public Hmm... I haven't shut it off, yet I got no notification of a new poll. Something is weird about how it works.

    6. May 2010, 00:30:35
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public yeah thanks i caught that one remembered to turn option back

    6. May 2010, 00:25:54 
    Subject: Anonymous or Public
    For those of you that might have it hidden, there is ANOTHER new poll out there (I'M ON A ROLL!)

    This one is simple - curious if people like the Anonymous or Public poll option.

    That is, like the Pizza Topping Public poll where you can see what everyone voted for.

    ... or if you like the anonymous option (like the World Cup Poll) where you don't see what others voted for.

    5. May 2010, 16:00:37
    Lovey Turbo Cat 
    Subject: Pizza Toppings
    You forgot extra (or double) I hit all the cheeses that I like. I still like meat on my pizza, but have to have the pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

    27. April 2010, 02:16:51
    Subject: Pizza

    26. April 2010, 11:51:48
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re:

    26. April 2010, 04:36:05
    jalapeno and banana peppers aren't listed and they are a must along with crushed red peppers.

    26. April 2010, 01:59:49
    how do i create a poll?

    25. April 2010, 14:20:37
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings

    25. April 2010, 05:38:01
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    Pedro Martínez: theres also road kill pizza...most are pre shaped!! lol

    25. April 2010, 02:00:35
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    puupia: I cannot even imagine how that would taste. Reindeer and crowberries are completely unknown to me, chanterelles I haven't had since forever ago and emmentaler is indeed quite unusual to be used as a pizza topping. I guess you can only get something like that In Finland or other Nordic countries, people are crazy enough there to prepare such a pizza…

    25. April 2010, 01:24:47
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    How about a pizza with smoked reindeer, chanterelles, crowberries and emmenthaler cheese? Not the most usual toppings. I had one like that a while a go and it was awesome!

    25. April 2010, 01:24:01
    I don't know if you had fresh Spinish listed on the poll, I've might of over looked it, if I didn't vote for that one.

    25. April 2010, 01:03:18
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    puupia: Pineapple and bleu cheese together? You're a gourmet! :))

    25. April 2010, 00:57:20
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings I have had corn on my pizza, and it was not bad at all, but carrot… hmmm, I don't know, something just doesn't seem right with that… lol

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