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29. August 2008, 04:29:26
Subject: Fellowship Invites
I am of the opinion, that Fellowship owners don't know how to read!

29. August 2008, 00:35:50
Subject: New Debate topic
Modified by Vikings (29. August 2008, 00:37:31)
I have started an Obama Vs. McCain board in the debate club, if anyone is interested in joining, just ask for an invitation Debate Club

15. August 2008, 00:15:00
Subject: Looking for fun people
WE are looking for people to join Brian's 1971 pub. People who enjoy playing tournaments. Currently we have 4 line game tournaments open. People who like voicing their opinions with our poll questions and discussion boards. People who like being part of teams. WE are looking to expand our teams and continue our success. If this sounds like you please join the fellowship today. Click link on my previous post to check us out.



10. August 2008, 17:31:21
Subject: Free to enter Brains tourny starting on
Modified by Mousetrap (10. August 2008, 17:31:59)

5. August 2008, 20:18:40
Subject: Join the Pub
If anyone is interested in having fun and being part of teams. We have the top rated battleboats plus team at Brainking. WE also have just opened up 4 new tournaments to join and a new opinion poll. Just looking for players who want to be part of something and have fun doing it. Games and more is what we have to offer at Brian's 1971 Pub. Click the link and join us.

Brian's 1971 Pub

5. August 2008, 11:44:26
Subject: Anyone want to join an Ice Age Chess team or
Triple dice 6D?
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A prize line tournie starting in this Fellowship also soon.

5. August 2008, 06:53:49
Subject: Would anyone like to join these fellowships?
☼☼ Ŧħε Saltεrηs ☼☼ (anyone who wants to)


¶GAME-☼-HOLICS¶ (over 18s only please)

regular tournaments and active teams in both.

3. August 2008, 23:44:52
Subject: Come One, Come All - Open Invitation To Everybody :)

22. July 2008, 16:13:59 
FIRST: The Turkish Checkers Team Tournaments needs 1 more team to start. I like to mix it up with different game types, so I would love to see some get together to get one more team signed up so this can start.

There is a team with 4 players, a team with 3 players, and a few teams with 2 players. Lets see one of you try to recruit from these players to see if you can get a team of 5 to join this tournament!

SECOND: A suggestion was made to spread out the tournaments a little - instead of having them all start on 1 day - so for September's group, I have them starting about a week apart from each other.

FEEDBACK WANTED: How do you like that? Do you like them spread out like that, or all starting at the same time? Hopefully being spread out a little will help get more to join since they know they won't be bombarded with a lot of new games all at once.

As always, I'm always open to suggestions & ideas. (In private message the best since I can organize it and look at them when I start to make new site team tournaments..... but in here to discuss them with others would probable be OK also.)

13. July 2008, 14:45:36
Subject: Come join the
Modified by Mousetrap (19. July 2008, 02:13:38)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We need more team players and Captains.

This is a very friendly Fellowship so come join in and have some fun. It is just me that is Bad and Ugly Cross of course is the good one

Anyone fancy joining an Ice age chess team? Plenty of room in this Fellowship.

12. July 2008, 19:29:58
Mustang John 
Subject: One Day Left to Sign up Backgammon Prize Tourney

24. June 2008, 20:24:52
Subject: re: how to unhide a players messages
I private messaged you, Fencer about this. I see no notations saying "hidden users" either here or in fellowships I am in with this player so not sure what to do next.

24. June 2008, 19:54:44
Subject: Re: how to unhide a players messages...
TheONLYPegasus: chcek above this box where you type and see if it says hidden users. If you have hidden that user you can unhide them there.

24. June 2008, 19:38:57
Subject: how to unhide a players messages...
on fellowship boards. I have a player in my friends list but when I am in fellowships with this player, I can see where people have replied to this player but not their posts. Apparently, this user's posts are being hidden from me but not necessarily from others and I am wondering how to get this user's posts so that they will be visible to me.

13. June 2008, 12:40:33
Black Sunshine 
Subject: New Fellowship
Come dance with us! We're working on it but I believe LET"S DANCE will be lots of fun.

4. June 2008, 09:56:02
Subject: New fellowship

If you like teamtournaments, and you don't have a fellowship where you play them, or you want to play with some other dedicated gamers  , please join the The Teamplayers fellowship.  Here in this fellowship, we only play teamtournaments, nothing else.  For other games you have plenty of fellowships where you can join.

There are some places free for the upcoming tournaments.

I hope I see you in The Teamplayers


2. June 2008, 00:30:29

30. May 2008, 10:55:39
Subject: TT
We still need 3 S. Eggs' players.

28. May 2008, 19:07:24

27. May 2008, 14:21:43
Subject: TT
We need 3 Scrambled Eggs' players.

26. May 2008, 18:07:30

23. May 2008, 14:42:05
Subject: wellcome
feel free to join Mike's Backgammon Club

20. May 2008, 18:51:44
Subject: Join

2. May 2008, 21:32:07
Subject: Re: new Team tournaments I would like to see a nice fast fischer clock team tourney once in a while.

2. May 2008, 21:08:43 
Subject: new Team tournaments
I've created 6 new team tournaments for fellowships to compete in. Fencer has allowed the "time per game" time control, and also allowed for us to make them with hours in the standard time (since 2/3 days seemed too short for some, 4 days seemed too long - a good 3 day, 12 hour is nice)

Anyway, I have heard 2 main complaints/suggestions. (1) team size for the popular games is too high for smaller fellowships to get teams and (2) Team Tournaments last too long.

Well I've tried to mix things up to hopefully help those 2 things. There are 2 backgammon TT's that have a small team size - plus 3 of the 6 use the Fischer Clock time control which have NO DAYS OFF - no vacations - no weekends. (SO CAPTAINS - Make sure your team understand how these time controls work - have them check out this article if needed: )

The other 3 TT's use standard vacations, two with 3 days, 12 hours - and one with a little quicker 2 days, 12 hours time limit.

2 of the games (Open pente & Fevga) never had a TT before
2 of the games (Turkish Checkers & Logik) have not had a TT for awhile - both pretty popular (31st and 21st most popular according to current games)

So hopefully this was a good mix. As always, suggestions and ideas are always welcomed.

20. April 2008, 12:03:00
Subject: Re: inviting
Nothingness: A player can turn both of those drop box options off from there Settings --> General Tab
They have 2 options there:

Allow other users to send fellowship invitation
Allow other users to send tournament invitations

And if the set them you will see:
XXXXXX does not wish to be invited to tournaments.
XXXXXX does not wish to be invited to fellowships.

On the first page of there Profile

20. April 2008, 05:43:59
Subject: Re: inviting
Nothingness: not that I know of, however, if you have previously invited them and they didn't respond, then it would be missing

20. April 2008, 05:17:38
Subject: inviting
there are no options for that! is it possible they have something blocking them from my inviting them?

19. April 2008, 22:48:11
Subject: Re: inviting
Nothingness: Goto the person profile you wish to invite. On the first page of it you will see a little drop box to invite them

19. April 2008, 22:48:10
Subject: Re: inviting
Nothingness: go to the persons profile, there you will see a message "Invite so and so to ..."

19. April 2008, 22:44:59
Subject: inviting
how do i invite a person to my fellowship? i do not see any prompts to do this.

12. April 2008, 21:45:15
Subject: Would you like to be
Are you looking for a GREAT Fellowship to join ?
Fancy representing us in a any of our many Teams, in Tournaments or in a challenge against another Fellowship ?
Maybe have a break & join in with some Scrabble or Canasta as well at BugCafe ?
Climb to the top of the Stairs or splash about in a Pond ?
Do you want to be part of a friendly crowd who love playing games and having a chat ?
Maybe you just bored with the Fellowship you are in, and looking for more ?
How about winning a PRIZE MEMBERSHIP in one of our FREE monthly Tournaments, starting in May

If you answered yes to any of the above, come along and ask to join:

Monkeys Swinging Madhouse

See you all soon............

6. April 2008, 22:06:51
Subject: Backgammon Players - Feel Free to join
***Bry's Backgammon Fellowship***

New Tournaments and Stairs created.


18. March 2008, 07:56:42

1. March 2008, 23:08:41 
Subject: New Site Team Tournaments
WOW - With so many new games and such, it was hard to pick which games to make site team tournaments out of. Sorry I did not get to all the suggestions given to me, but I still have all the suggestions and will try to get them in next time.

Here are the new site team tournaments:

  • May 2008 Mojo's Triple Dice Poker 6
  • May 2008 Plopper's Plakoto
  • May 2008 Pinchy's Cheversi
  • May 2008 Strangles Frog Legs
  • May 2008 Snowball's Cheshire Cat Chess
  • May 2008 Stampy's Knight Fight

    5 of the 6 have never had a site team tournament. Cheversi has had a site team tournament before, but did you know there was a recent rule change to make this game more even? So if you have not played Cheversi for awhile - well now is the time to start playing again.

    Oh, and a bonus game. Can anyone figure out where I got the 6 names for these tournaments? (Stampy, Pinchy, Strangles, Plopper, Snowball, and Mojo)

    Have Fun!

  • 29. February 2008, 02:29:41
    Subject: Prize tournie starting real soon.
    Modified by Mousetrap (1. March 2008, 16:13:50)
    Join The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Only a couple o hours left before tournie starts!

    23. February 2008, 17:29:47
    Modified by Czuch (23. February 2008, 17:36:03)
    In anticipation of Brainkings newest multi player game....
    Brain Wars

    This is an open invitation to join Brainkings original and largest fellowship dedicated to all multi player games,


    Come get a jump start on this newest multi player game, join now and dont miss out on all the great tips and strategy ideas, and for a chance to win a free membership too!

    20. February 2008, 02:14:31 
    Subject: HEY Fellowship Bosses
    At the end of this month, the new batch of team tournaments is set to go. For a team tournament to start, there needs to be at least 4 teams signed up. Currently, there are 2 teams which NEED HELP:

  • Small Espionage - Only need 4 players per team. Any Fellowships looking for members? (Are you a player looking for a fellowship to play with)

  • Grasshopper - Only need 4 players per team. Any Fellowships looking for members? (Are you a player looking for a fellowship to play with)

    Lets post in here what is needed.

    = = = = = = = = =

    My Gammon Cube fellowship is in need of 2 more Grasshopper players. The fellowship is open to all Bishops & above. ALL SKILL LEVEL. (meaning you don't have to be good or an expert to join my team - just need to have fun) - so please go and join if you are interested: ◙ The Gammon Cube ◙

  • 18. February 2008, 01:30:23
    Subject: Fancy trying to win 12 months rook?
    Join The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    and enter our prize tournie. This is a fun and friendly Fellowship.

    17. February 2008, 06:52:14
    Plente o' Pente is looking for 2 more players for Mar 2008 Garfield's Pente

    feel free to request membership!

    14. February 2008, 09:31:07
    Subject: Roll Those Dice f/s
    Hello all, looking for new members, only Dice games

    Dice Poker, Triple Dice Poker, Dice Chess, Ludo, Dice Poker 6D, Triple Dice Poker 6D.

    Would love to enter a team in the Dice Poker 6D team tourney, so please think about joining

    Roll Those Dice



    11. February 2008, 00:28:43
    How many times do I have to say this Dont be the only gay in the village. Join Queer and Proud

    11. February 2008, 00:25:47
    Join The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    for fun and friendly chat!

    10. February 2008, 16:43:29
    Subject: Firefox & ChatZilla
    Do you use Firefox ?

    If so come and join the Firefox Fellowship

    Fellowship LATEST

    Well, thanks to Eriisa, we seem to have ChatZilla working and BrainKing has its own Channel (Live Discussion Board / Chatroom)

    Those of you that have used any form of IRC (Interent Relay Chat) before should have no problem finding it on the dalnet server.

    Everyone in the Fellowship is welcome to log in to it, and i will post it on the Fellowship board in case there are others that use IRC and wish to join us.

    So, please just download ChatZilla, follow the Instructions and hopefully you will find Myself & Eriisa there

    Those using any other form of mIRC, i am sure will know how to get there , just type /join #brainking from the dalnet server.

    There is no real reason to create a live discuccion forum as such, but it has been talked about many times on BrainKing.
    This is just a nice way to do it in the form of a Firefox Extension and just for BrainKing users
    The room is there all the time, and hopefully an Operator (Eriisa & myself at present) will be there to help answer any questions.
    So if you just fancy a chat with friends or there is a problem with the site and you want somewhere to go, you now have somewhere to go.

    Come and join us either through ChatZilla OR any IRC provider

    27. January 2008, 14:32:16
    If anyone is interested in joining send a request thank you

    shanon n sandys place

    20. January 2008, 00:21:17
    Subject: TBD's Backgammon Stairs Fellowship... looking for stairs lovers. We play backgammon stairs with cube. We have 10 stairs as of now 3 point w/cube and 4/point with cube 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days for each. Will consider expanding to more times controls. Will also consider intra-fellowship tourney's based on interest.

    Send me a note if you are interested in joining...

    TBD's Backgammon Stairs


    17. January 2008, 21:55:26
    Subject: Re: Little Boss
    Fencer: Yes! we call them rooms..... OK thanks

    17. January 2008, 20:01:29
    Subject: Re: Little Boss
    WellyWales: What "rooms"? If you mean discussion boards, they are controlled by the discussion board system - the main moderator can add secondary moderators of his choice. There cannot be two main moderators of a discussion board.

    17. January 2008, 17:35:03
    Subject: Little Boss
    Would it be possible for Little Boss to edit rooms in a f/s ?

    12. January 2008, 16:44:30
    Anyone Interested in joining just send me a invite and have a great day

    shanon n sandys place

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