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10. March 2010, 00:27:02
Feel free to join 1 of the newest fellowships on BK. Games for beginners to masters or even for practice. The only requirements is to have FUN & CHAT w/ playing games! Again please free to join the TIGER'S DEN

8. March 2010, 03:07:09
Subject: I Think fencer needs to check the ISP and see
who has been in wolfman's acct and deleted his fellowship again tonight on march 7th at 8:02 pm est which is usa my time

5. March 2010, 04:58:30

28. February 2010, 09:03:12
Subject: need more members please join

28. February 2010, 08:59:32
Subject: please join these
click here JUST FUN & GAMES

27. February 2010, 19:42:19
Papa Zoom 
Click on the flame thrower  

26. February 2010, 05:20:44
Papa Zoom 

22. February 2010, 23:21:03
Papa Zoom 
Subject: What are they talking about?? Come join the Original Flame Pit. See previous post ;)
1. 32
2. Feature requests 26
3. The One and Only Flame Pit 26
4. Backgammon 24
5. Politics 21
6. Lorien 21
7. Radost z vítězství 21
8. Republic of Uganda 16

8. February 2010, 04:17:14
Papa Zoom 
The One and Only Flame Pit

You are invited to join The One and Only Flame Pit.  The Original Flame Pit began in 2003 by Backoff. 
In it's day, it was one of the busiest fellowships around and currently
has over 80 thousand messages!  I took over the fellowship a while back
and then
Apaleuinicorn took over.  Now he's given it back and I'm reviving it.  New Smilies are being added, lots of chat, lurk if you like.  Soon I'll start some tourneys with all games and the most popular will be kept and  the less popular scrapped. 
I hope you'll join the fellowship and help it to thrive. 


2. February 2010, 04:38:19 
Modified by (2. February 2010, 04:39:27)
There are 4 new site team tournaments up to start in March 2010 - with 3 of those CHALLENGES, and the 4th is a game which has not had a site team tournament yet - so a side challenge to see if we can get at least 4 fellowships to join.

  • Cheshire Cat Chess - CHALLENGE - Společenství přátel won the last one.
  • Dameo
  • Linetris - CHALLENGE - ALL L.I.N.E.S. won the last one.
  • Crowded Backgammon - CHALLENGE - Monkeys Swinging Madhouse won the last one, and ◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ & ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** tied for the 1st tournament.

    Good Luck to all - Thanks to the person who help suggest 3 of the 4 games for this round... I always take suggestions.</li></li></li></li></a>

  • 29. January 2010, 08:10:58
    Papa Zoom 
    Subject: Join Join Join
    Modified by Papa Zoom (29. January 2010, 08:12:04)

    19. January 2010, 20:36:39
    Papa Zoom 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: Thanks mate. That's what I figured.

    19. January 2010, 11:05:50
    Subject: Re:
    Artful Dodger: Yes, unless it has changed. You can not create a Fellowship Tournament un less you have created a Team for that game. You do not have to have any players signed up, BUT the Team must be there

    19. January 2010, 02:26:34
    Papa Zoom 
    I need the answer to a question. If I start a fellowship and want to add games (maybe even all games) do I have to add the games one at a time? I'm under the impression that I have to add the games one at a time even if I want all games available for future tourneys.

    8. December 2009, 20:55:42
    Subject: Babe68's Spider Line4 & Spider Linetris Club!


    Spider Line4 & Spider Linetris Club

      Please Join Us!

    30. November 2009, 20:08:16 
    Subject: Site Team Tournaments
    There are 5 new site team tournaments up. For this round, I went through the list of games, scratched off any game that has had a team tournament in the past year and a half - found at least 1 gammon & 1 chess, and 3 other misc games. Since most major holidays are over, made all tournaments with a little shorter 3 days per turn. (Yea, still more then some people like - but 3 is a nice standard for most.) And even have 3 new "CHALLENGES" for fellowships.

  • #1 - Triple Poker - A challenge to the 2 fellowships who won the last team tournament - Radost z vítězství & The Untouchables
  • #2 - Fevga - A challenge to the winners of the last team tournament: The Untouchables
  • #3 - Frog Finder - A challenge to the winners of the last team tournament: Monkeys Swinging Madhouse
  • #4 - Japanese Chess
  • #5 - Espionage

    Good Luck to everyone

  • 28. September 2009, 22:33:32 
    Subject: New November Site Team Tournaments
    Thanks for the suggestions & ideas - I was able to use a few, and put a few in my notepad for later use.

    I create 4 new Site Team Tournaments for November... ALONG WITH A COUPLE OF CHALLENGES to all the Fellowships.

    First is for Sphere Froglet - The first site team tournament had been completed with the fellowship Republic of Uganda as the winners. Can they repeat or will another fellowship step up and take the unofficial crown?

    Second - Cheshire Cat Lines of Action. CAN WE GET 4 TEAMS - 16 players total?

    On the active game list, out of the 128 games listed, Cheshire Cat Lines of Action is #127 with only 42 current games going.

    I know it's hard to get teams for these less popular games, but lets see if we can scrap enough up to get at least 4 fellowships entered into this game which has never had a site team tournament before.

    Also site tournaments for Breakthrough & Dark Battleboats has been created. Since these will start in November & the "holiday" season is getting close, all these tournaments are created with standard vacations.

    Good Luck to all - and as always, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas about site team tournaments - please feel free to share them with me. (Private message is best since I can organize it better, but if you wanted to post it publicly here - that would be OK... but I might lose track of it easier.)

    27. September 2009, 20:24:02
    Subject: Hello!
    Are Bishops allowed to join Fellowships? If so, I would like to join a few.

    20. September 2009, 01:00:20
    Subject: Join US
    I invite all brainking paying members to join Brian's 1971 pub for team tournaments, stairs games and tournaments. Looking for new players who are willing to be active in different fellowship activities. So if you love having fun and want to be part of a great group, join Brian's 1971 pub today.



    14. September 2009, 21:38:57
    Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments yes, i think it would take a bit, but could lead to interesting Tournaments. Istead of just gettiong a point for winning a game (and 2 for winning 2) you could score 5 points in each game.
    Would make the Totals amazing. Maybe it needs thinging about. I will add it to the never ending list of Feature Requests

    14. September 2009, 21:21:26 
    Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments
    MadMonkey: Triple Gammon is currently not an option, but I know a few months ago Fencer had no problem in moving over the "Auto pass" option to the site team tournaments (like they are on regular tournaments)

    .... so since it is already on regular tournaments, might be something that can be moved over to the site tournaments also.

    I don't play the triple gammon games, but from what I remember - they basicly work just like cubed gammon games but the scoring of each game is a little different?

    Hum.... actually it might take a little more work....

    14. September 2009, 20:36:44
    Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments Would be nice to have a Triple Gammon of some sort, but would need code changes (unless the option is there already), and i think that would have to go on the BrainKing 3.0 list of Feature Requests

    14. September 2009, 20:27:01 
    Subject: Site Team Tournaments
    HEY - It will still be a week or so before I start to think about the next "batch" of site team tournaments set for November will be, so why not make some suggestions??

    What Game - How many players - Time frame for games - even tournament name suggestions will be accepted.

    Not saying I will follow all suggestions - What I normally do is check when the game last had a site team tournament (spread it out too all the different games) and such....

    SO, got an idea? Send them to me. (Sending me a private message is best since I can collect them all in one place and take a look at them - but also if we wanted to have a small discussion here probable would be OK also.)

    6. August 2009, 01:47:08
    Bikini Bottom  if you like BBplus  please come and join

    4. June 2009, 15:44:06
    Subject: God's Place is Open to All
    is a fellowship to encourage people in learning and growing in their personal relationship with God and people. Please join to have access to encouraging devotionals and to share stories, questions and prayer requests with others.

    30. May 2009, 01:29:45
    Subject: Backgammon players!
    Hyenas Lair
    does not have enough backgammon players in its team to enter the team tournament. If anyone wants to take part in it please join and sign up.

    Thank You.

    28. May 2009, 01:33:50
    Subject: Please join my new fellowship

    23. May 2009, 15:10:38
    Subject: Please join

    1. May 2009, 23:55:14
    Subject: Come to The Zoo!
    If you are an animal lover, why not come join us in The Zoo fellowship?! ! The Zoo It's a free range zoo!

    We also currently have a special prize competition, open for sign ups.

    21. April 2009, 04:41:26
    Subject: Membership drive
    If you like to play ponds, and I have missed sending you an invitation, don't hesitate to request one from the "Ponds Plus" fellowship

    13. April 2009, 17:36:10
    Sorry, my bad.. joining options were set up wrong.

    Breathing and Relaxation

    Is now open properly.. you all slap me later

    Absolutely NO flaming.

    13. April 2009, 06:06:57
    Modified by (V) (13. April 2009, 13:29:07)
    Breathing and Relaxation

    More do put in... but enough to open it.

    Some helpful ideas, and calming techniques to improve (as Jackie Chan said in "Forbidden Kingdom") your "Kung Fu".

    7. April 2009, 00:46:05
    Breathing and Relaxation

    Open soon, so send a request if you wish to. And positively no flaming.

    31. March 2009, 12:38:39

    Join us and play games to your hearts' contents

    26. March 2009, 04:28:39

    25. March 2009, 14:31:27
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Ahh. I found it.

    Go to the main page of your fellowship.

    Click Edit.

    You will see an option to "add a language"

    Once you add it, I'm sure the option will be there for Czech, when creating a new board.

    25. March 2009, 14:27:46
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Hmm.. weird. On one of my fellowships, it gives me Czech and English. On the other fellowship it only gives me English. I don't know then.

    25. March 2009, 14:06:08
    that only gives me an english option

    25. March 2009, 13:58:54
    Subject: Re:
    Modified by rod03801 (25. March 2009, 14:00:18)
    Bwild: On the main page of your fellowship, right under the list of discussion boards will be a link to create a new board. Right under that, it has a menu where you can choose the language. This is of course if you haven't already reached your limit of discussion boards in that fellowship.

    Where it says "Add a board", you type in the name of the board, then choose the language, then click "create".

    25. March 2009, 13:51:27
    how do I start another d/b for czech?

    25. March 2009, 11:56:55
    Monkey Crazzy 

    ŊøøҜs έ Craηηίεs

    is open to all who want to join from 16 upwards.

    18. March 2009, 15:32:34
    For all the latest from CyberLand...... Firefox 3.1 Beta 3..... Conficker Worm removal tool..... Cliqset service to connect all your social-networking accounts..... How Twitter is growing.....and much, much more.....

    Pop along to Monkeys Cyber Cafe

    6. March 2009, 16:23:42
    Subject: Re:

    6. March 2009, 15:48:45
    Good Luck :)FLR 
    Subject: join 1 fellowship and i invite you for black rook tourney :))

    4. March 2009, 00:30:15
    Subject: Re: "GERRYS PLACE"
    baddessi: Thanks alot :))))

    4. March 2009, 00:28:58
    Modified by "GERRY" (4. March 2009, 00:48:41)
    Come & see our new look.


    you can use the link posted by a good friend of mine or message me if you can not find it in fellowships her post is 4 post's down

    As Old RED alway's said GOD BLESS

    2. March 2009, 12:49:35
    Subject: Re:
    "GERRY": Firefox is great and i use it myself along with a lot of extensions, BUT there is a browser out now that is 42 times faster than IE 7.0 & 3.5 times faster than Firefox at rendering JavaScript.

    28. February 2009, 13:22:53
    Do you know what the fastest browser on the planet is ??? (sadly not even our beloved Firefox lol)

    OR What is coming up in Windows 7.0 ???

    OR do you just want Windows to go faster .......

    for this any many more answers, pop into Monkeys Cyber Cafe

    25. February 2009, 03:16:52
    Need a little Comic Relief?
    Laugh It Up
    Adults only

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