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 Fellowships fellowships - questions, answers, discussion.

Join or start a Fellowship that fits your gaming style, friendships, and interests....

Join Fellowship Teams to participate in Team Tournaments

Also - Fellowship vs. Fellowship Challenges. Check out the Team BKR Ratings

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1. July 2011, 19:28:53
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re:
(V): wanna join?

1. July 2011, 18:52:55

1. July 2011, 18:48:07
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Come Join!
Have I Got News For You too!

1. July 2011, 16:48:09
Subject: Re: Fellowship Tourneys
fukuhara: And you know for sure that player didn't just recently become a pawn?

Fencer may not read this board regularly. I will ask him about it.

1. July 2011, 13:14:24
Subject: Re: Fellowship Tourneys

29. June 2011, 15:33:07
Subject: Re: Fellowship Tourneys
fukuhara: Show a specific tourney where this is the case. It has never been necessary to adjust any filter in a Fellowship tournament.

29. June 2011, 13:41:55
Subject: Re: Fellowship Tourneys
Vikings: It's not the case. It seems unless the tourney organizer limit the applicable member levels, pawn members can apply in fellowship's tourney. I sometimes forgets to do so...

29. June 2011, 12:20:18
Subject: Re: Fellowship Tourneys
fukuhara: more than likely what has happened is the members in question were already signed up before their membership ran out,

29. June 2011, 07:43:40
Subject: Fellowship Tourneys

As far as I understand. Fellowship tourneys are only for paid members. But recently non-paying members can join fellowship tourneys. I do not see why.

15. May 2011, 15:12:24
Subject: Re: if you like ludo
Sarah: I like Ludo......only when luck is with me.

15. May 2011, 03:46:32
Subject: if you like ludo

this is the place...;;;;

snake bite

15. May 2011, 03:38:09
Subject: Re:"but it's logical and human that someone says that his f/s is the best."
Mélusine & Sarah   

15. May 2011, 00:34:32
Subject: and this 1

15. May 2011, 00:30:05
Subject: Re: Joining fellowships?

Deb4858: this is my favorite f/s  lol

Live,laugh,and Love

15. May 2011, 00:23:37
Subject: Re: Fellowships : there are no "best".
Tuesday: Tuesday: Yes, I agree with you : I'm actually in 70 f/s and they all seem different to me : what they speak about on the boards, the atmosphere, the number of tournaments and the games, the players, etc....
but it's logical and human that someone says that his f/s is the best.

14. May 2011, 03:02:58
Subject: Re: Joining fellowships?
Deb4858: If you're not afraid by the witches, you can knock to the door of my castle : Spells and magic potions

14. May 2011, 01:10:45
Subject: Re: Joining fellowships?
Deb4858:  Fellowships are for meeting and interacting with friends, joining in team tournaments, ponds, stairs and polls. Most fellowships are directed towards certain subjects or specific games.
       You are welcome to join as many fellowships as you care to, but the best fellowship is
                                            The ORIGINAL Flame Pit


13. May 2011, 22:01:32
Subject: Joining fellowships?
I'm new to BK: What are the benefits of joining a "Fellowship'? How many fellowships should I join?

26. March 2011, 22:12:06

5. March 2011, 17:31:52
Subject: Re:
pedestrian: Yes, even if you leave the team, you will still be in the next round of any Team Tournament that moves on.

5. March 2011, 17:18:01
A technical question: If my team is about to qualify for the next round in a tournament and I leave the team, will I still be playing the next round? I want to stay in this tournament and possibly help win the final, but I don't want to be signed up for additional matches/tournaments.

20. February 2011, 21:42:18
Papa Zoom 

 Bite Me


For fans of Twilight.

16. November 2010, 00:55:47
Subject: Re: About fellowships
you've done it to way too many people. Why not play fewer games and see them through to the end?

15. November 2010, 03:46:14
Subject: Re: About fellowships
angelstar: But why send out thousands of invites and resign after one move? It dos not make sense

14. November 2010, 14:52:20
Subject: Re: About fellowships
angelstar: Ok.

13. November 2010, 23:04:40
Subject: Re: About fellowships
Mélusine: well i dont sit on computer all day and move, usually go on games before time runs out

13. November 2010, 01:31:35
Subject: Re: About fellowships
angelstar: Hello.
In several f/s where I am, some people reproach you to join stairs and games and not to go at the end of the game, they say you just play 1 or 2 moves and that's all.
As I've just read their opinion, I'd like to read yours. Why do you begin many many games if you can't finish them ?
I specify you've already lost several games with me, either by default or lack of time, after only a few moves.

13. November 2010, 00:35:21
Subject: Re: fellowships
Mélusine: hi


12. November 2010, 17:15:13
Subject: Re: fellowships
angelstar: No stairs in my f/s : I don't like and nobody asked me some.

11. November 2010, 23:12:09
Subject: fellowships

anyone has stairs in there fellowship please ask me to join:)

11. November 2010, 02:14:37
Subject: Please join!

2. November 2010, 05:22:37
Subject: New fellowship
It's Halloween and I've created my f/s : Spells and magic potions
Everybody is invited to join it and will be welcome.

14. October 2010, 16:25:56

15. September 2010, 00:11:19

6. September 2010, 03:57:33
Wolf & His Babe's Hang Out

Friendly & Fun People Welcome!
Come Join!

22. August 2010, 03:52:03
Modified by alilsassy (22. August 2010, 07:51:44)
  New opinion poll in The ORIGINAL Flame Pit

        If your life was a book what would the title be?

New members always welcome

22. August 2010, 02:02:54

22. August 2010, 02:00:09
Modified by "GERRY" (22. August 2010, 02:01:01)

Is Open All are Welcome

22. August 2010, 01:58:38
Modified by "GERRY" (22. August 2010, 01:59:26)

Is open All are Welcome

22. August 2010, 01:53:34
☼☼ Ŧħε Saltεrηs ☼☼

Is open to all who want to play games, join teams, giggle at whatevers and light hearted banter in a friendly fellowship.

20. August 2010, 15:51:11
Subject: Football Season
All interested in the game are invited to join our new FS.

20. August 2010, 02:29:24
Subject: For checkers lovers...

19. August 2010, 19:40:59
Subject: Re: Do people get a gold star for being number one? What's the fuss about?
It's called deception! Cheating! By using multiple accounts is against the rules here at BK...did you not get that memo?

19. August 2010, 15:41:42
Subject: Re:artificially inflate the visits to their boards. Seems silly.
Bwild: I agree.....but I also feel like a pawn clicking on a fellowship board they are unable to read should not be counted.

19. August 2010, 13:14:27
Subject: Re:artificially inflate the visits to their boards. Seems silly.
rod03801: the visit counter should be replaced with a post counter,imo.
at least the ones using ghost accts will actually have to spend a few minutes to post something, and maybe...just maybe, Fencer will finally eliminate some of these multiple accts that some people have.

19. August 2010, 01:07:51
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: He has been asked before, to stop doing it. It is a game some like to play to artificially inflate the visits to their boards. Seems silly.

I have edited his post and replaced the link with a link to the Fellowship itself.

In the future, it will just be deleted.

19. August 2010, 00:22:52
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re:
BadBoy7: I can't read that board… why are you posting it here?

19. August 2010, 00:15:57
Modified by BadBoy7 (19. August 2010, 01:08:19)

17. August 2010, 06:11:49
Papa Zoom 
I'm running two Ludo ROOK prize tourneys in my fs (see below) and they start tomorrow.

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