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    7. November 2008, 02:27:26 
    Subject: Re: Cards are NOT playable on turn based site ...
    KnightFighter: I think some card games would be hard to play on a turned based game site, but for example

    Black Jack - it would be easy to hit/double/split - have up to 10 other "real" players playing - then after all 10 make their move (within the time limit) - the "dealer"/computer plays against the ones who did not bust. [Each person starts with a set amount of coins - out of coins, lose - or possible play a set number of rounds with the person with the most at the last round wins.]

    Texas Hold 'em, Poker - Just go around - not too many notes would be needed.

    Rummy - simple enough, no notes would be needed.

    Some others might be a little more difficult, but possible some small "tweaks" to the rules where players play against the "house/computer" instead of against other live people could work for some games.

    For games where what the other player has in their hands can effect others, figuring out how to handle time outs will take a little planning.

    7. November 2008, 01:54:17
    Herlock Sholmes 
    Subject: Cards are NOT playable on turn based site ...
    guys,wake up !!!! Cards by their nature belong to closed games category ... you would have to make notes basically after each move ... after one week waiting for opponents discard you will be sick and tired of the game ... wake up !!!

    6. November 2008, 20:12:22
    Subject: Re: Cribbage
    rod03801: I play cribbage at BugCafe (and Canasta lol) , they are both fine for a turn based site

    6. November 2008, 19:00:45 
    Subject: Re: this is one of my fav card games
    Snoopy: I learned that game many years ago while working as an extra for "The Babe" movie........ our friends use to play it all the time, but not anymore... they didn't like playing with me because I would figure out what my next 10 turns were - and I would make sure 100% sure that as I started running low on cards, I would always have the cards that I needed.......... they never liked to think that far ahead and we started playing uno all the time instead.

    Five Crowns looks interesting since it used a different type of deck - & (in case anyone else wants quick links to a descriptions)

    6. November 2008, 18:49:56
    Subject: this is one of my fav card games

    6. November 2008, 18:46:31
    Subject: Cribbage
    I haven't thought too deeply about if it will work on a turn based site, but Cribbage might work. And of course it's sort of a card game AND a board game. (In a way)

    6. November 2008, 18:41:42
    Subject: card game poll
    Hi, how about a game called Five Crowns?  Only discovered it myself a few weeks ago, my new partner plays it at work a lot.  Great game, even my seven year old can play this one, and has beat me several times!


    6. November 2008, 17:18:14
    Subject: Card Game You left out the best one of all time............................ O.K. its not a normal pack of cards, BUT it is the AWESOME game that is called................


    Well, that is where many of us spend our time now...

    I have mentioned it to Fencer, it he said it would be an idea for the future

    27. September 2008, 12:29:47
    Looking at the latest site Poll sums up exactly how BrainKing is for me now.
    Some times it seems to just virtually stop, and all i get on the task bar is waiting for and then half an hour later it seems to fly along again
    So what does one vote for hmmmmmmm

    4. September 2008, 03:18:39
    Subject: Re: Wish I had an "Other" option
    Vikings: Unless maybe wetware was not specific enough and he was referring to ponds where we do not have the ability to do anything other than make those ranges a request in the description or the title.

    30. August 2008, 17:09:50
    Subject: Re: Wish I had an "Other" option
    wetware: if entrants do not fit the BKR range one of two things has happened, first the creator may not have set the tournament up correctly to not allow outside ratings to enter. secondly, players may have fit the BKR requirements when they signed up but lost or won games to move them out of that range between the time of sign up and the start of the tournament

    30. August 2008, 17:04:33
    Subject: Wish I had an "Other" option
    In the "What feature would you most like to see on BrainKing?" poll, I'd have liked to be able to choose this:

    Enable some means for either Brainking or a tournament creator to enforce the ratings range that is specified when one creates a tournament.

    I've seen tournament entrants that did not meet the minimum.  If that's allowed, let's not bother specifying a range or else make it clear that ranges are merely suggestions or requests to tournament entrants...which might not be honored or noticed by those signing up.

    23. August 2008, 02:36:35 
    Subject: Re:
    nodnarbo: Yea, I don't think it's a good idea to be able to edit a poll after it is up.... just for those reasons you mention...... it was most of a "joke" as another request to be able to do that..... but yea, probable not a good idea and if I had missed an option that I felt was very important, I would have just ended the poll and started a new one.

    22. August 2008, 21:26:43
    Subject: Re: I would think you would have to be careful with adding another option as it may get less voes only because it was not there when the first people voted. I would suggest doing one or both of the following (if this is even ever implemented):

    1. send a message to everyone already voted to inform them of the new option.
    2. mark the added option so everyone knows it was not there originally when viewing the results.

    22. August 2008, 02:11:56
    Subject: Re: Since the poll subject/topic is; What is the feature you want the most, I would like to this this poll where you can pick only one option.... but I suspect that whatever has the top % in this one would have the same either way, but it would be nice to see what would happen if we could only pick just one choice.

    21. August 2008, 16:58:38
    Subject: Re:

    21. August 2008, 16:20:57 
    Opps - I forgot to put my normal "no opinion" option for people to choose in the new feature request poll - sorry about missing that.

    I have a new feature request - being able to add an option after a poll has started without having to delete it and start a new one.

    16. August 2008, 15:08:07
    Subject: Re: my suggestion
    Fencer: Okay, I will zip my mouth shut for awhile

    16. August 2008, 09:31:46
    Subject: Re: my suggestion
    Czuch: "shouldnt have to be asked more than once" - I can say the same thing about my answers. Unfortunately, to post them once is not enough, obviously.
    How many times did you try to design, program, launch and maintain your own game site? After you do it, you can make skillful opinions about "no brainers". Until then, please be patient.

    15. August 2008, 23:05:35
    Subject: Re: my suggestion That is a nice list.... most of those features should be no brainers, and shouldnt have to be asked more than once, IMHO.....

    I would like to add another multi player game to the list as well, thanks!

    14. August 2008, 17:58:32
    Subject: Re: my suggestion One that i would like to see is cosmetic more than anything else. I think when playing a Team game there should be more to distinguish them from a normal game.
    I think all info shown on the page should be Team related. At top the title of the Tournament or challenge match, Team BKR & Rating and also the flag displayed should be the Fellowship flag you are playing for
    Just something small that would look nice and help make them stand out a bit. I know i spend more time concentrating on Team games then others.

    14. August 2008, 16:02:03 
    Subject: Re: my suggestion
    Modified by (14. August 2008, 16:02:55)
    Snoopy: I would not mind doing a general "what features would you like to see on BrainKing" poll (which of course is just opinion, and not neccessarly anything Fencer will do for the site - but just a tool to help see what the general opinions are.)

    Can anyone think of features requests that should be added to a poll if I were to make it?

  • An optional auto-pass / auto-move system which will make a pass or only move if none others are available. (with each person having the option to use it or not use it.)
  • Byes in elimination tournaments to allow them to start without getting them totally full.
  • In Gammon, being able to tell the difference between "race" & "bar" pieces
  • Allowing tournaments to start the next round once the winner is determined, even if all games are not complete yet.
  • Allow a player to set a maximum number of game limit for themselves
  • Be able to set a limit to the number of vacation days that can be used in certain games/tournaments. [for example, a tournament where vacations can be used, but only up to 5 days worth - more then that it is a time-out]
  • Set a BKR limit in ponds
  • New set of parameters in ponds (like starting with only 10 players - setting different amount of bonus or starting points)
  • Being able to show the "Move List" for certain games that it is needed - while keeping it hidden for others where it is not needed.

    Anything else anyone can think of that I should add to the poll if I were to make it?

  • If I get enough ideas - maybe I'll make it so you can pick the top 2 or 3 ideas (and not just the top one - since myself, I would like to see many of the listed requests)

    13. August 2008, 15:37:47
    Subject: my suggestion
    Modified by Snoopy (13. August 2008, 15:38:31)
    wheter ludo auto pass and move should be introduced
    or not
    or dont care

    7. August 2008, 17:25:00
    Water & Beer - Awesome

    7. August 2008, 01:28:38
    Like the new poll on Olympics football

    Maybe we should have a Prize for those that voted fro the winning Team

    2. August 2008, 23:13:21
    What feature request is most important to you?

    1) New multi player game?
    2) More Pond options?

    2. August 2008, 13:56:56
    Subject: Poll Suggestion
    Modified by Vikings (2. August 2008, 13:57:21)
    What time controls do you prefer to play in Ponds
    1. Less than one day
    2. one day
    3. two day
    4. three day
    5. five day
    6. seven day
    7. longer than seven days

    26. July 2008, 06:39:00
    Subject: Re: maybe you could post the full list and have check boxes so people can pick many of them

    26. July 2008, 02:43:58 
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: When I thought of doing this poll, I started listing placed and had a list of like 80 places. Plus places like Hawaii I know are popular here in the US, but I'm unsure places in Europe and other places vacation (and likely to want to live).

    So I decided to just stick with countries - and remove the "fun" ones on my original list (in space, under water) and remove the general ones (anyplace with a beach, someplace always warm) - yea... I could have easily had over 100 choices for this one....

    26. July 2008, 01:42:55
    I bet if you put Hawaii, instead of the US, the number would go a lot higher

    13. July 2008, 02:33:05
    I agree that beer tastes bad. I believe it is an aquired taste.

    11. July 2008, 22:47:35
    Subject: Re: poll...
    tiggar+pama=LUV: You must need a new hearing device....

    11. July 2008, 21:17:19
    The Col 
    Why do we park on the driveway,and drive on the parkway?

    11. July 2008, 21:07:38
    Subject: poll...
    y do people drink???? i've heard that beer tastes really bad...

    10. July 2008, 20:42:06
    Subject: Re:
    ScarletRose: You want to watch out for those life waters.... it no better a source for water drinkers than getting your water intake from beer, too many sugars and other unnatural things....

    10. July 2008, 20:38:44
    Subject: Re: hey, how come lemon aid is in its own category separate from the other juices?

    10. July 2008, 02:44:45
    Subject: A "no, but" kind of answer

    Do other members of your family also play on Brainking?

    No, they don't, but I've tried and tried to get some of them to come here!    :-)

    9. July 2008, 19:57:00
    Subject: Re: I love water.. I like the Life Waters mostly the Polmegranite/Cherry..

    9. July 2008, 04:32:04 
    I was just about to put Gatorade... but I wasn't sure if it was offered outside of the US (and I wanted to keep it general).... then I almost put the generic "sports drink" - but decided... Naaa.... already have plenty of options.

    As a side note, I also hate drinking just plain water (unless I'm really thirsty) - but I drink it all the time now because I love a lot of the different additives you can add to the bottle water (like lemonade, Gatorade, etc....) My favorite is the Wal-Mart generic brand that turns the water into Apple flavor water.

    Anyway.... don't drink as much Mountain Dew anymore..... and will drink 1-3 bottles of water a day now (with added flavor)

    9. July 2008, 01:44:03
    Subject: Re: I answered "no answer" on drink poll
    TheONLYPegasus: Gotta say that's the most interesting sentence I've read in a long time. Problems swallowing water? My nutritionist (I'm chronically ill) told me that Gatorade, etc. are loaded with sugar, if they threw some carbonation in there they could call it "soda" - really, check the label.....unless your a marathon runner or something similar that actually needs all those electrolytes (and burns them right off anyway).....

    9. July 2008, 01:28:12
    Subject: I answered "no answer" on drink poll
    Because I have problems with swallowing water and am under doctor's orders to drink water or Gatorade/PowerAde and neither Gatorade nor PowerAde are listed.  Would have been better to have an "other" option.

    8. July 2008, 18:14:59 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: yea.... I knew I would miss some (well miss a lot since there are so many different drinks around the world)

    8. July 2008, 18:04:14
    New Poll and LAGER is not there

    8. July 2008, 17:28:33 
    Well even though this board is called "Opinion polls", I consider them mostly just polls.

    So yea, some will be "fact" while others will be more "opinion".

    Hopefully I will try to mix them up - some more of a "fact", while others more of an "opinion" - and hopefully mix them up to have some deal some-what with BrainKing, while others have nothing to do with BrainKing at all.

    Again - suggestions for poll are always welcomed.

    8. July 2008, 11:16:09
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: hmm dont know why its still there then ...

    i think they should be named 'polls' or maybe even 'statistics' ?

    i dont even know the right word in dutch :)

    8. July 2008, 07:19:16
    Subject: Re: Here is another question for you Coan to
    Jim Dandy: Why my goodness Jim Dandy.. I do believe I have a bit of the Vapors.. haha

    8. July 2008, 07:11:33
    The Col 
    Subject: Re: Here is another question for you Coan to
    ScarletRose: Is it just me? or is it getting hot in here

    8. July 2008, 07:08:31
    Subject: Here is another question for you Coan to
    Consider posting for a poll.. hehehe

    How sensitive are your feet?

    * You could suck every toe and tickle my arch with your tongue and I wouldn't notice.
    * I have callouces so thick you could take a nail and drive it in deep and I still wouldn't notice.
    * Lightly fan your fingers across my soles and I jump 5 feet into the air.
    * I can remain calm since I have enjoyed toe sucking for the past 20 years.
    * I don't wish to answer since I feel it might incriminate me and my partner(s) in the future.

    Or is that still a fact poll?

    8. July 2008, 06:57:41
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: Oh.. one last question..

    Is that your real foot?

    8. July 2008, 06:56:49
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: ..OHhhhhhhhh ..Do BEHAVE!!! LOL Okay.. I guess this is still pick on Cathy.. *grinz*.. Coan is only posting MY Fact Polls.. and I appreciate him doing so.. since the questions really addresses the entire population of BK..

    I shall have to remember to be more creative with my questions in the future.. and center it more on Opinions.. Oh.. by the way.. the first question he posted for me holds the top rank in how many peeps actually responded.. isn't that interesting? HMmmmmm.. Maybe Fact Polls should be considered.. LOL

    Send me a challenge sometime.. I might just be able to soften you up a wee bit.. Wouldn't that be interesting? LOL

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