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20. September 2005, 17:49:00
Keith Graham 
Subject: Re:
takodori: Aah, I had overlooked that, Takadori, thanks.

In reply to Fwiffo: To me, it would make distinguishing my own pieces from my opponent's. I'm wondering if veteran players would feel that having both players' pieces the same color is so intrinsic to the nature of the game that it would be a detriment instead of an enhancement.

I hope this clarifies.

20. September 2005, 01:12:26
Subject: Re:
KeithGraham:As one of veteran players who has played shogi for more than 35 years, I would agree on your suggestion if a user can choose the traditional pieces or the proposed pieces here on BrainKing.

As to the physical set, I wouldn't think it'd be feasible. Please appreciate the fact that the other side of a playing piece is already used for promotion, except for King and Gold.

20. September 2005, 00:53:14
In what way would two different colours be an enhancement? I don't understand...

19. September 2005, 23:32:31
Keith Graham 
Would you veteran players agree that using two different colors for the pieces would be an enhancement to playing Shogi here on BrainKing?

The same thing could be accomplished with a physical set by having the opposite color on the other side of a playing piece, for when they are dropped back into the game, so it would seem reasonable to me. I think it would be a help.

Thanks for any replies.

Keith, new player.

14. September 2005, 16:48:15
Subject: Re: Oi Tournament.
takodori: Fantastic game!
In comparison with Japanese players, I can evaluate my lack of boldness, my careful greediness. Yet a thousand games and I probably could play better

14. September 2005, 16:13:42
Subject: Re: Oi Tournament.
DragonKing: Habu won the 6th game with 135 moves. You can replay the game at;
Habu was the first mover.
The final match will be held on Sep. 21 and 22(JST).

14. September 2005, 09:22:59
Subject: Re:
DragonKing: Ah! The Japanese version of, "Give me a break!" Got it! Thank you. I have been trying to find that translation for days now.

14. September 2005, 08:33:03
You've got the wrong 'please'. It's more like 'please treat me well', 'please help me out', that kind of thing.

14. September 2005, 08:20:50
So it means "I hope to please you?" In loose translation?

14. September 2005, 08:08:58
Modified by ughaibu (14. September 2005, 08:10:04)
Onegaishimasu means 'please', it's formed from the verb negau- to wish. The full expression used at the start of a game is yoroshiku onegaishimasu, yoroshiku means something like 'well', when two players of widely disparate strength meet only the weeker says "yoroshiku onegaishimasu". Yoroshiku can be written with the numbers 4649 so this is often seen on the internet.

14. September 2005, 06:22:39
Subject: Oi Tournament.
Who won the last game? Did Habu tie the match up? I'm pulling for Sato, eventhough Mouriuchi is my favorite player. Does anyone know what "onegai shimasu" means? I'm told it's part of a ritual greeting at the start of a game. Thanks!

3. September 2005, 11:53:43
Resales. I teach many young japanese english as a second language. Most of them don't speak any english. I refuse to speak japanese in class. Just start with picture cards, hand gestures, facial expressions, and etc.. Young kids catch on super quick. Japanese in general are shy. So don't be mislead, when they are shy. A greeting in the morning could be helpful. Try, "Ohaio" pronounced like the state 'Ohio'. this means 'good morning'. but for the most part, leave her alone. she might feel more uncomfortable with the spot-light on her.

3. September 2005, 09:55:25
Try to play shogi with her ;)

3. September 2005, 06:03:35
Subject: redsales
Please excuse my butting in to your conversation.

Your student is japanese? Have you thought about origami? I don't know how many students you see at a time, but maybe orgami might give her a bit of home, and for the other students something interesting to see and learn. :) A traditional crane is easy to do.

3. September 2005, 05:43:51
Subject: Re:
harley: thanks, but I just found out I only see her 20 minutes a WEEK (!) so it appears I'll be just a cog in the machine.

2. September 2005, 21:57:07
Subject: Re:
redsales: The most important thing would be facial expression. Lots of smiles and encouragement. Pictures would help a lot, as well as hand signals and acting out things.
Also finding her a buddy, someone her own age who can help her.
My son had a Turkish boy start in his class who couldn't speak a word of English. My lad was asked to stick to him like glue and help him as much as he can. The lad soon picked up the language, and they managed to communicate mostly through acting things out, and loads of patience from both of them.
Hope that helps a bit! Good luck :O)

1. September 2005, 13:53:36
this is a bit off topic, but in one of my kindies there is a new Japanese student who can't speak a word of Korean, English or any other language I know...can anyone here think of something I can say to her that would make her feel welcome in romanji? She seemed pretty confused, as Korea can seem barbaric (esp compared to Japan) to even those who know the language.

1. September 2005, 13:19:35
Subject: Re: 1st game of Ouza title match
takodori: The first game came to a sennichite with 72 moves. Now another game exchanging first and second movers started. You can see and replay the game here at;

1. September 2005, 04:49:01
Subject: 1st game of Ouza title match
You can see and replay the 1st game of Ouza title match between Ouza Habu and Kisei Sato here at;
The challenger Sato is Sente(first mover) as a result of Furigoma(toss by throwing 5 pawns).

30. August 2005, 18:57:00
In dice chess I've never heard of a player getting extra throws when they're in check, normally they hope to get a thow that'll remove the check before the opponent gets the throw to capture the king, I've played games in which the king has been in check from three pieces at once and still escaped.

29. August 2005, 22:24:37
Subject: Move without alternative
A little note about few types move.
When I make move my pown to last line it promote always, and program must promote pawn if I select it on prelast line. (P9b for black in Japanese and for white on it site :) next move will promote to P9a+ always).
Another pieces:
- Pawn and Lance if stay on line "b" in next move will poromote (1 times pressed), for white - line "h";
- Knight if stay on line "c" or line "d" in next move will promote too (1 times or 2 times pressed), for white lines "g" and "f".

2nd bug:
I select japanese type pieces (3 or 4 type). And when my piece must promote I see promoted piece type 1 (european type). It's not correct.

Another bugs I not see while, but you can see next:
- Pawn from "hand" cant give mate to King
- Lince and Pawn from "hand" cant put on line "a" for black and "i" - for white (in Japanese note)
- Knight from "hand" cant put on line "a" or "b" for black and "i" and "h" - for white (in Japanese note)
I hope that it correctly work.

29. August 2005, 19:46:57
Subject: Re:
ughaibu: 'Domo arigato'. But! This site conducts me in a dead lock

29. August 2005, 19:08:52
Subject: Re:
ughaibu: Domo arigato.

29. August 2005, 18:57:50

29. August 2005, 18:50:59
Subject: Re:
ughaibu: just having the pieces is half the battle!

29. August 2005, 18:47:13
Subject: Re:
ughaibu: how would i get in contact with him?

29. August 2005, 18:37:34
George Hodges used to sell all the classical variants up to tai. Plastic pieces with roll-up vinyl boards. If that appeals, I imagine he still has some. He also produces sets of Kyoto, poppi, renge, etc, to order.

29. August 2005, 18:31:10
Subject: Re: Shogi Variants
I have seen a real Taikyoku Shogi board and pieces. It's HUGE!! and playing it is really fun. But it takes a very long time to play. Tai shogi is a bit better, but again it takes a long time to finish. I may travel to Tendo city soon. This is the Shogi capital city. It is located in the northern part of Japan. I am going to see if i can get someone to make me a Tai Shogi board and pieces.

29. August 2005, 02:38:33
Subject: Black/White
Translators may need to be careful here--in French, for example, the colors are not used at all (the first player is instead called South).

28. August 2005, 23:02:05
Subject: Re: Shogi Variants
If you wish to get used to hieroglyphs on pieces shogi load and play with the program "Shogi Variants" ( Here many variants shogi with rules are presented. The program allows to see moves of the chosen piece or what fields are under attack of pieces (white and/or black).
It's very nice programm for 1st viewing shogi.
This link was in "Shogi variant" on Wikipedia

28. August 2005, 05:15:12

28. August 2005, 04:51:02
Subject: Re: Yonin Shogi
There is a description of this four-player shogi also at

I have played it over the board with friends, and it is quite fun. George Hodges has a leaflet on the game.

28. August 2005, 04:46:49
There's a four player shogi variant highly recommended by it's enthusiasts. I thought it was played in teams of two but maybe not. Anyway, here's another stunningly waek computer opponent(s) to give you a feel for it:

27. August 2005, 20:06:35
Subject: Fencer
If you're tinkering with things it would be nice to have the captured pieces in a more familiar, consistent and readable arrangement.

27. August 2005, 09:05:17
Subject: Shogi variants
Wow, I am impressed, I didn't know Shogi variants could be that interesting and popular.
Anyway, I want to finish some pending things with the current Shogi model first (more graphics options, minor improvements of the interface) and then I'll add some variants, probably create an extra category for it (apart the normal Chess and its variants), just to keep it better organized.

27. August 2005, 02:29:40
Here's one for Kyoto shogi the computer plays pretty abyssmally.

27. August 2005, 02:20:30
There's a blue arrow pointing at "FM", further to the right of that is a little box which you click to download. After a while, when you make a move a box comes up saying you haven't paid, just click "ok" and it'll carry on. The program seems to have some extra pieces generated from who knows where.

27. August 2005, 01:56:44
Modified by ughaibu (27. August 2005, 01:57:04)
For an idea of how kingyonofun shogi works there's a free download at

25. August 2005, 04:28:29
Subject: Article which might interest you
Is shogi the most attractive game among the chesslike games? If you interested in this topic,
please see the following;

24. August 2005, 14:37:31
i've heard Kyoto is responsible for some modern champions' background and depth in conventional shogi, some have said it was an excellent way to prepare.

24. August 2005, 13:16:20
Thanks for all valuable suggestions. I'll implement some of the proposed variants when I am finished with other things.

24. August 2005, 03:54:37
Subject: Re: Shogi Variants
I prefer the historical predecessor of modern shogi, sho shogi, that has no drops and the drunken elephant that promotes to a crown prince.

24. August 2005, 02:44:52
Subject: Tori Shogi
Here is a link to a page on Tori Shogi:

24. August 2005, 02:25:13
Subject: Shogi Variants
I would like to recommend Tori Shogi. It plays pretty quickly and is a lot of fun.

24. August 2005, 00:39:29
Subject: Re: Shogi variants
I vote for Chu Shogi :)

23. August 2005, 23:05:47
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Tai Shogi will make Anti-Backgammon look like a quick game. But Tai Shogi is still smaller than Taikyoku Shogi, played with 402 pieces each (208 different pieces), on a 36x36 board. The piece names of Taikyoku Shogi sound impressive: Drunk Elephant, Soaring Eagle, Burning General, Great Dragon, Heavenly Tetarch King, Swooping Owl, Old Monkey, Flying Cock, Phoenix Master, etc, etc.

There's a Perl module available with the initial setup and movement of the pieces.

23. August 2005, 21:56:39
Subject: Re: Shogi variants
playBunny: <tt> is HTML for 'teletype', a way of indicating something is computer input or output. It's typically rendered in a fixed width font. But it seems <tt> isn't in a short list of allowable HTML elements we can use here.

23. August 2005, 21:54:47
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Shog variants page on Wikipedia.

23. August 2005, 21:45:28
Okay, I clicked your link. There is a bigger variant taikyoku shogi on a 36x36 board. I dont know if anyone plays these. Chuu shogi on a 12x12 board is quite popular in Europe.

23. August 2005, 21:44:05
Subject: Re:
ughaibu: Yes, 25x25. Looks weird to me.

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