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6. March 2014, 23:47:29
Subject: Re: prize tourney
Nothingness: Just a note to thank you for your prize tourny which has recently finished
Open Espionage League Brain prize Tourney

You mentioned in your post of the 2 Jan 2012 a second prize of a book by David Sirlin, which would go to dAGGER.

However, I think Sandoz is much more in need of this book "Playing to Win", unless he is just going through a generous streak of gifting games

7. March 2014, 12:25:04
Subject: Re: prize tourney
SL-Mark: Indeed a big thanks to Nothingness!

7. March 2014, 16:34:28
Subject: Re: prize tourney
Congratulations to Mark!

13. August 2014, 19:55:55
Subject: Re: prize tourney
Even without reading the book, I managed to win my latest Championship game against Mark.
Is Mark on the downgrade?
And more importantly: who received the book?

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