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13. July 2007, 23:24:47
Subject: Behemoth Chess
In Behemoth Chess, it's entire possible to win the game in the first move (I did so in my second game). No other game on Brainking can be won without a timeout or resignment on the first game. However, that also means the game isn't counted for ones BKR. Probably because the game finishes before the third move.

Is this intended? Or just a side-effect of how current implementation?

14. July 2007, 17:42:53
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
AbigailII: A side effect.

15. July 2007, 02:23:13 
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
AbigailII: After thinking about it for about 60 seconds, my opinion is that I like the fact that it would not count towards the BKR rating. Yea it's a lose, but it seems kind of silly to lose ratings (or gain ratings) when you don't even get a chance to play. At least that is my opinion.

15. July 2007, 03:53:14
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess Welcome to the world of "games of chance". If you lose you lose, what's the difference how if it's in the rules?

15. July 2007, 04:48:21 
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
grenv: Oh - I was just saying that was my opinion - how it is done is up to Fencer or whoever - I was just giving my own opinion that I would rather play a game to win/lose rating points - not just show up to win/lose them. Again, just my opinion - not complaining or anything.

15. July 2007, 08:37:03
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess as in any game where skill and chance are mixed, your stats and BKR has only meaning when a large number of games are played. you'll never have 99-1 results in backgammon, for example. if you have 60-40 it is already very significant.

15. July 2007, 09:00:38
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess I disagree. Behemoth Chess is a quick game, and it can be over in a few moves. It's kind of silly to not count it if the game doesn't reach an arbitrary number of move. Even if that number is two.

And it's not just Behemoth Chess. One might get lucky in Logic as well, and guess the code in the first or second move. Should one denied a BKR change because of it?

15. July 2007, 13:41:51
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
AbigailII: But in Logic, it is a person using their mind to figure it out.  The player has control.  In Behemoth chess, the player does not have that control.

15. July 2007, 23:51:28
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
danheg: If a player guesses the opponents code on his first move, how did he use his mind to figure it out?

As for the luck factor in Behemoth Chess, the luck factor is quite high. Higher than in any other game on Brainking. But the luck factor isn't any less on the third move than it is on the second move. Yet BKR is awarded if luck decides to kill your king on the third move, but not if luck decides to kill your king on the second move.

IMO, that doesn't make any sense. Either one takes the stance that luck plays a too high factor and doesn't award any BKR on Behemoth Chess - or accepts the fact there are games with a high luck factor and awards BKR for games that have a regular finish before the end of move 2.

16. July 2007, 03:58:34
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess
AbigailII: after the third move, you usually have the pieces out and developed like the queen and much more mobile.  You are capable of more startegy at that point.

16. July 2007, 10:21:46
Subject: Re: Behemoth Chess

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