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Most of us have Sports we follow or play. Here is a place we can discuss any Sport from any country in the world.

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16. September 2013, 17:51:56
Universal Eyes 
Seattle Seahawks fans cheer
Seattle NFL fans break records, eardrums as world's loudest crowd

That rumble you heard coming from the Pacific Northwest on Sunday wasn't an earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster. It was the 68,000-plus fans at Seattle's CenturyLink Field, setting a Guinness World Record for being the loudest-ever crowd. With just over a minute left in the first quarter of the Seahawks game against the 49ers, the roar from the stands registered at 131.9 decibels, which is almost as loud as a Boeing 747. (In the fourth quarter, the crowd unofficially broke its shiny new record, reaching an ear-melting 136.6 decibels.) The buzzkillers at NBC News Health more or less said, "What exactly is the point?," offering a study that says that the home team doesn't really benefit from all of that shouting. It did yesterday, though: The 'Hawks destroyed San Francisco 29-3.

18. February 2012, 04:57:51
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re: Why I posted
tedbarber: Hockey skills are building element of every player's performance - overall hockey player's performance and quality depends on 3 major parts, which are mutually related.

It is hockey skills, condition and mental strength.

This, above mentioned statement, is very efficient to have always on your mind while practicing or coaching any of many skills.

Ice hockey is builded from huge number of different skills and techniques. We divide them into several major categories and many subcategories:

But one more time, all of them are based on:

* speed
* agility
* strength
* endurance


* forward
* backward
* crossover forward
* crossover backward
* stops
* turns
* stopped turn
* start
o straight
o side
* turn-round
* from forward to backward
* from backward to forward


* dribbling
o short
o wide
o front of the body/aside of the body
* tricks
* stick-checking
o poke-check
o block stick
o lift opponent stick
o laying stick on a ice


* a stick in one hand
* a stick in two hands

All (most of them) above mentioned hockey skills are measurable. So, it is possible to measure and compare each player performance with others. It makes much easier to find out weaknesses and reasons of those.

* forehand
o wrist shot
+ short
+ long
o snap shot
o slap shot
o aerial high
* backhand
* one timer or one touch shot
* deflection


* standing position
* on one knee
* on both knees
* laying to the shot


* forehand/backhand
o wrist
o snap
o flip pass
o one timer or one touch pass
o aerial high pass
* by skate kick
* drop pass


* pulling
* "hard"
* by skate
* by hand

There is pointless to divide body-checking into some categories, for example by part of the body used for checking, however we can find different ways how to use a body-checking according different game situations.

* Offense

o 1 on 1
There are many ways how to play this situation. It depends on individual player and particular game situation.
o 2 on 1
o 3 on 1
o 3 on 2
o 2 on 2

* Defense

o 1 on 1
There are many ways how to play this situation. It depends on individual player and particular game situation.
o 1 on 2
o 1 on 3
o 2 on 3
o 2 on 2

break outs
middle zone offense
offense zone
middle zone defense
defense zone

Power play

* 5 on 4
* 5 on 3
* 4 on 3
* 6 on 5 and 6 on 4 (playing without goalie)

Penalty Killing

* 4 on 5
* 3 on 5
* 3 on 4

Switching position and substituting
Face Offs
Penalty Shots
Break away
Front of the net traffic
Peripheral vision
Faking moves, passing and shooting
Communication players each other on a ice
Personal Defense

* with center back
* with left wing back
* other variants
* matching lines
* matching defense lines

5. November 2009, 05:18:01
Universal Eyes 
Subject: A memorable one.
1. The team's inaugural game was played April 7, 1977, against the Chicago White Sox. It wasn't until 1983, however, that the Blue Jays compiled their first winning record, 89-73. They finished in 4th place, nine games behind the Baltimore Orioles, who became World Series champions.

In 1985, the Blue Jays won their first championship--the first of their eventual five American League East Division titles. In 1992 and 1993, the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series titles. In game 6 of the 1993 World Series at the Skydome, the Philadelphia Phillies took a 6-5 lead into the bottom of the ninth. With two men on base, Joe Carter launched a Mitch Williams pitch into the left-field bullpen to give the Jays their second world championship. Carter's was only the second World Series-ending home run in Major League Baseball history.
The Facts
2. The Toronto Blue Jays' uniforms feature a blue jay's head coming out of a capital "J". They are black, blue, silver, white and graphite in color. The alternate logo design is a "T" in the uniform colors. The team motto is "It's always game time." The team mascot is an anthropomorphized blue jay named Ace. The team's theme song is "OK Blue Jays," released by Canadian pop singer Keith Hampshire in 1983.
Hall of Fame
3. Although there have been no players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame based solely upon service with the Toronto Blue Jays, three inducted players have worn the uniform. Phil Neikro, number 35, pitched for the Blue Jays in 1987. Dave Winfield, number 32, was the designated hitter/outfielder for the Blue Jays in 1992. Paul Molitor, number 19, was designated hitter for the Blue Jays from 1993 to 1995.
4. The record for the most home runs by the Toronto Blue Jays was 244 in 2000. The team record for strikeouts was 1,142 in 2002. The Blue Jay's RBI record was set in 1999 at 856. The record for the most wins was 99 in 1985. The Jays suffered their most losses, 109, in 1979.
Level of Excellence
5. The Toronto Blue Jays have created a "Level of Excellence" where various Blue Jays personnel are honored. It is on the 500 level of Rogers Centre.

Shortstop Tony Fernandez, left fielder George Bell, second baseman Roberto Alomar, right fielder Joe Carter, pitcher Dave Stieb, manager Cito Gaston, broadcaster Tom Cheek, Vice President Paul Beeston and General Manager Pat Gillick are all represented in the Blue Jay's Level of Excellence.

20. September 2006, 13:18:44
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:Hockey
Tie Domi

Retired yesterday to become a TSN analist of hockey

28. March 2004, 16:05:43
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Hi Pedro
The Toronto Maple Leafs is my beleif the just beat Philly and Boston and tied Ottawa last Night so there primed and ready.Tey have alot of good spare Player that Play Night to Night so there prepared.and they have the size to match philly ...Thank for you input Mike :o)

22. March 2004, 16:21:35
Universal Eyes 
Subject: RE:Hockey Fans
Who do you think will Win the Stanley Cup this Year.Your vote counts,so could you please,Put your in input in! Thanks Mad Monkey for moderating this site.Your True Friend Mike :o)

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