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11. June 2021, 00:32:30
Subject: signing in
does anybody know why I have to sign in with name and password each and every time?

11. June 2021, 17:57:39
Subject: Re: signing in
Bernice: Probably some maintenance prog erased your password memory for the site, or a windows update causing a little mayhem. Why I have a book for all the sites, games and such. And a USB stick for backing up photos and my Ark evolved game save. Lost months of play thanks to my phone charging via USB cable while windows was updating. Couldn't even use a restore.

Just set it to remember all as you use to.

btw if you use a USB stick to back up or transfer stuff. Remember to "Eject it". Makes sure windows has done all data transfers, else it could have put such on hold while it does other stuff. Saves getting corrupt files

11. June 2021, 23:26:28
Subject: Re: signing in
Mort: it only happens on my email account and on BrainKing....all others are ok..IYT and Gold Token.etc

12. June 2021, 21:33:00
Subject: Re: signing in
Bernice: It's setting it to remember you then. All have the option.

12. June 2021, 23:29:06
Subject: Re: signing in
Mort: yes doesnt work any longer..i set to remember me and STILL have to keep signing worries

13. June 2021, 16:20:46
Subject: Re: signing in
Bernice: Tis weird, as just tried it, and it works here!

13. June 2021, 22:57:59
Subject: Re: signing in
Mort:thanks I guess I will just have to put up with it...tried everything

14. June 2021, 20:30:52
Subject: Re: signing in
Bernice: Least wasn't like when the drivers for my Graphics card were off. Bug that just some users had. Caused crashes, and other weird things. Took makers months to sort out!

14. June 2021, 22:15:14
Subject: Re: signing in
Mort:it has got to the stage where I have had to write all passwords down...bloody nuisance it is

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