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22. November 2011, 23:39:28
A director and his aide of an insane asylum decided to take a few of his so called residents (crazies) to a baseball game.
Every day for about a week before the game, he took them aside and instructed them what to say, what to do and how to behave so nothing would go wrong.
Finally the day comes and they go to the baseball game.
They are about to sing the national anthym and the director says, "UP NUTS."
They all stand for the national anthym.
When it's over, he says, "DOWN NUTS." and they all sit down.
Later in the game, a home team player hits a home run. The director says, "CHEER NUTS" and they all start clapping and yelling just like all the other fans.
Later on, an umpire makes a bad call against the home team and he says, "BOO NUTS" and they all start booing the umpire.
Everything is going good so the director decides to get some refreshments. On the way back with the refreshments, he sees a big riot has broken out. The police and security are there and all the fans around them are yelling and screaming.
He goes over to his aide and asks, "What happened?"
The aide says, "Every thing was going fine until this guy walked by and started yelling, "PEANUTS."

22. November 2011, 23:50:17
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skinny18: lol

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