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8. September 2017, 01:11:21
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Carnie: Brian had already made his mind up about how much he dislike this site. In fact I tried to encourage him to stay and offered to pay for membership. But every time he posted at the time it was to put down this site and Fencer. If he was so unhappy all he had to do was leave. So in the end he did annoy me. But I am not the reason why he stopped posting. And as it happens he did posts the other day in another discussion board. Some people think you are heavenrose!

8. September 2017, 01:35:48
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Carnie: There are other sites that people can play in besides this site.

8. September 2017, 01:38:03
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: I don't have time to play other sites. Have a nice night. Get some rest.

8. September 2017, 01:41:26
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Carnie: By the way Brian, myself and other player were told if we continued posting comments to each other we would be banned. So that could explained the lack of posts from Brian.
I will be heading to bed soon. You enjoy the rest of your day.

8. September 2017, 04:18:37
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: ok thank you.

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