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12. July 2019, 20:12:10
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
Modified by Clandestine 1 (12. July 2019, 20:12:30)
rod03801: ahh, I see. I didn’t understand the rules but I get it now. 

Thanks for the clarity

12. July 2019, 17:29:10
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
Clandestine 1:

From the rules :

The game ends when all frogs of one player are revealed on the board (no matter if they were shot or guessed). The other player gets a bonus of 2 points and 1 point for each own frog which was not found by the opponent.

So, I only took a quick glance at your game, but he had 14 points before the move. He got 5 for finding your frog, 2 points bonus for it being the last frog, and 1 bonus point for the 1 frog he had left. So that would bring him to 22 points.

12. July 2019, 17:13:56
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Is this a bug?

Frog Finder (ouna vs. Clandestine 1)

I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, but I’m up on my opponent 20-14 with each of us having one frog left. He guesses and scores 7 points for the win? I thought it was only 5 points per frog. Am I missing something or is this a little buggy?

12. July 2019, 12:14:22

11. July 2019, 22:23:17

10. July 2019, 12:22:02

10. July 2019, 00:07:07

9. July 2019, 07:06:01
Clandestine 1 

9. July 2019, 06:53:02
Clandestine 1 

26. June 2019, 16:04:31
Subject: Team Tournaments
Modified by MadMonkey (27. June 2019, 13:57:32)
A QUICK look through upcoming Team Tournaments

First, STILL waiting for just ONE more Team is Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X (Normal Checkers)

And there also is.....

July 2019 Russian Checkers #2 (Russian Checkers) thats need ONE more Team before it can start.

I know these are not the most popular games on Brainking, but it would be great if we could get them started

After these we have a GREAT mixture of Tournies, here are the one that need more Teams to join.....

Aug 2019 64 Battlefields XVII (Chess)

Aug 2019 Nackgammon Championship XI

Sept 2019 hyper Hyper HYPER GAMMON!!!!!!!!!

Nov 2019 Catch 3 Kings Dice Chess 10x10 #7

Dec 2019 Darth Vader's Gammon Race #7

RIP 2019 -- HAPPY 2020 Ludo 21

That takes us through to the end of 2019, let's try and get enough Teams to get them ALL started......
Happy Gaming everyone

1. June 2019, 17:40:40
Subject: turnaj cerven 2019 clovece

1. June 2019, 03:55:51
Subject: Re:

1. June 2019, 00:50:26
Subject: Re:
Carnie: always get like that when your hungry!

29. May 2019, 04:12:21
Subject: Re:
Nothingness: I sound like a curmudgeon. I had a snickers and am better.

28. May 2019, 14:25:22
Subject: Re:
Carnie: I usually do...but it depends on how much time I have ...I will almost always say gg afterwards

28. May 2019, 03:39:50
If you're playing them in a game.

28. May 2019, 03:37:57
You join someone's tournament shouldn't they at least wish you good luck? Rude.

18. May 2019, 09:28:37
Subject: new tournament
looking for players  Beach fun

16. May 2019, 22:14:24

2. May 2019, 05:18:17
Subject: New Tournament

1. May 2019, 09:06:46
Subject: turnaj kveten 2019 clovece

11. April 2019, 00:42:45
Jonathan's Legacy

Ludo- Varazslo

1. April 2019, 09:17:53
Subject: turnaj duben april 2019 clovece

31. March 2019, 13:57:59
Jonathan's Legacy
Dice Chess 10x10 winner- Varazslo

27. March 2019, 23:49:56
Jonathan's Legacy winners:
grillyx-Dice Chess

24. March 2019, 09:50:22
Subject: new tournament

23. March 2019, 17:58:53
Hi Everyone,

    New Fun & Games tournament

Thanks to all who signed up for #12, that was my best one yet for people signing up! 


12. March 2019, 18:27:55
Well, we STILL need just ONE more Team in each of these next few Team Tournaments
PLEASE take a look Big Boses & Captains, and try to get some Teams together
Each Team only needs 4 players, we should be able to do this between us all.....

Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X - Checkers

Mar 2019 One-Two-Three-Four-Five-In-Line #10 - Five in Line

Apr 2019 April Fools Day Connect6 #9 - Connect6

12. March 2019, 14:58:34
Modified by Carnie (12. March 2019, 19:20:46)
Jonathan's Legacy

Winner-Varazslo, Hyper Backgammon

12. March 2019, 09:22:59
The Col 
Subject: All Welcome

5. March 2019, 13:59:31
Subject: Re:
I agree, there should be a limit as to how many games one member can post so others have a chance too

5. March 2019, 00:13:25
New Tournament to sign up for

I have decided to post it here because 2 days after I posted it, it was only visible on the second page because so many other tournaments were posted. 

I think it was mentioned once here before but, the tournaments page is being cluttered with so many tournaments it is difficult to find ones and navigate. I am not sure what the solution is but it is getting a little ridiculous. This is just my opinion and I mean no offense to anyone. I just want to see my games start 

2. March 2019, 23:55:44

1. March 2019, 09:12:48
Subject: turnaj Brezen 2019 clovece

27. February 2019, 03:50:51
Subject: New Tournament

18. February 2019, 07:40:50
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: come on big bosses and small one too ! 1 more team :)
Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X

get the team and sign pleaseeee :)

6. February 2019, 00:29:59
Subject: new tournament
Please sign up  Beach's games

5. February 2019, 12:04:57
A lot of the team tourneys only need 1 or 2 more teams to start, sign up to your teams, and let's get them rolling. :)

1. February 2019, 15:26:52
Subject: turnaj unor 2019 clovece

24. January 2019, 05:06:31
Subject: New Backgammon Tourney

8. January 2019, 18:00:20
Subject: turnaj leden 2019 clovece

6. January 2019, 16:41:57
Subject: Site team tournaments
We need 2 more teams to join the Connect 6 site team tournament.  I have noticed that there are several teams in fellowships that only need 1 more player in order to enter.  Please check out the Team Tournaments and if you are able, join one of the teams in a fellowship that needs your help 

4. January 2019, 18:23:09
Subject: Re: SITE TEAM TOURNAMENTS I have the same problem as I did a year ago. I only have 4 players on 90% of my teams. So with 4 players I can sign near any team up. gammons and dice may have a better turnout however but the player pool is down to the lowest then its been for a decade

27. December 2018, 06:09:15
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: SITE TEAM TOURNAMENTS 4 players per team will get things moving. 

24. December 2018, 06:03:49
I would like to see the idiots that start dozens of tournaments pull their horns in, or someone to do something about that.

23. December 2018, 18:47:51 
SITE TEAM TOURNAMENTS - There are some out there that have not gotten enough teams - what is everyones thoughts - Just delete them?

I'll be back on-line soon, and I'll either delete or change the start date on them - and I'll create a new batch of site team tournaments - for at least the most popular games (so please share any suggestions for what you would like to see!)

7. December 2018, 02:14:37
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: 1 more player :)

4. December 2018, 13:20:43
Subject: new tournament
Please sign up  Winter Games

24. November 2018, 11:37:27
Subject: Congratulations Razboinika

24. November 2018, 05:43:15
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Backgammon
1 year brainrook membership 

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