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9. November 2018, 06:01:51
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: happy birthday
happy birthday Fencer :)

6. November 2018, 17:00:00
Subject: Few tourneys

4. November 2018, 20:13:56
DeaD man WalkiN 
Subject: its been real
We are down to my last 3 tournaments, :o( It's been great fun setting them up for the past 15 years...

2. November 2018, 19:57:00
Subject: Tournament page
Please stop spamming the tournament page. There are too many tournaments long overdue with not many players assigned.
Please only post tournaments that people want to play.

31. October 2018, 01:42:41
Universal Eyes 

27. October 2018, 10:12:32
<b><a href="Tournaments?trg=52877">HAPPY HALLOWEEN </a></b>

§ʈrawɓєrriєs -Ƞ- Crєaɱ Halloween Tourny

17. October 2018, 07:56:20
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: 1 more team
Sep 2018 Dice Poker 6D VIII

Also in this one too
Come on Big and Small Bosses :)

17. October 2018, 07:55:23
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: 1 more team
Sep 2018 Scrambled Eggs IV

Come on Big and Small Bosses :) One more team :)

15. October 2018, 02:24:26
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Team tournaments
Just a suggestion here, but I’m thinking all team tournaments should be made with the parameters of 4 persons per team. As it stands now, we’re having a hard time finding 5 players per team. So until things pick up (if they pick up), I would suggest keeping the limit set to 4 people per team. 

13. October 2018, 01:49:33

13. October 2018, 01:20:39
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Halloween Tournament
Modified by Universal Eyes (13. October 2018, 01:20:59)

12. October 2018, 05:13:36
Subject: New Backgammon Tournament

10. October 2018, 00:21:26
Subject: Re:
rabbitoid: ok lol

9. October 2018, 20:15:44
Subject: Re:
Good Luck :)FLR: You are the one of the few exceptions I know of. You have close to 2000 games but you manage to play them at a good speed. I don't know how you do it but you manage. Impressive!

9. October 2018, 20:11:05
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: Re:
rabbitoid: Only paying members with Brain Rook or higher membership level can create any number of tournaments with various parameters to set - one or more game types (including a random game selection), time control, accessibility (public or private), tournament type (round robin, single elimination, ...), optional prize for the winner, etc.

Not sure where is the limit .... ;)

9. October 2018, 20:09:52
Subject: Re:
heavenrose: What's the point of joining anything now? all you find is a zillion tournaments proposing "all games", none of which will have more than 4 players. And you have a 99% chance playing against the same turtles who enter all games, have 3000 games and move in none. Not fun!

9. October 2018, 20:01:13
people if you dont want manny games then dont join that simple but sometimes people make to manny tournaments so i kinda agree on that part.

9. October 2018, 18:58:27
Subject: Re:
Clandestine 1: creation is already limited to rooks, so apparently that's no help. I'd prefer a fixed limit (small) of open, that is not yet started tournaments.

Always, supposing that Filip is willing to take up programming again.

9. October 2018, 17:16:20
Clandestine 1 
Tournament creation based on membership status but a sensible limit as to how many tournaments one can create. Active tournaments should not count in the total tho as I can foresee some slow pokes tying everything up. 

9. October 2018, 08:04:18
I agree with Beach.l

8. October 2018, 11:00:34
My suggestion is one tournament per game per week. Maximum 30 days before tournament starts and 30 days after. And tournament must have unique name

8. October 2018, 07:07:13
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: Brainking Tournament Page
Modified by Good Luck :)FLR (8. October 2018, 07:32:39)
I agreed with the fact about too many tournaments are created that not even me that i play so much here cant catch up... I like the idea about who can create tournaments based on membership status (lets say we black rooks can create truly as many as we want ! so is good incentive to have more want to get to that level ... i believe goldtoken does that even if they dont have black rook level but they have platinum which is very similar ) . Then use the vacations days as parameters : 35 days = 35 tournaments a year x each game i would also limit ! So a normal black rook can just create only 35 tournaments of battle boats for all year and no more ( of course that if he/she has all days of vacations still available so if someone has just 30 days left then can create just 30 tournaments of each one )
Create something for this in terms of $$$ so if someone wants to create more tournaments must give you some greens :)
limitation of course about when you can create a new tournament if that is even possible there are 2444 tournaments listed for now few are suppose to start in 6 months .. non sense ....and one of the creator of so many tournaments made barely 70 moves in one day ..all this is illogical ... why i want to create a tournament and then not even join it ???

8. October 2018, 03:35:47
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
Fencer: Hi Fencer,

I think the number of tournaments you can start should reflect your membership status. You could reach out to the site for possible ideas on this. I think some of the ideas Beach mentioned would be very helpful.

I’m going to take a closer look at the parameters you have set up for tournaments and see if I can come with additional suggestions.

Thank you!

7. October 2018, 22:47:41
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
Modified by beach (7. October 2018, 22:48:57)
Fencer:  for my 2 cents worth I think you should only be allowed to schedule new tournaments to start within say a 14 day waiting time,  also the 30 days to stay on tournament board after the start date is excessive, perhaps a maximum time it can stay on the board is perhaps 5 days after start date.  It drives me nuts to see tournaments posted for the next  2 years  and then see started tournaments stuck on page 1 of the board for an additional 30 days after start date.  
Also I think you should only be allowed to post perhaps 3 tournaments at a time. 
This would certainly clean up the board, and get rid of someone posting 100's of tournaments for the next 2 years. No one needs to post tournaments starting over a year from now
I stopped looking to join anything  a few months ago as I too find hard to find new tournaments

7. October 2018, 21:32:47
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
TerryS: Good idea. What limit do you suggest?

7. October 2018, 16:54:41
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
TerryS: I agree too, and something I complained about awhile back is people joining tournaments and putting games up on waiting list when they have hundreds or thousands of games going. I'm phasing out, but I have one going that started two years ago and am waiting for the person to run out of vacation days. I learned to watch for limits and number of games they have before taking a game off waiting list

7. October 2018, 14:10:34
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
I agree with everything you posted

7. October 2018, 10:24:01
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
TerryS: me too, a limit would be good.

7. October 2018, 09:01:33
Subject: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
TerryS: I agree

7. October 2018, 02:25:18
Subject: Brainking Tournament Page
This is a general observation and comment on the current status of the site’s tournament page.

It seems like it is out of control. There are currently over 2,400 tournaments listed. I think it is fair to say that it would be impossible to thumb through all of these. I’ve also noticed that a number of members have posted dozens of tournaments, I find it frustrating to find a tournament I would like to join.

Some ideas I had was to completely reset the tournaments to zero, and perhaps set a limit the number of tournaments a member can create at any given time.

I enjoy the variety of tournaments, but as I mentioned it’s a little overwhelming to scroll through all of them.

Thanks for reading my rambling

1. October 2018, 22:59:56
Subject: Re:
oops, I thought you needed one more player.

1. October 2018, 22:58:55
Subject: Re:
I can play..

1. October 2018, 15:03:59
One more team needed for the dice poker team tournament to start!

29. September 2018, 08:18:23
Subject: New Backgammon Tourny

20. September 2018, 13:42:13
Subject: Team Tournaments
Just ONE more Team needed and Sep 2018 Dice Poker 6D VIII Tourny can start in 4 days time

Then we have Scrambled Eggs & Chess starting in 9 days but only have ONE team entered in both

After that we have a bunch more lined up but only the odd team entered in any of them

PLEASE take a look and sign up for any that you can

15. September 2018, 05:12:54
Subject: New Tournie to sign up for

6. September 2018, 15:36:37
Come on Big Bosses & Captains, the Team Tournaments need some supporting

Sep 2018 Dice Poker 6D VIII - Needs at least 2 more Teams to get going (late starting)

Sep 2018 64 Battlefields XVI (Chess) - Has NO teams entered so far (starts in 2 days)

Sep 2018 Mike Wazowski's Frog Finder #11 - Just one more Team to start (in 5 days)

Sep 2018 Nackgammon Championship X - Has 4 Teams, and can start on time

The 12 Team Tournaments after this have hardly any Teams entered, which is odd as there are alot of popular ones to play in, Knight Fight, Dark Battleboats, Dice Chess, Ludo and more.....

Please have a look & enter Teams where you can.....

5. September 2018, 04:20:15
DeaD man WalkiN 
Subject: still have some seats left
4 games 1 to 4 i think
DeaD Man's GaMeS to StarT 1

28. August 2018, 23:07:18
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: Interview
Modified by Good Luck :)FLR (28. August 2018, 23:10:53)

Get new achievement : Add 10 -25-50-100 answered questions to interviews.
Only few days left ask and i will answer :)

15. August 2018, 15:40:59
Papa Zoom: Really sorry for these sad news. All my deepest sympathy.

14. August 2018, 19:21:09
Papa Zoom 
Thanks peeps. Day 11. I'm at the house now. Stayed with my daughter the past ten days. I'm managing well. I appreciate the words. God bless.

8. August 2018, 12:09:16
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom:

I am so very sorry for your loss

8. August 2018, 10:26:21
very sad deepest prayers are with you..

8. August 2018, 05:55:26
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: im sorry to hear

8. August 2018, 05:48:55
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: I am here dan if you need someone to talk too or keep you company..I know it is hard but try to stay strong

8. August 2018, 01:01:24
Papa Zoom 
thanks peeps. It's been rough all around. We're managing though.

8. August 2018, 00:38:15
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: aw dam I am so sorry for your loss

7. August 2018, 19:41:28
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom:  my condolences sorry to hear about your wife

7. August 2018, 18:49:07
Papa Zoom 
To all game in which I'm now timing out: My wife has passed away and I won't be on for a while. I see 16 games have timed out all ready. My wife died this past Saturday. I was trying to get back into playing here a bit. Perhaps in a while.

Papa: aka Dan

5. August 2018, 12:47:46
Good Luck :)FLR 
Subject: interview wow :)
new interview with Good Luck :)FLR

Ask questions until august 31st

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