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 Tank Battle

Discuss about tank battle game or find new opponents.

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8. October 2008, 08:59:07
Subject: Re: Etiquette
DragonKing: I think that any game ought to be resigned in a hopeless position. But not everyone thinks so. There are people here that will drag out a game for an extra half year, even if the outcome is known. (And I'm not talking about Tank Battle in particular).

6. July 2008, 20:06:23
Subject: Re: Score of my game
DragonKing: You don't score for the tanks you capture. You score for the tanks you have - with bonus points if they are in the enemy starting area.

Since you have 9 tanks, none of them in your opponents starting area, you have 9 points. Your opponent has 11 tanks, none of them in your starting area, and hence your opponent has 11 points.

And next time, please make your game number a link.

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