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14. January 2021, 14:35:00
Subject: Re: Dear Media
ketchuplover: What planet you live on?

8. June 2020, 16:35:34
Subject: Re:
Mousetrap: I agree its a crazy time. To much hate in america. Politics fuel it. Cameras can change the world. Young folks need to be smart and vote and not just complain.

7. June 2020, 18:19:43
Subject: Re: Rioting mayham and disinfectant
Mousetrap Im tired of winning.

21. January 2016, 06:27:03
Subject: Re: or...
Jim Dandy: martin o'mally gov from Maryland

13. August 2014, 03:37:26
I still think we should dig a moat along the Mexican border. Take all the dirt to Louisiana and raise the flood stage to a appropriate level then capture the alligators in Florida and put them in the moat. Seems like it would solve some problems.

20. September 2012, 17:30:34
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Iamon lyme:
" Stop the bleeding, and let the country start to recover."

A very good point. I hope the undecided feel that way.

20. September 2012, 17:28:04
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Bwild: Yes it is taxable as you receive a ssa 1099 at the end of the year but if its your only source of income you pay no tax and most don't even have to file.

20. September 2012, 03:45:43
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Artful Dodger: Why is our party having such a time to give us a good leader? Romney makes me hurt where I never thought I could, lol. I think some are afraid to take on the next 4 years and rather see someone else fail.

If we had no debt, like the clinton/ early bush days...we wouldn't even have this type discussion. Now since we do, is our solution to cut all our social programs....or even giving the rich more tax breaks? Its going to take a drastic solution. I just assume some people will just get hostile and riot and destroy property...Guess I just keep stocking ammo. lol

20. September 2012, 02:59:11
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Artful Dodger: I agree Dan. I'm tired of spending my hard earned cash on ground beef while I watch The person in line in front of me use food stamps to get steak and shrimp while their kids have Reeboks and designer clothes and watch them leave in a new car.....

20. September 2012, 02:50:23
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Modified by Marshmud (20. September 2012, 03:00:00)
rod03801: Of the 47% that pay no tax, 70% of them are the working poor...17% are on SS. All I meant was that welfare folks are not bankrupting our country and I'm tired of each party blaming each other. The democratic process now is like this board. Blame the other guy without a solution yourself.

You can't even comment on this board without someone complaining.

20. September 2012, 00:39:03
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Artful Dodger: Sometimes its not fair to blame the taxpayer for what he doesn't pay. Its the system we have. Alot of what we do today with our social programs are not intended for 2012. For example my grandparents are 100 and 102. SS was not designed to pay benefits for 35-40 years. I was looking at a pay check of hers from 1944 when she was "Rosie the Riveter" at Martin Marietta (Now Lockheed) in Baltimore Maryland. She paid about 25 cents a week into SS. Now she only gets over 1000 per month.

Our tax system sucks. When I was self employed I depended on "cash jobs" to make ends meet. Many in the building trade do so. With our tax system it seemed that I was out to cheat uncle sam just to get by. Just on self emplyment tax (ss tax) I paid 15.3 on every buck I made. So I could of made 20,000 in a year (near min wage) and still paid 3,630.00 alone and no way to deduct from that amount. I may of paid no federal income (FICA) but I paid a lot of tax.....

I'm thankful I depended on the mattress bank of america. No earnings on my money but my parents taught me to depend on myself not the goverment. Today people take advantage of a system that is broke and most know they can do so. Lawyers even advertise to help you get disability benefits....Blame the politicians not the minimum wage earner.

19. September 2012, 22:19:45
Subject: Re: It's bout 49% that don't pay Federal taxes.
Artful Dodger:

(So clearly there is a problem with the "fair share" as it applies to the bottom 50%. They contribute nothing but suck off the governments tit endlessly.)

That is a bit unfair to suggest my grandparants are sucking off the goverments tit after they paid into the system for over 50 years each...

23. July 2012, 17:11:05
Subject: Re:

9. July 2012, 16:43:06
Modified by Marshmud (9. July 2012, 19:19:51)
Great day on the job

**Edited to shorten URL and get page back to normal size

10. September 2011, 04:35:37
Modified by Marshmud (10. September 2011, 06:36:13)
Personally I don't want my tax dollars spent on teaching my children how to use a weapon or when to have sex. That is my job as a parent.

28. May 2011, 02:53:52
Subject: Re:
law allows a person who has completed their sentence, (including any fines, parole or probation) to immediately re-register. There is no waiting period, special application or other process.

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