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19. February 2021, 05:38:37
Ted Cruz escaped to Cancun while his Texas constituents are freezing and doing without water.

19. February 2021, 06:16:16
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re:
Carnie:he’s back in Texas.  

19. February 2021, 06:18:52
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: I saw the interview after he got busted.

23. February 2021, 06:12:08
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: the real racists in this country are the people crying racist

23. February 2021, 15:27:20
Subject: Re:
Bwild: Agreed. The Libs are the ones who are obsessed with the color of people's skin. They act like "people of color" are less capable than white people and can't handle being treated THE SAME.
The people that say that requiring ID to vote is a racist requirement are absolutely ridiculous.

23. February 2021, 15:44:30
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Police brutality only makes the news if it's a black victim. I'll agree it's off balance.

23. February 2021, 17:14:05
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re:
rod03801:wish we had a “like” button.  

23. February 2021, 17:12:38
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re:
Bwild:I totally agree.  They constantly remind us of our differences. Look at the cities they run.  They treat the minorities with indifference.  

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