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    8. September 2010, 01:50:26 
    Subject: Team Tournament Opinion Poll
    Short Poll - Open only 1 week (past poll said people liked short polls)

    What Team Tournament would you like setup to start on October 25, 2010?

    There are 17 games to choose from - games in the top 50 (of active games going) on the site, which has not had a team tournament start within the last year - and does not have a current team tournament running.

    Some interesting notes: [the (###) is the rank of "popular" on active game list]

  • International Checkers (#47) - Only game on list which has NOT had a site team tournament yet.
  • Halma 8x8 (#44) - Hasn't had a TT since December 2004
  • Chinese Chess (#45), PahTum (#29), and Loop Chess (#41) - not since 2005
  • Massacre Chess (#34) is the most recent in the list, having one start July 2009
  • Five in Line (#13), Plakoto (#15), and Froglet (#16) are the 3 most "popular" games in the list - with last TT June 09, May 08, and Nov 08 respectively.

  • 8. September 2010, 01:53:22 
    Subject: Re: Team Tournament Opinion Poll ... and for those of you that don't play in site team tournaments, there is an option for you to vote on... which I will predict will be the top voted option. But for the list of games, I will plan to make that the site team tournament that will start on/around Oct 25, 2010.

    ... don't know what I'll do if there is a tie, so hopefully there will not be one.

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