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10. April 2007, 17:39:09 
Subject: My 2 .css files
Some css files people can use if they want.

Here is my main one:

You will find classic colors, move button at top left of page (good if you do not have the left menu showing on game board), along with some font changes here and there to help the eyes.

Here is a new one:

Basicely the same as the above, but the move button is moved more towards the middle of the page - so if you have the left menu column showing on the game page, it will not mess that up. (Now it will still show over the top of game messages & game notes - but it's the best I can do right now.)

11. April 2007, 01:48:32
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
BIG BAD WOLF: Are you still going to use Abigaill's suggestion to have the move button stay "fixed" at the top, even when you do scroll? (I use yours all the time now, and love it! I will try out the 2nd one now, since I do use the left column, and would prefer the move button moved to the right some..)

11. April 2007, 03:08:12 
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
Modified by (11. April 2007, 03:08:42)
rod03801: Oh yea... I forgot all about that "fixed" submit button.

I have done that to both of mine - so now when you scroll the page, it stays on the same part of the screen - VERY cool! (Thanks Abigaill!)


No Fonts:

11. April 2007, 19:11:56
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
BIG BAD WOLF: If I understand correctly to do this you have to have a place to host your css version. Do you know of anywhere this could be done for free just to give it a try?

12. April 2007, 00:57:48
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
volant: Not necessarely. Most browsers will happely use a 'file:' URL, meaning you could store the CSS file locally. For instance: file:///home/abigail/Styles/bk.css

12. April 2007, 04:23:31
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
AbigailII: thank you.

13. April 2007, 13:02:38
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
BIG BAD WOLF: I have been using yours for a couple of days now on and off. I must say its great, well done to you
I guess you still have a bit of tweaking to do, but i love the Move button at the top & it never moves if you scroll down which is well cool lol

11. April 2007, 04:21:02 
Subject: Re: My 2 .css files
rod03801: What is really cool is I just have 4 Ludo games in a row where I did not have a move - and took me about 4 seconds total to hit submit 4 times (once for each game) without having to move the mouse - or scroll down the page and search for th submit button before hitting submit.

Having the submit button near the top is GREAT

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