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 Dice Poker

Dice poker

- single game - max. 340 points - Dice Poker (BOROWITZ vs. Labbeda) - 306 (BOROWITZ)
- combined game - max. 680 points - Dice Poker (Holyman vs. A663) - 563 - (A663, Holyman)

Triple dice poker
- single game - max. 2145 points - Triple Dice Poker (Oceans Apart vs. overlander) - 1840 (overlander)
- combined game - max. 4290 points - Triple Dice Poker (crayzeejim vs. Bobes) - 3554 (Bobes, crayzeejim)

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25. October 2008, 01:54:00
Subject: Re: Best from 6D


25. October 2008, 01:52:17
Subject: Re: Best from 6D

15. October 2008, 10:33:16
Subject: Best from 6D
DP 6D - single game - max 579 points - Dice Poker 6D (balvan99 vs. aaru) - 421 (aaru)
TDP 6D - single game - max 3474 points - Triple Dice Poker 6D (aaru vs. Ehja) - 2674 (Mal 4 Inara)

Pls show me better results.

24. September 2008, 06:04:17
Subject: new top triple dice?
Triple Dice Poker (overlander vs. picaso)

1850 (but only three yahtzees this time..)

15. September 2008, 23:05:41
Subject: Re: highest score
diogenysos: Actually, the game you mention is the same game. Oceans Apart changed her screen name to Adaptable Ali

15. September 2008, 22:29:35
Subject: highest score
the link on the game of oceans apart against overlander leads to a diofferent game... ,-(

anyway, i just posted a feature request on displaying the high scores of point-orientated games somewhere in the statistics... ;-)

23. March 2008, 12:47:43
Subject: 6D
No idea if this is a record, but it is a pretty good score:
452 points (

Especially surprised, since my luck is always... the opposite of this score!

28. February 2008, 03:19:39
Subject: Brain war
when will this game be released, sounds like fun.

5. February 2008, 10:51:33
Subject: 4+2
In the 6D variants, I'm missing a box for a 4+2 combination (which IMO, should replace Full House (3+2), as Full House seems to easy with 6 die).

1. February 2008, 16:15:17
Subject: Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains!
Modified by rod03801 (3. February 2008, 20:41:35)

It's time to sign up for Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains! !!

Poker should involve gambling shouldn't it!? So, put up 50 brains and take a chance.

It will be 2 sections of 5 people each. Each player will have 2 games against the players of his/her section. The winners of each section will go to Round 2.

First place will receive 300 brains, and 2nd place will receive their 50 brains back.

Brains can be purchased on the "Brains" page. It's only 7 Euro for 150 Brains! Win enough, and you could buy a membership with Brains, instead of cash!

2 days per move, fixed weekends only. (No vacation days)

It will start as soon as 10 people have signed up.

1. February 2008, 16:05:04 
Subject: Re: 6d
rod03801: Unless he changed it, the "rules" should be these:


1’s (sum of all 1’s)
2’s (sum of all 2’s)
3’s (sum of all 3’s)
4’s (sum of all 4’s)
5’s (sum of all 5’s)
6’s (sum of all 6’s)

Bonus of 50 points if total in 1 column is 84 or over (4 in each row)

4 of a kind – have 4 of the same dice, sum of ALL dice
5 of a kind – have 5 of the same dice, sum of ALL dice

Full House (2+3) – have 2 of one, plus 3 of another (2-2-5-5-5-x) = 25 points
Full Car (2+2+2) – have 2 of 3 different values (1-1-3-3-6-6) = 40 Points
Full Hotel (3+3) – have 3 of one, plus 3 of another (1-1-1-4-4-4) = 50 points

Large Straight – have 5 dice in order (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6) = 45 Points
Full Straight – have 6 dice in order (1-2-3-4-5-6) = 60 points

6 of a kind – have all 6 of the same dice – 75 points

Chance – sum of ALL dice

1. February 2008, 15:57:10
Subject: Re: 6d
rod03801: Ahh, I found one of my answers by hovering over the bonus box, and I see that it takes 84 points to get the bonus now. That's good. Is the bonus still 35 though?

1. February 2008, 15:44:17
Subject: 6d
I assume on Triple Dice 6D, the upper bonus level has changed? (possibly the amount of the bonus too?) I haven't seen any rules yet. Of course, I haven't looked this morning yet, lol.

1. February 2008, 10:23:29
Subject: Triple dice poker 6d
what a great game this is
you now have something to think about and its alot more tactical than the others

1. January 2008, 06:15:47
I was looking through my completed games to figure out what my highest score is and I found this game with a 157 point difference between my opponent and me. It makes me wonder what is the lowest score someone has received. (As long as they weren't trying to do badly on purpose of course.)

Dice Poker (janajana vs. nivabef)

30. December 2007, 15:38:25
Subject: Re: Nice. I updated heading.

29. December 2007, 20:30:06 
Modified by (29. December 2007, 20:36:06)
I knew I should have looked at more before I posted before:

298: Dice Poker (bouncer vs.

556 (combined 2 players): Dice Poker ( vs. oldhamgirl)

For triple:

I don't have anything to beat the single - but my best "combined" game of both players score is 3371: Triple Dice Poker ( vs. Somelaughs2)

29. December 2007, 20:23:59 
Well I just started looking through my past games (so I might find more), but here is a 288 of mine:

Dice Poker ( vs. Dalmatiner)

And another interesting stat - highest combined score of both players: 526 in this game: Dice Poker (danheg vs.

29. December 2007, 18:01:37
I wrote in heading of this board: maximum number of points that can be get in Dice poker and Triple dice poker and maximum reached points on Brainking. Does anyone got more points? I was searching just a little bit ;)

7. December 2007, 02:15:36
Subject: any team need a player?
I'd like to play in the upcoming Triple Dice Poker team tournament, but my team appears to be absolutely dead. Can any team out there use a player for the upcoming team tournament?

3. October 2007, 02:13:39
Subject: error on page
won't let me play and time is running out

3. October 2007, 02:11:28
Subject: bad game
error on page play

24. September 2007, 19:40:37
Subject: Re: Best score?
overlander:  That's a great score.  When I played a lot of Y*htztee years ago, I was always happy to get 300 -- over 1800 in triple is at least as good as averaging over 300 in 3 games (better, since the bonus isn't doubled or tripled!)

24. September 2007, 05:29:57
Subject: Re: Best score?
alanback: i'm curious aswell what the best total someones acheived? i got 1840 w/6 yahtzees but havent played many games .

whose got and what is the record?

21. August 2007, 20:27:56
Subject: team tourns.
Modified by ellieoop (21. August 2007, 20:29:09)
the webtv fs needs 3 more dice poker players to be able to join fencer's team tourns. you don't need to have webtv, it would be to help us out, there's quite a few of us there that have pcs now. of course you can leave after the tourn.
thx. ellie

16. August 2007, 18:15:21
Subject: Yahzee record
i scored 5 yahzee's in this game
Triple Dice Poker (LdyBlueEyes vs. "Snoopy")

can anyone beat that

23. May 2007, 23:53:07
Subject: Solitare
Has anyone suggested a solitare version of Dice Poker?

23. May 2007, 23:50:47
Subject: Best score?
I just finished a game with a score of 1800 -- seems to me that's a pretty good score, though I didn't feel I was burning down the home stretch.  What's your best score?

1. April 2007, 01:55:25
Herlock Sholmes 
Subject: Re: Triple Dice Poker variant?
doubling cube would solve all the problems with Dice Poker ... but nobody wants to listen ...

31. March 2007, 22:31:38
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Triple Dice Poker variant?
BIG BAD WOLF: Yes! Bankroll Dice Poker will extend the game's strategy even further. Also how about another DP variant that adds the bonus rule to the simple (13 turn) chart? The game's strategy will change also cause 35 points is pretty much in normal DP and you can't just put a bad result on the threes anymore, e.g.

29. March 2007, 07:32:25
Subject: Re: Triple Dice Poker variant?
BIG BAD WOLF: That is what I mean! You need to allow yourself the chance to win, without allowing your opponent the chance to force you into being up by a 100 point margin... Does that make sense? There is a lot more strategy in this version than the current TPD... It would make for a very interesting game, I bet you would actually like it because it would require tons more stategy than the current game...

Anyone interested in trying an unrated TPD game with those rules? (The one additional rule is you lose if up by 100 or more points at any point in the game)


28. March 2007, 23:35:39 
Subject: Re: Triple Dice Poker variant?
rednaz23: I think it would be very simple to put 0 for every catergory except for Chance - so I would think most of the time it would not be to much fun.

Some variants I would like to see:

1. 6 dice version - with some different categories and such (both single & triple)

2. Bankroll Dice Poker - You start the game out with a bankroll of 26 rolls (78 for triple version). So you can use more then the normal 2 extra rolls for each round if you need to - but will run out by the end of the game - or use 0 or 1 roll to have extra rolls later on in the game. So if you REALLY need 5 in a row to catch up and have plenty of rolls left, you can roll extra times to try to get it. (I'm debating if it should be 26/78 - or add an extra 5 rolls to each to make the starting bankroll of 31/83 rolls for each game.)

28. March 2007, 22:08:36
Subject: Triple Dice Poker variant?
Modified by rednaz23 (28. March 2007, 22:11:00)
I am curious to see if we could have a variant where at any point during the game you go up by 100 points you automatically lose. I think it would be cool to see, because it would cause some strategy to be added to a game that is mostly luck.

The goal if neither player was ever up by 100, would still be to win the game by having more points. I think it sounds very interesting!

Any thoughts?

4. March 2007, 05:08:19
Subject: Re: Check boxes
It is working fine for me, both the single and triple variants

4. March 2007, 05:08:00
Subject: Re: Check boxes
alanback: No, they are all there in my games.

26. February 2007, 22:00:15
Herlock Sholmes 
Subject: Fencer, do something, please
I think people won't stop complaining about crippled Dice Poker ... game of Yahtze is so popular that stepping down to Dice Poker is felt like punishment ... but for what ? I've seen many yahtzee-like games having built in bonus.
The only difference was the name of the game.
Fencer, I know you said NO to any changes, but
I am sure this particular case of game asks for
some kind of compromise ... please think it over again.

26. February 2007, 21:44:12
Subject: Re:
alanback: Youre right because it actually is a true full house, 2 of a kind and 3 of a kind.. just the same kind!

26. February 2007, 21:15:57
Subject: Re:
janajana:  Yes, even without the "second Yahtzee wild" rule, there's a case to be made that 5 of a kind should qualify as a full house.

26. February 2007, 20:47:14
i sort of hoped i could use it for full house too, but no:/ talk about bad luck

26. February 2007, 13:33:53
Subject: Re: Double Yahtzee
Hrqls: Or for a small or large straight which is what he was asking about.
I guess I didnt explain it right in my post!~

26. February 2007, 09:54:20
Subject: Re: Double Yahtzee
MagicDragon: a second yahtzee cant be put anywhere else than in its regular places .. 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind, chance, and any of the top half (where it will only give points on 1 of them (the one with which the yahtzee is made :))

we dont have the rule that you describe .. we gain an extra 100 points for an extra yahtzee and then have to enter the extra yahtzee somewhere in the normal way as i described above ..

on brainking we dont get the 100 bonus points though :)

(btw you cant use a yahtzee for a fullhouse)

25. February 2007, 14:37:28
Subject: Re: Double Yahtzee
Modified by Rose (25. February 2007, 14:57:54)
MagicDragon: A second 5 of a kind can go in 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind spot or up top if the slot is open ( ie you get 5- 5's and u need 5's put it in there)

25. February 2007, 14:08:55
Subject: Double Yahtzee
I'm wondering if you already have a Yahtzee & then you get another 1, & let's say, you have a Large Straight still open, can you put that roll (Yahtzee) in it & still get credited for the 40 pts for the Large like in the regular version of Yahtzee? Thanks!

25. February 2007, 07:16:02

19. February 2007, 20:11:55
Subject: Re: Bonus
But why aren't the bonuses doubled or tripled?

19. February 2007, 20:10:42
Subject: Bonus
    Whups, now I see that Triple Dice Poker does have a bonus ... how confusing is that!

15. February 2007, 00:51:22
Subject: Re: Bonus`
alanback: Yeah, that is the only flaw, in my opinion. To me, a major part of the game is missing without the bonus. That's why I'll probably mostly play the Triple version.

Hey, all.. does the Triple Yahtzee game that you can buy have different colors on the dots of the dice? Or was that yet another variation? For some reason I thought I remembered green, black, and red dots...

14. February 2007, 23:48:10
Subject: Bonus`
Dang, I didn't notice there wasn't a bonus.  Boo!

12. February 2007, 03:04:17
Subject: Triple Dice Poker for Brains #1
Modified by rod03801 (12. February 2007, 03:43:35)

The Dice Poker for Brains #1 started tonight.

So, now it's time to sign up for Triple Dice Poker For Brains #1 !!

Poker should involve gambling shouldn't it!? So, put up 50 brains and take a chance.

It will be 2 sections of 5 people each. Each player will have 2 games against the players of his/her section. The winners of each section will go to Round 2.

First place will receive 300 brains, and 2nd place will receive their 50 brains back.

Brains can be purchased on the "Brains" page. It's only 6 Euro for 150 Brains! Win enough, and you could buy a membership with Brains, instead of cash!

2 days per move, fixed weekends only. (No vacation days)

It will start as soon as 10 people have signed up.

**edited to take out long lines**
**edited to fix a link!**

11. February 2007, 03:58:02
A Game of Luck? - March 2007

Ludo, Dice Chess, Dice Poker, and Triple Dice Poker!

3 days standard vacation

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