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20. November 2006, 11:34:29
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
Groeneveld: It is the same game, BUT it is black to play. Black can not go so the game ends. I did put forward the idea that it should be a pass, the white could play and win. Passing seems to be in all Gammon games & Ludo etc... but not in Ataxx or Assimilation. Seems odd to me. If they were going to allow draws in the game, surely the board would have an even number of squares.

28. October 2006, 23:51:57
Subject: Re:
joshi tm: Random obstacles would be great, i have seen that version somewhere else on the web....hmmm, cant think where now
I think we should have them in L of A & Scrambled variations.

6. October 2006, 21:43:28
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
joshi tm: lol, i know what a draw is, but also i feel that there could be a pass and white could play again. If you look at rule for Ataxx on other sites this is what happens, but there are sites where the rules are the same as here.

6. October 2006, 16:47:00
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
BIG BAD WOLF: I can see both sides of it. I just think its odd where when posted that, i still had about 12 spaces to fill and my opponent could NOT get anywhere near(at least 2 of my pieces between him and empty spaces). He still had about 7 places left, which if i wanted to i could jump to, but whats the point, the game was won, is all that was happening is we were wasting time just filling the board up. why would i jump threatening my own position when the game was in theory & practice over.
Oh well, funny rules that can just waste time i guess.

6. October 2006, 12:27:07
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
Modified by MadMonkey (6. October 2006, 12:27:43)
joshi tm: So why carry on playing it ? In essense my opponent is just passing (playing a pointless move) until i win. If that was used in the game discussed below, the game would not have been a draw.

6. October 2006, 11:24:19
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
joshi tm: AGRRED !!! but white can not win unless i decide to let them.

6. October 2006, 11:20:53
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
Modified by MadMonkey (6. October 2006, 11:23:08)
MadMonkey: carrying on from that what happened when a game is over or not, is this game over me Vs. varkala ???

I would say yes, as there is no way i am going to move a piece away from the front line, so game is over.

29. September 2006, 13:12:50
I like both versions, just not very good at them lol, if anyone fancies a game or two feel free to invite me

29. September 2006, 13:11:25
Subject: Re: Hey first proper draw?
Modified by MadMonkey (29. September 2006, 13:14:11)
furbster: I joined in the discussion on that last night in Tounaments. I think something needs clarifying in the Rules to be honest.
The question is, Is it game over ? or should there be a pass ?
The Rules state, that a player can not make any legal move.
Now, it is the end of the game anyway, BUT you could still move and win so it would not of been a draw. If this had happened half way through the game (i.e. your opponent can not move) in theory this should be a pass, as such, because on your next move you could easily free a space by moving one of your pieces should you wish to do so.

25. September 2006, 16:51:24
Subject: Re: ataxx rules
pedrored: I can see no reason why we can not have a version (maybe called Knight ataxx) where we can use the knight move. Who wants to suggest it on the Feature Request board ?

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