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27. April 2004, 02:16:13
Subject: best BKR and positions
does anyone know when best BKR and positions will come back on?

27. April 2004, 01:59:58
Murakami was at the time the best human player in the world, who won the world title that year, though he didn't have it all his own way and almost fell to the sucker punch of Garry Edmead.

27. April 2004, 01:53:59
LongJohn GZ 
I wonder how it would fair against Chessmaster1000?

27. April 2004, 01:52:22
I decided to rename myself after my favourite othello program. I am a fan of it because I just love the way it humiliated Takeshi Murakami in 1996.

27. April 2004, 01:42:32
Nope not me Arnie, not good enough yet ;o)
But your bkr was also falsified due to a lot of time outs recently and now building back up, too quickly may I add LOL

27. April 2004, 01:40:46
nah, just stupid LOL

27. April 2004, 01:40:28
I am not sure that my rating here is a true reflection of my ability - since the Worlds I have been off form. However I have had to catch some very early trains to take part and I generally cannot sleep on them. Anyone brits going to Cambridge this Saturday?

27. April 2004, 01:39:59
LongJohn GZ 
does this make me look like a proggy user??????
(typed with wzebra as userid)

27. April 2004, 01:35:22
Holden comadore, reversi board, keep on topic mmmmmmm 5 forward and 1 Reversi gear LMAO

27. April 2004, 01:32:42
LongJohn GZ 
ok, I just picked myself up off the floor, re-read it and it is true, Steve and I agree on something that is not just the Holden Commodore LOL

27. April 2004, 01:31:04
They probably wouldnt aqllow a programme to be used in a tourny, so I think its obvious to anyone that its cheating, I agree with LJ

make a note in the diary of that LOL

27. April 2004, 01:29:06
LongJohn, not necessarily. For some people its standard practice to use programmes. Its the way he readily admitted it that makes me wonder if he really does know that its bad form to use them. If nobody tells him he may not know.
I agree about the ratings though, if they're gained by using a programme, they're not true ratings of his ability.

27. April 2004, 01:26:17
yup, agreed

27. April 2004, 01:24:00
should still have bkr reset even then, because its a false one that he has

27. April 2004, 01:23:43
no Harl no one has but it is a really good idea. I have a note in to fencer and see what he says in the morning.

27. April 2004, 01:23:26
LongJohn GZ 
yeah right Harley, cmon, everyone knows it is cheating.

Maybe now that he has been uncovered he wont play anymore games like Blaikner when she was uncovered. She still comes on here, but never plays LOL

27. April 2004, 01:21:44
Has anyone explained to him that is isn't right to use a programme? Maybe he thinks lots of people use them and its ok.

27. April 2004, 01:20:40
I think he needs removing from the ratings for reversi

27. April 2004, 01:19:38
Pretty sad when the person admits it as if its perfectly alright to play using a program. That's just really sad!

27. April 2004, 01:18:14
LongJohn GZ 
figures, if he names himself after a chess program LOL
I ran into him on IYT and yes, I was sure he was using a program

27. April 2004, 01:15:04
Subject: Unfortunately a cheat uncovered
I have proof (confession by himself) now, he is using programme to play reversi 8x8 on here, so I would suggest you do not play chessmaster1000 at rev 8x8 he is cheating

25. April 2004, 23:18:50
See other reversi board for notice of ladders :o) will include anti, if enough interest

24. April 2004, 20:13:51
I don't like 8x8 much.. sorry

24. April 2004, 20:12:32
Rose has joined the reversi ladder but we need more to join, must be more than 3 8x8 players on this site LOL

24. April 2004, 20:09:39
well thank you, aragon, too!

24. April 2004, 19:26:57
Thanks :o)
Aragon has done alot too Rod :o)

24. April 2004, 18:32:50
okey dokey..
you can count me in.

Not a whole lot of anti players around here though..

It's awesome how much work you put in to this stuff Steve. Being the game addict that I am too, I appreciate it!

24. April 2004, 09:52:07
Subject: anti
OK Rod, that would suit me fine too :o)Ive already set up the reversi one for now, so will set up anti over the weekend sometime :o)

24. April 2004, 01:47:32
sure.. if there's anti!

23. April 2004, 20:48:41
Subject: ladder
I know hardly anyone showed interest in a ladder when i mentioned a manual 1 before, but...
....We have got a half auto/ half manual ladder set up for 8x8 on another site, which we will use Brainking for the games for.

If anyone is interested, contact me :o)


18. April 2004, 19:01:15
Subject: Re: Happy end III/Icare
I think its a good programme even if it is a bit confusing with its layout etc.

But yes LJ, similar to use as Zebra.

The skill test is 50 games which are half way through, you have 20 seconds to decide where to move. The programme decides how many discs yo uwould lose going by the single move on each game, and any that you take too long it also deducts 15 or 20 discs I think.

I didnt do too well on my first and only try while getting used the programme layout and lost 162 discs LOL

But hope to improve now I can use it better ;oÞ

There are also 6000 or more random partly played games for you to finish and get ranked by your finishing. So as Arnie says, it should help endgames.

17. April 2004, 20:29:28
Subject: Happy end III/Icare
It appears to be designed as a way of improving one's endgame - never used it myself though I have used a similar program called Icare. Google search icare othello should find a copy.

17. April 2004, 19:53:02
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Re: Happy end III
is it a proggy like zebra or a software skills test?
ie do you play it in games to test your skills?

17. April 2004, 19:50:47
Subject: Happy end III
Ha sanyone else downloaded the happy end III programme from the Othello site on Arnie's profile?
Its a great bit of software and the skill test is worth doing :o)

17. March 2004, 16:46:37
Deleted it as I posted a more accurate private reply to Rose (which contained a snail mail address). For the benefit of anyone else OB&B is published by the US Othello Association - contact them. British players on this site can join the British Othello Federation (how macbann got his copy) which includes the book free with first year's membership.

17. March 2004, 16:36:14
Makes my post look outta place now!

17. March 2004, 16:35:50
dunno, he musta deleted it. I didnt remove it

17. March 2004, 16:25:55
What happened to Arnies post?????

17. March 2004, 16:22:52
Not a very up to date site (OTHELLO QUARTERLY © 2002) as well as no contact info on the site at all

17. March 2004, 15:36:52
Subject: Help books
macbann mentioned a book called "OTHELLO:BRIEF & BASIC" as a good self help book. Prob is I cant find it online anywhere to buy. Any one know where to get this book or perhaps another book that is simple to understand, not full of notation that is hard to figure out?

7. March 2004, 22:49:22
But Fencer, my comment was about Reversi and its players :o(

7. March 2004, 16:56:35
Stop this off-topic discussion. Now. Please. Everybody. Thanks.

7. March 2004, 10:23:48
Sorry I missed the convo, I have to say this to Longjohn..
I guess now Arnie has lost games (even though he wins near enough all he plays), does that mean you will not be accusing Arnie of cheating? Like you did another good player

7. March 2004, 06:13:29

6. March 2004, 20:17:51
K guys this is just going to keep going on an on.. you've both made your points.. Lets stick to Reversi or take it in private now ok? thanks!

6. March 2004, 19:54:17
And another thing - why are you discussing matters related to two backgammon games (and therefore unrelated to this board) here.

6. March 2004, 19:38:53
Subject: Re:
As you are choosing to publicly attack anyone without getting the facts first, you should expect the same person to also defend themselves just as publicly. You taking a vacation for many weeks and then accuse me of stalling is blatant hypocrisy.

6. March 2004, 19:34:52
I'm surprised you are offended John in thinking Arnie is attacking you considering how often you attacked him on this very board not so long ago! Shoe doesnt fit so well on the other foot?

6. March 2004, 19:17:26
<Thanks Rose. This time away was unpredicted and under normal circumstances I could have easily handled this number of games. LongJohn, if you have bothered to check things, you will have found out that recently I have been playing much more quickly

>Please do not join if you are a notorious staller, you will be removed.

Your vacations:
22. March 2004, 23. March 2004, 24. March 2004, 25. March 2004, 26. March 2004, 29. March 2004, 30. March 2004, 31. March 2004, 1. April 2004, 2. April 2004, 5. April 2004, 6. April 2004, 7. April 2004, 8. April 2004, 9. April 2004, 12. April 2004, 13. April 2004, 14. April 2004, 15. April 2004, 16. April 2004, 19. April 2004, 20. April 2004, 22. April 2004, 23. April 2004, 26. April 2004, 27. April 2004, 28. April 2004, 29. April 2004, 30. April 2004

Now just who is a notorious staller?

6. March 2004, 19:11:23
Arnie this is only a game site and of course life comes first.. Don't worry about what other folks say. No one can predict life. Your rating will soar again soon I am sure!

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