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30. December 2003, 23:53:43
Subject: Re:
often loading the boards incomplete for the last 2 weeks, have to "renew" often. For the rest BK is not very slow at the moment

30. December 2003, 19:16:53
Hey Scarlet Rose!

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

30. December 2003, 19:07:49
Subject: Happy New Year Peeps!
I will catch you all again.. after the 6th of Jan.. I am in the midst of moving.. so just popping on for short breaks every now and again..

be safe this holiday!

30. December 2003, 19:00:43
LongJohn GZ 
oh so true.
Especially with Microsoft products LOL

30. December 2003, 18:51:03
nothing wasted in a good reboot! cant hurt to clean out the proverbial cobwebs!

30. December 2003, 18:40:42
LongJohn GZ 
so I wasted that reboot for nothing LOL

30. December 2003, 18:37:06
Subject: Re:
Slow on my webtv

30. December 2003, 18:36:55
I thought it was just my PC Long John, keeps going slow then normal again.

30. December 2003, 18:36:53
I am finding it slow too

I tried spreading it out with spaces, but it wouldnt let me :o(

30. December 2003, 18:36:40
LongJohn GZ 
must be my connection then, thanks

Reboot time

30. December 2003, 18:36:12
Subject: Re:

30. December 2003, 18:34:27
LongJohn GZ 
Does anyone else find BK really slow at the moment or is it just me?

29. December 2003, 19:39:54
Ok..thanks Fencer, seems we were typing at the same time :)

29. December 2003, 19:38:33
I dont care about BKR..its not relevant anyway since its so easy to cheat. My concern is if Fencer will allow multiple IDs from the same computer now when this "KM crap" fills the DBs.

29. December 2003, 19:37:40
Andersp: Nobody who is honest should be afraid of anything. There is no problem with more people sharing the same computer. I am preparing a new cheater-hunting system and some changes to the current User Agreement and until it is officially announced, no actions will be taken [except deleting certain users who regually fill my message box with obscene threats].

29. December 2003, 19:34:24
What if BKR was only counted in tournament play? Or if BKR could be turned off for people with the same IP address?

29. December 2003, 19:15:45
Subject: Backoff
thanks for the clarification in english! Lol..
think thats sort of what i was saying??

29. December 2003, 18:59:27
In english that means it's very possbile for 2 people to have the same IP on a cable modem.

29. December 2003, 18:58:46
If you are on a cable modem, sometimes (depends the company) everyone on the LAN side of the switch will have the same gatway IP and diffent LAN ip's depending if they use the MAC address of the cable modem has a log in or not.

29. December 2003, 18:46:49
i would think like some other site that if there is a membrship bought by one themn the other should be allowed to play without any problem.. i have my daughter who is also a member, and mainly uses our computer.. sometimes the ones at school too..
I have also had the problem at one site where a frind of mine was using one computer at their house, i was using mine here.. yet we could not get into the same room together to play.. it was saying it was the same IP address.. yet no matter how many times we wrote.. it just wouldnt let us play together.. we have worked out it was to do with our isp and the way we connect !!! so if that happens here there are a lot of us who wont be able to play together.. or something?? as i have NTL broadband as do quite a few others i know too!!!

29. December 2003, 18:06:01
My question was about the future, i know its possible now. But to renew a membership and then "sorry only one of you can play" wouldnt be so fun.

29. December 2003, 18:04:02
Me & Katt use the same puter too.
Tho we are frequently accused of being the same person.

29. December 2003, 17:59:11
not me :)

29. December 2003, 17:58:00
didnt you allready ask that?

29. December 2003, 17:57:01
Subject: Multiple IDs
Fencer: Guess you are aware of the "KM crap" with multiple IDs, "broken hearts in cyber love" and so on.
Question: Now when you see how multiple IDs have been misused, do you have any plans to stop those multiple Ids?
In that case, would it stop me and my wife to play from the same computer?

29. December 2003, 00:44:12
Thanks for doing the link again, Rose! And don't forget, Bumble is the next interviewee! Send me questions for him!

29. December 2003, 00:36:46
great interview harley...and thank you Liquid,for a solid appearance! LOL:)

28. December 2003, 23:51:51
Back Soon 
I just scrolled down....the link is still on this page :o)

28. December 2003, 23:50:16
if you go to you can see all interviews

28. December 2003, 23:49:32
Radiant2008 :-) 
Subject: Interview with Liquid
Seems I missed the link.. can you repost it again, harley? Thanks!!!! :-)

28. December 2003, 23:38:34
Back Soon 
Great interview with Liquid!!! :o) Thank you :o)

28. December 2003, 21:42:00

28. December 2003, 21:28:53
Subject: Re:
Same here, I have to wait till I collect up money for my membership right behind my wifes back. LOL

28. December 2003, 03:50:29
Subject: Fencer
thank you so much......"""There were hidden messages. Since the messages were rude and obscene [and not for the first time], I've deleted the user""".......
I didnt think it was me :)....that might make a few toe the line :)

28. December 2003, 03:45:48
LongJohn GZ 
I havent done it yet, I am waiting to get some time when my wife doesnt see me use the CreditCard LOL

28. December 2003, 03:45:06
Subject: Re: Membership
next time Fencer is online, it's the middle of the night there right now.

28. December 2003, 03:41:12
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Re: Membership

28. December 2003, 03:40:37
Subject: Re: Membership
My upgrade happened within 24 hours

28. December 2003, 03:39:03
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Membership
Just curious, how long does it take to become a Rook on this site after you do the Credit Card thing and pay your membership?

28. December 2003, 02:57:30
Subject: Screen Layout
I think a poll is not necessary, because Fencer can look up in database how many players use which setting and just tell us the results :)

28. December 2003, 01:38:38
Linda J 
I liked the Bull dog err...brain LOL

28. December 2003, 01:35:33
LongJohn GZ 
I only just found out you can get rid of that pesky brain image on your screen.
Phew what a relief LOL

28. December 2003, 01:32:34
Linda J 
Subject: Re: Screen Layout Options
I have Webtv column layout doesn't work well.It's row layout for me and because of glare grey background and I still need glasses to read when I get off.

28. December 2003, 01:23:43
Subject: Re: Screen Layout Options
it's possible, there is a poll board that hasen't been used in months

28. December 2003, 01:07:59
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Re: Screen Layout Options
FYI I forgot to mention, my preference in Column Layout and Grey background

28. December 2003, 01:07:19
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Screen Layout Options
I am just curious, what options do people prefer in terms of Column vs Row and also Grey vs White background.

Is it possible for someone to create a survey for this? Fencer?

27. December 2003, 23:41:03
Subject: Re: Sex change...
That's happened several times to me also.

27. December 2003, 23:36:13
LongJohn GZ 
Subject: Online Snapshot
I just did a quick snapshot comparison as of right now for online players on BK vs Pocket-Monkey

BK wins 112 vs 18

Kapow Knockout !!!!

27. December 2003, 18:32:43
Sorry, dont read fellowship board.

27. December 2003, 18:28:26
That discussion is going on at the fellowship discussion board, sLaM - but the idea of limits is about how many you run, not how many you belong to.

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