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 Japanese Chess

Shogi - Japanese Chess

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12. August 2005, 11:31:25
Emne: Shogi Resources
Tilpasset af Spirou (4. Februar 2006, 22:12:01)
Learning Shogi: Openings and Tips.
Shogi in the Wikipedias
English, French and German.
Games, games, games:
A list of recorded matches. Click any of the Java links to see the board and walk through the moves of the game.
Shogi Rules.
A Shogi Directory and a Shogi Portal.
Shogi proverbs and more proverbs.
TKR101010's Shogi Page.
A new, very strong Shogi program is Bonanza.
The board has more messages about this program.


12. August 2005, 13:05:07
Emne: Shogi
Tilpasset af Spirou (25. December 2005, 00:43:03)
Fencer, I am quite sure the Bishop and Rook for the player who plays in second are to be inversed. To be clearer, the Bishop should start at b8 and the Rook at b2.

12. August 2005, 13:09:06
Emne: Re: Shogi
Spirou: A bishop is always on the left side (from each player's perspective).

12. August 2005, 13:13:06
Emne: Re: Shogi
Fencer: Correct! But actually the Bishop is on the right hand for the player in second ;-)

12. August 2005, 13:20:02
Emne: Re: Shogi
Spirou: That's better.

12. August 2005, 13:35:12
Emne: Re: Shogi
Fencer: Perfect! Thank you. Now I will ask again for new games.

I am hoping for asian characters soon that say not too later. I am sure accustomed Xiangqi and shogi players are waiting for that ;-).

Anyway, congratulations for the job already done :-)

12. August 2005, 21:21:50
Emne: shogi in de-wikipedia

I added the link to brainking :-)

12. August 2005, 22:07:26
Emne: Dropping a Gold at 6h
Tilpasset af Spirou (12. August 2005, 22:07:55)
Fencer: when I drop my Gold at 6h in our game, after I clicked "Move to main page" the PC displays a white screen excepting the titles from my browser.
I tried 4 or 5 times, allways the same result.
A little bug???

12. August 2005, 22:12:09
Emne: Re: Dropping a Gold at 6h
Spirou: I'll look at it.

12. August 2005, 22:35:41
All right, give me the checkmate now.

12. August 2005, 23:15:34
Emne: Thanks, Fencer
Thank you for implementing shogi and xiangqi!

I know that you are working out bugs for these new additions and recognize that this will have a significant claim on your attention.

Perhaps in the future the options for new game of shogi will include the possibility of a handicap to be set based on the differential in BKR?

The traditional handicap system in shogi has always appealed to me, since it has allowed a weak player like myself to have an enjoyable game with strong opponents over the table. I hope that you would agree that it could enhance the enjoyment of play on BrainKing, too.

Once again, thank you very much for including these games!

15. August 2005, 12:02:15
Fencer, Frolind, Marficka.....sorry I took on more than I could chew :(

but then you look good and I look bad so there isnt any worries L)

18. August 2005, 14:03:06
Emne: game rules
I think I've found two mistakes in the game rules, one little: "captured pieces could be returned to the board and player's own."
"and" should be "as" I think.
And the bigger one, but I'm not sure it's a mistake:
"A golden general moves one space horizontally, vertically or diagonally forward." I thought he can also move one space backward.

18. August 2005, 14:44:17
Emne: Re: game rules
Mirjam: 1) Can be fixed. 2) Backward is contained in "vertically" :-)

18. August 2005, 15:54:03
@Fencer: I see it now :) thanks!

19. August 2005, 07:01:47
Emne: A problem to play a move.
Tilpasset af Spirou (19. August 2005, 07:02:53)
Fencer: In my game with Nasmichael, I play G-3b, click move and play another person. After that the same game with Nasmichael comes again without my move G-3b as if I didn't had play.
I have repeated this operation 3 times, allways the same result.

19. August 2005, 08:07:58
Emne: Re: A problem to play a move.
The game is the : Game ID: 977044, Match ID: 33243.

19. August 2005, 09:09:03
Emne: Re: A problem to play a move.
Tilpasset af Spirou (19. August 2005, 09:13:41)
Fencer: I don't know what happened, now I can move and it is done.

19. August 2005, 09:38:48
Emne: Re: A problem to play a move.
Spirou: I know what happened but you don't want to know it.

19. August 2005, 10:05:44
Emne: Re: A problem to play a move.

19. August 2005, 20:00:20
Does anyone know a site where the "Shogi basics" are explained?

19. August 2005, 20:43:12
Thanks! I recognise the portal from some earlier google searches... but links to shogi seem to lead to broken pages, pages in japanese or too difficult pages.

If I find anything useful I'll post it, but I have not much hope.

19. August 2005, 20:53:07
Emne: Re:
Fwiffo: Is that kind of web sites you search for?:



Could that help.

19. August 2005, 21:31:23
Emne: Re:
Fwiffo: I wish to add: don't lost courage because the japanese signs on the pieces. After some games you will become very used. I know about what I say, because personaly I didn't found that so weird after +/- 10 games.
It is also the very sole mean to learn Shogi, all articles are with those characters and Shogi deserved that little training ;-).

19. August 2005, 23:24:02
Emne: Shogi Links
Hi Fwiffo :)
On one of my Yahoo pages I have some Shogi links listed that I've found useful. Check 'em out ...

20. August 2005, 04:08:30
Emne: Piece Values
<The piece values in descending order are as followings;
Rook > Bishop > Gold > Silver > Knight > Lance > Pawn
In general, seeking for material advantage is good in the middlegame.

20. August 2005, 10:58:13
<Spirou & TKR101010> Thank you both! I will look at the sites soon, and Spirou I'll try to learn the japanese signs. It's probably worth it!

takodori> this is a great help already.

20. August 2005, 16:57:41
Emne: Shogi Page
The main shogi Page
FESA - European Shogi Federation
If someone interesting links on Russian , I can send this information

22. August 2005, 03:13:10
Emne: Rules on Draw
I think the Rules on draw of this site should mention to "Sennichite" and "Jishogi" referring to the following page;

22. August 2005, 03:29:26
Emne: Colour
In shogi, the player who makes first move has been called "black"("sente" in Japanese) and the other player has been called "white"("gote" in Japanese) in English as far as I know. Is there any particular reason why this site reverse the colours of players?

22. August 2005, 03:58:45
Emne: Re: Colour
Tilpasset af Spirou (22. August 2005, 03:59:04)
takodori: My hypothesis: as the "sente" starts first, I presume, in order to not disturb the used chess players "sente" is named "white".

22. August 2005, 09:51:29
Emne: Re: Colour
takodori: This is the reason. But it will be changed in the future.

22. August 2005, 10:55:45
Emne: Re: Colour
Fencer: Thanks for giving me the reason and your intention that it will be changed in the future.

22. August 2005, 21:53:45
Try Settings / Shogi page.

23. August 2005, 01:35:34
Emne: Re:
Fencer: Great!! Now we can select westernized or Japanese pieces according to users' preference.

23. August 2005, 03:04:35
Emne: Hooray for kanji!
Thank you! :)

23. August 2005, 08:04:09
Emne: Re:
Fencer: Fine! Now one can invite asiatics players. Alas for me, I lost the email addresses from players at chessvariants. Some are very strong.

23. August 2005, 08:55:20
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af Spirou (23. August 2005, 09:00:32)
Fencer: Because the majority or at least many of the shogi web sites and books are using ... (I don't know the technical name) 'simplified' Japanese pieces, would you be so kind as to propose also this kind of pieces, please?
A clear and superb example is displayed in (you have to scroll down) : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sh%C3%B4gi so you can watch the signs I write for.
I hope I am not trying to abuse of your amiability but it could be, again, a real improvement.

23. August 2005, 09:04:46
Emne: Re:
Spirou: Do you mean just the Japanese characters without surrounding pentagonal shapes?

23. August 2005, 09:10:00
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af Spirou (23. August 2005, 16:59:35)
Fencer: Another example there:


The main thing are the signs characters. The pentagonal shapes are nice but secondary, because the orientation of the characters shows the owners.
The above example is exactly what I think about.

[Edited by playBunny to make the link work. it gives a list of recorded matches. Then click any of the Java links to see the board and play through the game.]

23. August 2005, 20:58:09

23. August 2005, 20:58:43
Emne: Shogi variants
Could somebody recommend a good Shogi variant which would be worth implementing?

23. August 2005, 21:03:38
Emne: Re: Shogi variants
Fencer: My favorite is Minishogi. I play it quite often with Zillions-of-Games.

23. August 2005, 21:11:41
Emne: Re: Shogi variants
Fencer: Anti-Shogi, Extinguish Shogi, ???-Relay Shogi, Atomic Shogi, Cylinder Shogi, ... <tt>;-)</tt>

23. August 2005, 21:31:21
Maybe Kyoto Shogi? It has some funny/remarkable changes from Shogi:
"In kyoto, there is no promotion: at the conclusion of every move the piece that moved must be reversed."
It is also played on 5x5, but with 2x5 pieces. Here is the site: http://www.drjochum.de/ (click on the link)
I haven't played it, I leave it to the expert Shogi players to judge :) but looks fun to me.

I found some larger Shogi Variants but to me they look to slow for a turn-based site.

23. August 2005, 21:32:31
What about Tai Shogi, anybody has a real experience with it?

23. August 2005, 21:40:40
Kyoto shogi is an excellent game, a weirder variant is renge shogi, a kind of 7x7 version of Kyoto shogi but all the captured pieces are available to both players except that a player can only checkmate with a drop if using a piece captured by him/herself. Tori shogi is an interesting 7x7 variant from the 18th century but requires different pieces. Using the normal board and pieces, annan shogi in which pieces take on the movements of any piece on the adjoining square behind them and kingyounofun shogi in which pieces drag adjoining pieces behind them, are both fun and interesting.
Fencer: if you want detailed rules for any of these please message me.

23. August 2005, 21:41:23
By tai shogi do you mean on a 25x25 board?

23. August 2005, 21:44:05
Emne: Re:
ughaibu: Yes, 25x25. Looks weird to me.

23. August 2005, 21:45:28
Okay, I clicked your link. There is a bigger variant taikyoku shogi on a 36x36 board. I dont know if anyone plays these. Chuu shogi on a 12x12 board is quite popular in Europe.

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