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3. September 2017, 02:48:15
does anybody know if FIREFOX has crashed or do I have a bloody VIRUS? thanks in advance :(

3. September 2017, 21:56:59
Emne: Re: Friefox.
Bernice: I don't use Firefox or Chrome due them being so unstable.

3. September 2017, 23:14:28
Emne: Re: Friefox.
crosseyed: Ive never had any problem with either of them until now :(....and I went to FIREFOX when our illustrious leader FENCER touted it many many moons ago....Never a problem. In with the Puter Doctor nfow :(,,,,more money down the drain LOL

3. September 2017, 23:25:35
Emne: Re: Friefox.
Bernice: I am sorry if it means you are having to pay to get the computer fixed. I think they always there was virus on the computer. I have spare computer and a laptop and tablets to fall back to if I have problems. I love my gadgets lol.

4. September 2017, 00:34:00
Emne: Re: Friefox.
Bernice: After typing my last message I have not been able to use Windows Edge so I had to use Explorer. This has happened before. Tomorrow when I sign it will be back to normal.

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