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Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs.

  • Stairs Rules
  • To find out what stairs you can currently challenge someone in, first go to the Main Stairs Page, then click on "Show your stairs only" link. The ones in BOLD are ones you can make a challenge in.

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    11. September 2012, 21:26:41
    Emne: Re: Question: while Retired, how can I see my position?
    Tilpasset af rod03801 (11. September 2012, 21:27:58)
    Aganju: It might work if you "unretire". And then simply "Re-retire", if you want.

    Of course you would have to stay unretired for 14 days. So that may not be the best option.

    20. Juli 2011, 00:43:57
    Emne: Re:
    Aganju: One of the people on your level of the stairs, is a Brain Pawn (non paying member). He/she is at their 20 game limit.

    Your best option would be to recruit people to join you on that set of Stairs . Perhaps post on the GO discussion board and someone may join you. http://brainking.com/en/Board?bc=118

    9. Marts 2011, 20:32:11
    Emne: Re:improvement?
    computeropponen: Well, I don't make those sort of decisions here. So, my point was, why complain about "turn based" specifically, yet play anyway. If ANYthing, this site offers even MORE options as far as "time" goes, than many other turn based sites.
    And maybe it's a language difference thing, but it sounded like you were insulting those who DO play at turn based sites. "a good live game player is much better than a turnbased game player"
    If that is the case, then play at a live game site. Easy solution, to me. That's all I meant.

    9. Marts 2011, 00:25:10
    Emne: Re:
    computeropponen: Then why play at a turn based game site? It is clearly stated that this is what Brainking is.

    13. August 2007, 02:42:27
    Emne: Re:
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: I guess you have never been part of a turn based game site. That IS how things work. You have a time limit per move.

    You will find it is RARE to NOT have people take a few hours before they move.. In fact it not rare that it be days between moves. That is the nature of the turn based game site. It is for people who WANT that type of flexibility. You need to choose your time limits wisely, ALWAYS expecting that many of your opponents could take the entire time allotted to them.

    13. August 2007, 02:27:55
    Emne: Re:
    Tilpasset af rod03801 (13. August 2007, 02:30:19)
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: You only joined this site 3 or 4 hours ago! Patience!. This is a turn based game site, not LIVE games. You need to expect that people will possibly take the time alotted to them.

    And fakar10 is right, people CAN'T turn down Stairs challenges.

    And posts of this type are generally frowned upon on Brainking.

    4. Maj 2007, 02:51:39
    Emne: Re:
    Family Man: This is from the Stairs rules:

    9) If you want to take a break from the Stairs but you don't want to leave completely (as described in the previous point), you can use a Retirement:

    * When you set a Retirement, your Step position will be hidden for other players and they cannot challenge you.
    * You must finish your started games even if you set a Retirement and the wins/loses still count and change your Step position (although it is hidden).
    * You cannot end the Retirement until at least 7 days pass. After you finish the Retirement, you cannot start a new one within 14 days

    11. November 2006, 17:33:27
    Emne: Re:
    pauloaguia: I was talking about how people are saying things about being informed when there are challenges available, without having to go to that list and check.

    11. November 2006, 16:41:53
    Emne: Re:
    MadMonkey: I suggested a year ago or so, having a red number in parentheses next to the Stairs link, that would be clickable. This number would be the number of stairs you are in where you can make a challenge. When clicking on it, it would take you to your personal list of stairs. (The same page you get when clicking "Show me my Stairs Only"), where you would see those you can make a challenge in, in bold.
    Obviously, there will be occasions (relatively rare, I imagine) that you click on this number, and there may no longer be a challenge available. I guess that depends on how often that red number can be updated. I imagine pretty quickly, since the other red numbers are updated instantly.

    24. Oktober 2006, 01:33:57
    Emne: Re: What purpose is there in having draws?
    BIG BAD WOLF: MMMM.. true.. good point.

    It would be nice if there was at least a way to have the 2 games of the match, be played at the same time (like in tournaments) instead of one after the other.

    I do think a set of stairs using "Normal Game" (1 game matches) (fast, standard and slow) would be popular. Yes, you can get them in some fellowships, but they tend to have less people participating.

    Fencer did say he would think about it, the last time I asked him about the possibility. :-)

    22. Oktober 2006, 18:06:00
    Emne: Re: What purpose is there in having draws?
    playBunny: I agree completely. I have also been wanting an additional set of "Normal Game" stairs with a decent time limit. (The only set of stairs with "Normal Game" are "Very Fast Fischer Stairs", which for ME personally are too fast! And the Standard Stairs take too long, since the games are played one after the other, instead of at the same time. Plus with so many draws, there isn't enough movement in them.)

    5. Februar 2006, 18:10:02
    Emne: Re:
    rod03801: lol.. my little fantasy takes a whole new server, to become reality???!!!

    hmm... how much is a server? Can I find one at the mall? :-)

    5. Februar 2006, 12:18:21
    Your list under the Stairs link on the main menu is where you see the names that turn bold when you can challenge someone. (After clicking "show my stairs only")

    I would like to see a little red number beside that "Stairs" link in the menu, that tells you how many of your stairs you currently can challenge someone in. And when you click the red number it takes you directly to that list of your own stairs.
    That's my fantasy... Yes, I live a sad life.. LOL

    10. December 2005, 20:11:10
    Emne: Stairs available.
    One solution would be to put a red number in parentheses beside Stairs on the main menu, when there are stairs on your list available. Clicking the red number could take you directly to your personal list of stairs. The red number could disappear if it becomes unavailable.

    Just a thought..

    11. November 2005, 03:31:37
    Hmm... That's going to be alot of draws and non movement.. And with the 2 games being one after another instead of simultaneous, long periods of time between that non-movement..

    lol.. oh well.. I'm not going anywhere anyways, so I guess I'm not in any hurry anyhow! :-)

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