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An outlet for players whose creativity extends beyond the board. Post your original works here!

The posting of song lyrics is not the purpose of this board and as such please refrain from doing so. Exceptions can be made to this rule if you are the copyrighted owner of the lyrics and the lyrics are not found offensive by the majority of the population.
This board is a place to post your original works of poetry and prose and also a place for discussion of poetry and related areas.

We have received word from Fencer that other's poetry can be posted to this board. These are the two conditions:
1) When someone posts a known copyrighted poem, he must add the author's name as well
2) If the author is not known, the poem can be posted without problems

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18. September 2005, 06:45:10
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
Foxy Lady: :) got thank you

18. September 2005, 06:44:07
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
ArtfulDodger: You should have it.

18. September 2005, 06:41:46
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
Foxy Lady: cool, I'll add a pic to the poem....that will be nice ;)

18. September 2005, 06:41:00
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
ArtfulDodger: Awwwwwww you could print it out for your daughter.I'll send it to you.

18. September 2005, 06:37:15
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
Foxy Lady: I just reread it...I think I'll cry. I was thinking about this when I was with Camryn today. I think I'll send it to my daughter. She'll cry for sure.

18. September 2005, 06:33:05
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
ArtfulDodger: I have that poem/prayer in a frame and read it alot when i'm up most of the night.

18. September 2005, 06:33:02
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: Rose Of Red
ScarletRose: Very nice. I never was very good at writing poetry but if I get brave I'll post a few I wrote in HS. ;) But when it comes to Dr Suess kind of poetry (hehe) I'm the man. ;)

18. September 2005, 06:31:22
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Rose Of Red
ScarletRose: You wrote a few more didn't you?

18. September 2005, 06:29:57
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: I love this one.
Foxy Lady: I like that. It's nice :)

18. September 2005, 06:28:49
Emne: Rose Of Red
Back to the beauty of...
the Rose of Red...

Strip off those petals...
lay down their sweet scent...
upon the cool covers...
where I lay my body spent...

The silkiness surrounds me...
it tickles my skin...
a red cast has etched itself
the sheets of within...

The moon softly floats...
as it pauses in the sky...
through my curtain it illuminates..
a shadow of the rose and I...

Cathryn A Higgs

Copyright ©2005 Cathryn A Higgs

18. September 2005, 06:24:07
Foxy Lady 
Emne: I love this one.
A Mothers Prayer
Lord help me remember when I feel it's a chore
The time will come when I'll hold her no more
Asleep on my chest, the blanket refused
The crib, the pacifier, gone unused
For infants grow up and leave us behind
With only memories left to remind us
Of midnight walking and pre-dawn rocking
Of soft, helpless babies unable to sleep
So, Lord make me patient and keep me awake
As I cradle this baby, and don't let me take
For granted the moments I spend in the night
With this baby - Your gift
My joy - My delight.


18. September 2005, 06:20:23
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: Congrats
Foxy Lady: thanks lady :)

18. September 2005, 06:17:54
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Congrats
AD and Kipling for making Mod.

17. September 2005, 19:58:17
The Listener 
Emne: Enemy Conscript
In honor of Constitution Day...

What are we fighting for,
We fellows who go to war?
fighting for Freedom's sake!
(You give me the belly-ache.)
Freedom to starve or slave!
Freedom! aye, in the grave.
Fighting for "hearth and home"
Who haven't an inch of loam?
Hearth? Why even a byre
Can only be ours for hire.
Dying for future peace?
Killing that killing cease?
To hell with such tripe, I say.
"Sufficient unto the day."

It isn't much fun being dead
Better to lie in bed
Cuddle up to the wife
Making, not taking life
To the corpse that stinks in the clay
Does it matter who wins the day?
What odds if tyrants reign?
They can't put irons on the brain
One always can eat one's grub
Smoke and drink in a pub
There's happiness in a glass
A pipe and the kiss of a lass
It's the best we get anyhow
In the life we are living now

Who's wanting a hero's fate?
To the dead cheers come too late
Flesh is softer than steel;
Wounds are weary to heal
In the maniac hell of the fray
Who is there dares to say?
"Hate will be vanquished by Love;
God's in His Heaven above."

When those who govern us lead
The lads they command to bleed;
When rulers march at the head
And statesmen fall with the dead;
When Kings leap into the fray
Fight in the old-time way
Perish beside their men
Maybe, O maybe then
War will be part of the past
Peace will triumph at last

Meantime such lads as I
Who wouldn't have harmed a fly
Have got to get out and kill
Lads whom we bear no ill;
As simple as we, no doubt
Who seek what it's all about;
Who die in defence of - what?
Homes that they haven't got;
Who perish when all they ask
is to finish the daily task;
Make bread for the little ones
Not feed the greed of the guns
When fields of battle are red
And diplomats die in bed

          -- Robert Service

16. September 2005, 23:44:28
The Listener 
Emne: Re: Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman
Rainey: There's more where that come from ;)

16. September 2005, 23:39:06
Emne: Re: Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman
gekrompen hoofd: I love those, especially
-Love at first sight-

16. September 2005, 23:34:47
The Listener 
Emne: Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman

       - Prologue-

Walking through the city after recent rain
heard ancient stones all shining murmur where are they?
How long before next hero's day
and the splendid show of drum and gun.

Walking by the river one September eve
saw questions rise in circles on that old dark stream.
Where now are those who dared to dream they would leave one jewel in England's hand.

Gone to sleep they lie in flowered graves
for the visitors and Guidebook saved.
But come the trumpet shattered dawn
will the spirit they shared be reborn.

Comrades in arms, may they rise, fight and shine again,
till "who goes there", will be answered with friend again.

Once there stood a man, alone, sword in his hand.
In the face of the teeth and flame -
and it was all in England's name.

I was told how she grew, she alone shone her light on everyone.
And if you made the first eleven then you'd be sure to get to heaven,
like the captain of the school.

I was taught how to win
and to lose with that "get you next time" smile,
Learned Latin verbs in fear of a beating
and for years thought central heating,
was for just old people's homes.
I was raised on the past, the Tower and Saint Paul's and Westminster
escorted well-bred girls to dances, and learned to drive a horse in harness,
through the English countryside.

I was taught to behave, like an officer and a gentleman,
and when I finally marched from Sandhurst
I learned to put my fellow man first
and there was daily talk of war.
I spent 1938 in the United States of America,
I grew to love its many faces, and they had built some amazing places,
and I thought they´d come in on our side.

       - Love at first sight -

Girls, oh there were girls
but they were just part of the social whirl
and I never took much notice
until the night that I met you.

Standing out there alone
out on the terrace under the moon
from the moment that I kissed you
my life turned into a dream.

I knew I loved you at first sight
and that you loved .. me.
Was it really happening, or was it a dream ?

I asked if you'd be mine
feeding the white doves by the Serpentine and when you said forever
I know that I almost cried.

You all in white
the tears and the laughing
nearly losing the damn ring
Yes, I do ... Yes, I will... keep you from harm.

Those few short days
we spent together
remembered forever
all the plans - for the house and for the children.

I know I loved you at first sight
and that you
Did it really happen then, or was it a dream ?

I knew when I saw your face
opening orders, the time and the place
oh, don't worry it won't last long
and I won't be far away
I'll try to write every day.....

       - Letters from the front -

Got your letters at the front today
if you like the house we´ll buy it straight away.
Yes, it´s great now you´re a full-time nurse
but do be careful with the air-raids - getting worse.

Must end now .. the push is on...we´re moving out...
all my love...see you soon.

I'm writing to you on a convoy moving west
it's hell out here but we´re all trying to do our best.
I learned today that I get two weeks leave in June
this time I promise you a real honeymoon.

Must end now...take care my're all the world
to me my love...see you soon.

The telegram...dropped from my hand
she was all I had...I just don't understand
I see her that white dress she wore
Those eyes and that smile
no one else...nevermore.

Decorations and respect inside the club aren't compensation when you lose the one you love.
But in the end, all that is left
Is the regiment and what it means
to officer and a gentleman...

            -- Peter Sinfield

16. September 2005, 22:53:20
Pawns will be dealt with on an individual basis. Everyone may post as long as they follow the rules stated above. :)

16. September 2005, 15:07:10
The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

25. August 2005, 17:55:20
The Park Bench

The merry go 'round
is left spinning,
as the children run away,
and she began to long
for another day.
She thought she heard the laughter
of boys who now have gone
to a place where Easter baskets
would be frowned upon.
No Happy Meals or kites,
no Kool-Aid 'staches show.
No arm outstretched,
a gift of a rock,
with an innocent glow.
Sage words from the past
echoes in her mind.
"Enjoy them while you can.
They will go in time."

5. Juli 2005, 03:15:43
The Listener 
Emne: It's A Small World

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to ev'ryone
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world

           ~ Sherman & Sherman

22. Juni 2005, 07:17:17
Emne: The Fall of Rome
The piers are pummelled by the waves;
In a lonely field the rain
Lashes an abandoned train;
Outlaws fill the mountain caves

Fantastic grow the evening gowns;
Agents of the Fisc pursue
Absconding tax-defaulters through
The sewers of provincial towns

Private rites of magic send
The temple prostitutes to sleep;
All the literati keep
An imaginary friend

Cerebrotonic Cato may
Extol the Ancient Disciplines
But the muscle-bound Marines
Mutiny for food and pay

Caesar's double-bed is warm
As an unimportatnt clerk
On a pink official form

Unendowed with wealth or pity
Little birds with scarlet legs
Sitting on their speckled eggs
Eye each flu-infected city

Altogether elsewhere, vast
Herds of reindeer move across
Miles and miles of golden moss
Silently and very fast

-W.H. Auden

21. Juni 2005, 13:34:48
Tilpasset af danoschek (24. Juni 2005, 10:40:40)
Humbug was severed in her head
I tried to think of what she said
But cleaving permafrost dispute
Kept anchored her by bad repute.

(c) lostlyrics ... ~*~

20. Juni 2005, 07:40:54
Emne: The Two
You are the town and we are the clock
We are the guardians of the gate in the rock
The Two
On your left and on your right
In the day and in the night,
We are watching you

Wiser not to ask just what has occurred
To them who disobeyed our word;
To those
We were the whirlpool, we were the reef, We were the formal nightmare, grief
And the unlucky rose

Climb up the crane, learn the sailor's words
When the ships from the islands laden with birds
Come in
Tell your stories of fishing and other men's wives:
The expansive moments of constricted lives
In the lighted inn

But do not imagine we do not know
Nor that what you hide with such care won't show
At a glance
Nothing is done, nothing is said,
But don't make the mistake of believing us dead:
I shouldn't dance

We're afraid in that case you'll have a fall
We've been watching you over the garden wall
For hours
The sky is darkening like a stain,
Something is going to fall like rain
And it won't be flowers

When the green field comes off like a lid
Revealing what was much better hid:
And look, behind you without a sound
The woods have come up and are standing 'round
In deadly crescent

The bolt is sliding in its groove,
Outside the window is the black removers' van
And now with sudden swift emergence
Come the woman in dark glasses and humpbacked surgeons
And the scissors man

This might happen any day
So be careful what you say
Or do
Be clean, be tidy, oil the lock,
Trim the garden, wind the clock,
Remember the Two

-W.H. Auden

19. Juni 2005, 02:29:31 

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  • 18. Juni 2005, 18:59:22
    Emne: this is just a strage poem.
    When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
    and the old swing creacks in the dark,
    that's when we go to the park,
    me and Loopy and Little Gee,
    all three.
    Softly down the staircase,through haunty hall,
    trying to look, small,
    me and Loopy
    and Little Gee,
    we three.
    It's shivery
    out in the dark
    on our way to the park,
    down the dustbin alley,
    past the ruined mill,
    so still,
    just me and Loopy
    and Little Gee,
    just three.
    And Little Gee
    doesn't like it.
    He's scared
    of the things
    he might see
    in the park
    in the dark
    with Loopy and me
    That's me and Loopy
    and Little Gee,
    the three.
    There might be
    moon wiches
    or man-eating trees
    or wetheres that wobble
    or old Scrawny Shins
    or hairy hobgoblines,
    or black boggarts' knees
    in the trees,
    or things we can't see,
    me and Loopy
    and Little Gee,
    all three.
    But there's not,
    says Loopy,
    and I agree,
    and Little Gee
    gats up on my back and
    we pass the Howl Tree,
    me and Loopy
    and Little Gee.
    We heroes,
    we three.
    In the park,In the dark
    by the lake and the bridge,
    that's when we see were we wont to be,
    me and Loopy and Little Gee
    and we swing and we slide and we dance
    and we jump and we chase
    all over the place,
    me and Loopy and Little Gee,
    the Big Three.
    RUN RUN RUN shouts Little Gee to Loopy and me
    and we flee,
    me and Loopy and Little Gee,
    scared three.
    Back where we've come through the park
    in the dark
    and the THING is roaring and following,
    After me and Loopy and Little Gee,
    we three.
    Up to the house,
    to the stair,
    to bed where we ought to be,
    me Loopy and Little Gee,
    all three.

    18. Juni 2005, 18:57:57
    Emne: We Three Kings
    We three kings of Orient are,
    One in a taxi,
    One in a car,
    One on a scooter,
    Blowing his hooter,
    Smoking a big cigar.

    18. Juni 2005, 18:57:12
    Emne: One Fine Day
    One fine day, in the middle of the night,
    two dead men got up to fight.
    Back to back, they faced each other,
    drew their swords and shot each other.

    18. Juni 2005, 18:56:38
    Emne: My Brother
    My brother thinks he is so cool
    He stays in bed and keeps the rule.
    He doesn't get up 'til after ten
    and at eleven goes to bed again.

    18. Juni 2005, 18:56:14
    Emne: My Dad
    The boss in my house is my dad.
    when he sees me he is so glad.
    He always tries to give me kisses,
    but I just duck and he always misses.

    18. Juni 2005, 18:55:02

    11. Juni 2005, 19:37:33
    NOT a floosie 
    OH, I like that one Bebs!

    4. Juni 2005, 12:21:18
    bravo! bravo!

    1. Juni 2005, 22:17:47
    Bruno Jesus 
    Emne: Re: My Mum
    Bebs:Great rhymes Bro!You just have to add some street-like fell to it know what mean?
    Peace YO!

    1. Juni 2005, 10:10:34
    Emne: My Mum
    My mum gives orders around the house,
    to everyone, as well as the mouse.
    If I don't jump and clean my room
    my mum goes red and then goes boom.

    28. Maj 2005, 03:24:32
    Emne: Re: Equipoise
    Andromedical: are you okay ?
    you are not blaming me for abuse of semantics by pharmacy industry right ? ~*~ .

    28. Maj 2005, 02:43:40
    PhatPlaya 臭臭小指 
    Emne: Equipoise
    Just curious, why equipoise? It is an anabolic steroid used mostly in animals. I know ...

    28. Maj 2005, 01:44:55
    wär's nicht wider die natur mein stern ich folgte deiner spur ...
    (c) lostlyrics equipoise for sue anne ... ~*~

    24. Maj 2005, 19:27:03
    Emne: Re: spring time
    Winnie: nice poem winnie!

    9. Maj 2005, 00:17:34
    Radiant2008 :-) 
    Emne: Re: spring time
    LL @ ya, Winnie Thank you for this happy poem!

    8. Maj 2005, 13:30:05
    Emne: spring time
    The flowers are pretty
    the weathers no more a pitty
    The weather is warm
    the thawn is no longer bare
    their is fresh air
    their are happy bears

    3. Maj 2005, 02:17:38
    The Listener 
    Emne: Coming Through The Rye

    She draiglet a' her petticoatie
    Coming thro' the rye.

    O, Jenny's a' wat, poor body;
    Jenny's seldom dry;
    She draiglet a' her petticoatie
    Coming thro' the rye.

    Gin a body meet a body
    Coming thro' the rye,
    Gin a body kiss a body;
    Need a body cry?

    Gin a body meet a body
    Coming thro' the glen,
    Gin a body kiss a body;
    Need the warld ken?

                -- Robert Burns

    2. Maj 2005, 14:59:40
    Bruno Jesus 
    Oh yeah...busta-rhymes coming out yo...street like!

    1. Maj 2005, 18:16:45
    Andre Faria 
    Tilpasset af Andre Faria (1. Maj 2005, 21:54:31)
    Yep Bruno, you will feel confortable in that room...

    1. Maj 2005, 17:54:52
    Emne: Re:
    Bruno Jesus: You can,keeping the fact that this is a public board on a family site. If you're not sure what is or is not acceptable think of yourself as being in a room with people of all age,race and nationality.

    1. Maj 2005, 17:31:07
    Bruno Jesus 
    Can I post my busta-gansta-street rhymes oi?

    1. Maj 2005, 02:23:46
    Emne: Re: I'M FREE
    gekrompen hoofd: I believe you neglected to post the author along with those Lyrics? (The Who)

    1. Maj 2005, 00:54:28
    The Listener 
    Emne: I'M FREE
    Here's a little poem I'd like to dedicate to all the wonderful people at

    If I told you what it takes
    to reach the highest high,
    You'd laugh and say 'nothing's that simple'

    But you've been told many times before
    Messiahs pointed to the door
    And no one had the guts to leave the temple!

    I'm Free - I'm Free
    And Freedom tastes of Reality
    I'm Free - I'm Free
    And I'm waiting for You to follow me...

    29. April 2005, 23:23:54
    The Listener 
    Emne: Re: Question About Newly Added Posting 'Conditions'
    Stardust: *does the extra special Rimmer salute, for the extra special importance!*

    29. April 2005, 23:09:00
    Emne: Re: Question About Newly Added Posting 'Conditions'
    gekrompen hoofd: Thank you for your input I'll keep it under advisement

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