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11. September 2009, 17:13:49
Emne: Help
Hi, i am thinking about buying a new pc and making a wireless network at home, i literally only want the computer for playing on a few game sites online and other general uses.

If i brought a cheap PC would this be ideal? I would like to connect 2 pc's and my xbox.

thanks in advance.

29. August 2009, 13:59:11
Emne: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Ghost in the machine??!!??

29. August 2009, 11:26:06
Emne: Re: Firefox bug?

Yep. It's the 3.5.2  -  but strange: i downgraded to 3.0 with an older CD and now its updated to 3.5.2 again and works fine!
Two other friends experienced the same and it was solved in the same way... .

Rabittoid: well, in the preferences there was nothing in (no proxy).

I was just curious cause this happened to others too if that was a well-known bug but doesn´t seem to be so ;-)

29. August 2009, 11:18:42
Emne: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Maybe the browser had problems recovering the connection data? verify the settings in the "version that works" against "the version that doesn't"
it's all in Preferences->Advanced->Network->Settings

29. August 2009, 11:08:06
Emne: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Which version do you mean 3.5.2 ?

29. August 2009, 09:45:09
Emne: Firefox bug?
Tilpasset af diogenysos (29. August 2009, 09:49:02)
Hello everyone - i experienced an inability to connect with the internet after upgrading to the latest firefox-version
 and the same happened to a couple of other users here on Lanzarote.

The Internet Explorer still worked "fine" (the word "fine" shouldnt be used cause after working with firefox for a couple of years the work with IE is like an essential downgrade...
)  and in Firefox the warning "internet connection does not seem to be working" appeared.
Turning firewalls off didnt help (this was suggested by the official firefox-help-site), only deinstalling the browser and installing an earlier version.

Somebody experienced similar things and/or knows whats behind this?

11. August 2009, 19:48:48
Emne: Re:
pauloaguia: lol, i know, thats why i added thte bit at the bottom about proof-reading, or if you are going to copy a page of information to post somewhere else. Could even check Fencer Blog

Just a little thing i though i would pass on

11. August 2009, 19:42:40
Emne: Re:
MadMonkey: Works on Opera and IE too (in IE it doesn't spell-check, since this browser doesn't have that feature - but the page goes into edit mode).

But what's the point of spell-checking an email AFTER you send it?

11. August 2009, 18:11:06
A little ditty for today........

Firefox includes a built-in spellchecker that lets you know when you're misspelling words in an email or other text entry box. But what if you want to spellcheck an email that's already been sent or a web site that's already been published.
In Firefox it is simple......Type

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

into your address bar. If you find it useful, I recommend that you store that code as a bookmark, I call it Spell Check for example.

Of course any changes will not be stored and any changes would be gone the next time you load the page, BUT still immensley useful for proofreading etc....

6. August 2009, 14:20:55
Firefox gets billionth download - Less than five years after it launched, Mozilla's open-source browser has hit the billion download milestone.

3. August 2009, 15:17:42
Emne: Re: archive downloading.......
sundiro50: They're actually JellyFish match files. Basically they contain game notation so that you can open and review the game on a software that supports that format.

3. August 2009, 13:48:54
Emne: Re: archive downloading.......
sundiro50: Well, i had never heard of a .mat extension so i looked it up

There are 3 different types, so i guess it would be handy to know which one we are dealing with.

The most common one is a Microsoft one (Microsoft Access Table = MAT), and to open it you need Microsoft Access. You can download a free 60day trial of it, BUT it should be part of Microsoft Office (do not know about 2003 version).

Look HERE to see other .mat extensions

3. August 2009, 12:06:54
John Rivenburg 
Emne: archive downloading.......
When a person downloads Backgammon games from the archive they end up in a .mat extension....I am having no luck opening these files. What happens is : I am getting an error saying: not a valid shortcut....I am running Microsoft Office 2003,....and have tried what I know, but with no luck,.....Any help forthcoming will be greatly appreciated....... :-)

John sundiro50

30. Juli 2009, 01:21:10
Emne: Re: Chrome bookmarks trouble
Binabik: To be honest i have not checked
Well not like FF anyway. That is the big thing with FF is that is it so resource hungry. As long as you have plenty of RAM you can not beat FF really. Is all i can say is try it

29. Juli 2009, 18:08:04
Emne: Re: Chrome bookmarks trouble
MadMonkey: Was it your own birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :O)
Thank you Ian - does Prism also need a lot or RAM?
I had decided against Chrome because in addition to the known issues with it, my computer started having hot flashes - lol - the screen would start to flicker and that made me nervous - crashes have been known to occur with chrome....

29. Juli 2009, 12:38:13
Emne: Re: Chrome bookmarks trouble
Binabik: Sorry i did not reply yesterday (Birthday drink and everything lol).

Did you try Exporting your Bookmarks to your Desktop and importing from there ?
If it is speed you are looking for Mozilla do a Application (that is also a Firefox Add-on as well) called Prism. It is faster than any browser as it runs a website as an application as such (for want of complicated terms lol). You get nothing else apart from the webpage, no Add-ons, no forward/backwards, Bookmark buttons etc..etc....

If you fancy using it, i would suggest downloading the Add-on version into Firefox. Once installed, just click Tools on any website you use (or spend a lot of time at) and in the pop-up menu you select 'Convert website to application'. Give it a name when the page pops up, and it will create a Icon on your desktop.............. instant speed lol

All this said, try to get the Bookmarks sorted as well lol

29. Juli 2009, 00:32:47
Emne: Re: Chrome bookmarks trouble
Binabik: Never mind... :) I love Chrome for BK, but other sites are quite slow and from looking at the "known problem issues" I decided to wait until perhaps they get it ironed out.

28. Juli 2009, 03:03:16
Emne: Chrome bookmarks trouble
I just installed Chrome and for BK I love it, it's fast for me. I tried to import my bookmarks from FF and it doesn't work. I looked on Chrome for help and this is the message: Some users have resolved this issue by editing their registry. Please note: Editing your registry can be potentially dangerous. If you're unfamiliar with the Windows registry, make sure you have the guidance from someone who does." I'm not comfortable trying that, so, can I just copy/paste my bookmarks? Would the copy/paste hold when you switch from FF to Chrome?

24. Juli 2009, 18:31:42
Well, it is me again
I was going to save this just for my Monkeys Cyber Cafe Fellowship(feel free to join), but i think its worth sharing

Well, it sure didn't take long.

Just days ago Mozilla posted a few conceptual images displaying a new default theme for Firefox 3.7. Thanks to DeviantArt user Boneyard Brew and his friends, you can now tweak your existing Firefox 3 install (provided you're not running 3.6) to look pretty dang close to the mockups

To do it, follow the instructions in the following article:

Make Firefox 3 or 3.5 look like the Firefox 3.7 new theme mockup

24. Juli 2009, 10:56:48
Emne: Re: I have a little problem with FF 3.5
rabbitoid: I can not say i have my friend, if anything 3.5 is faster

Have you cut the number of posts it displays on a page down ? or as you say, maybe it is linux.

One thing i have found that i use is Prism (made by Mozilla labs as well). Basically, it turn any website you visit, into an application and runs it like that. Much faster. The only downside is you can not use Add-ons with it lol.

Oh, and i do not know if it will work on linux eiither

24. Juli 2009, 10:07:13
Emne: I have a little problem with FF 3.5
In several spots in brainking, FF 3.5 is taking 2-5 seconds at full CPU to react. One example is a DB: to load or refresh.

I don't recall it having done that on 3.0.x.
Has anyone else seen this? I may be a special case since I run on linux.

23. Juli 2009, 14:57:43
Tilpasset af MadMonkey (23. Juli 2009, 14:58:29)
Well i am sure we all know what was happening 40 years ago, yep, people were walking on the moon
I get lots of great stuff from all over the web to do with computers and technology.
I got this today, that i thought i would share

Ever fancied being on that first flight to the moon ? Well, take a look at THIS little journey awesome....

There is more interesting stuff here in the Top ten stories about the moon and technology

17. Juli 2009, 16:24:43
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
Binabik: I have Windows XP

17. Juli 2009, 16:24:12
Emne: Re: FF vs IE The only add-ons I use are Fasterfox and Safescript - the latter is now driving me nuts as it's become too complicated...
Where do I go to wash the windows? I've used CCCleaner before, is that what you use for registry cleaner? Sorry, I'm mush when it comes to computer ablities....
I don't have a lot of RAM either - sigh......
Thank you all for your input!

17. Juli 2009, 16:08:10 
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
pauloaguia: Yea, check your add-on's for Firefox. Yea, there are a lot of cool ones out there, but the more you have the"bigger" Firefox gets... and possible slower it will move.

Remove the ones you rarely use. Disable the ones you don't use often.

17. Juli 2009, 12:48:07
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
Binabik: Also, remember Firefox uses a lot of RAM

17. Juli 2009, 10:21:56
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
pauloaguia: Something to remember for future possibles... Cheers

17. Juli 2009, 09:33:15
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
Binabik: Do you have any plugins? Some of them tend to bloat FF a lot...

17. Juli 2009, 08:53:51
Emne: Re: FF vs IE
Binabik: funny you should mention that has i had a similar problem last week with FF i removed it and reloaded it and its working great again now

17. Juli 2009, 08:46:50
Emne: Re: Defrag question
Binabik: ... which windows are you using? Do you use a window washer and registry cleaner??

It helps to know to try and figure out why!

17. Juli 2009, 03:14:30
Emne: FF vs IE
Since my computer has been a bit slow, I called AT&T to check the lines, and they found to errors on the line. Then they had me go to and I couldn't find the map they said was there. So then they had me switch from FF to IE, and then I saw the map and ran the speed test. Everything was as it should have been. So, I decided to use IE and see how that was - BK is a lot faster for me now as are other sites. I wonder if I should delete and then re-install FF? Any suggestions?

17. Juli 2009, 03:11:35
Emne: Re: Defrag question
(V): It doesn't matter how often I defrag, the numbers stay about the same..... and I couldn't find an option for a full defrag.

16. Juli 2009, 21:57:43
Emne: Re: Defrag question
pauloaguia: It can then take a few consecutive defrags to fix it.

I keep mine over 60 % and defrag even when it says it's ok if it looks like it's getting bad.

16. Juli 2009, 21:26:01
Emne: Re: Defrag question
(V): I thought the same but then he said 50% of the total volume was available... so I don't think that's it

16. Juli 2009, 10:49:02
Emne: Re: Defrag question
Binabik: Also it sounds like your hard disk maybe to full. It's best to keep a good clean portion % wise so defragging has space to work.

16. Juli 2009, 00:31:39
Emne: Re: Defrag question
pauloaguia: Thank you, I"ll look for the full defrag.

15. Juli 2009, 22:42:22
Emne: Re: Defrag question
Binabik: Diskeeper will almost never do a full defrag (only 1 fragment per file) because it's just not worth it.
Defrag is usefull when your disk is so fragmented that permance suffers greatly because reading large files will imply running from one sector to another half way accross the disk. However, if when you have large chunks, there comes a point when it is more time consuming to move such large chunks around than the performance gains you may get from it. If you look at that log in detail, you'll probably find out that most of the resulting fragments are large and that few files will be spread accross more than 3 or 4 fragments (except, maybe, for really big ones)

I think this is explained in greater detail in the application's help but that's the general idea.
Still, you can request a full defragmentation somewhere in the options, if I'm not mistaken...

15. Juli 2009, 19:05:08
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???
Tilpasset af Czuch (16. Juli 2009, 04:32:12)
Fencer: How about a smiley with a beach umbrella, and maybe enjoying a beverage?

Before you leave please?

15. Juli 2009, 18:15:48
Emne: Defrag question
When I defrag my computer, which I do at least once a week now, this is the message I get at the end:

Findings on C:

Diskeeper has completed a defragmentation run on this volume and there remain 1276 fragmented files and 3508 excess file fragments. (There were 4806 excess file fragments before the defragmentation run, and now there are 27% less.)

The average number of fragments per file is 1.03.

You should schedule Diskeeper to run considerably more often than it has been running to reduce the current fragmentation and maintain a lower level of fragmentation. This volume is moderately fragmented, with 50% of the total volume space available for defragmentation.

The number of excess and fragmented files never go down more than this - could someone tell me what's happening and what I can do?

15. Juli 2009, 16:42:59
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???
rabbitoid: On my way.

15. Juli 2009, 16:33:27
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???
pauloaguia: hmm, according to the same site, is worth $5,637,900. Fencer, you're worth about 40% of Microsoft! retire and move to Tahiti!

15. Juli 2009, 16:12:43
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???
Tilpasset af pauloaguia (15. Juli 2009, 16:13:36)
Fencer: 2 million (dollars), actually:

15. Juli 2009, 11:39:19
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???

15. Juli 2009, 11:23:24
Emne: Re: hmmmm how much ???
MadMonkey: Maybe BrainKing is worth at least 1 million Euro and we even don't know it.

14. Juli 2009, 23:50:19
Emne: hmmmm how much ???
Is Facebook really worth $6.5 billion? - Can this be because BrainKing now has a page there OR because Facebooks Russian backers agreed to pay $14.77 a share for Facebook common stock ???? I wonder lol

11. Juli 2009, 10:15:02
Emne: Re:
pauloaguia: Thanks, i had a feeling it was

11. Juli 2009, 03:41:35
Emne: Re:
MadMonkey: The basefont element was deprecated in HTML 4.01, and is not supported in XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.
I think it's only supported by IE, though some browsers may keep some compatibility mode for it to work.
If you need to set the font throughout the document try

11. Juli 2009, 01:28:14
Anyone here tell me if the HTML Document Element, BASEFONT works on Firefox, or is it not used anymore ?

28. Juni 2009, 19:46:29
I would not normally post anything from one of my Fellowships on a public board BUT i think this is quite important

For those of you who are interested, and have young families, i think this is for you AND its from our friends at Mozilla of course, yep, those that bring you Firefox AND Thunderbird

Firefox launches Beatbullying browser - Mozilla, the corporation behind Firefox, has launched a new custom-built browser in conjunction with Beat bullying. Read up on Cyber Mentors.

I have not tried it myself, but anything that makes the web a safe place to be for children must be good

Keep up-2-date, with all the latest on PC's & Computing at Monkeys Cyber Cafe

22. Juni 2009, 05:56:24
Emne: Re:
gogul: We call that zombies, like the UBS.

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