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A place where people can share their favourite home remedies and support for those with serious health concerns.

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13. September 2004, 10:08:37
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Eye Wash
Now this may sound crazy but i have bad allergies and my eyes itch all the time.
My friend told me to use Johnson No Tear Shampoo. You was your eyes out with it,i thought this lady was crazy but it worked.

28. August 2004, 08:25:03
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Household Recipes

1. August 2004, 09:08:30
Emne: Re: planting seeds
hahaha.. My first hubby decided to try and grow pot as well.. he would talk to the plants.. and give them light.. water, and really babied them.. they would always start to die.. but, then he would go away for the week.. (his job).. and I would neglect them fully.. haha I didn't want this stuff even growing in my house!! Anyway.. I wouldn't give them any water.. or sunlight.. just hoping they would fully die off.. but, to my surprise.. they actually got healthier!! LOL

1. August 2004, 07:28:13
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: planting seeds

1. August 2004, 04:07:29
Emne: Re: planting seeds
Tilpasset af musiclover (1. August 2004, 04:08:00)
That reminds me of the time my teenage son was growing a plant in his closet with a lamp over it 24/7. He told me it was a flower for me. Boy was I naive and gullible. I had a very sheltered life before marriage and I did not know anything about pot/mariuana and such. Hope I spelled it right. Did I feel foolish when my daughter told me what it really was, one day, when she was angry with her brother. See, even parents can learn from their kids. LMAO

30. Juli 2004, 07:54:36
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Yes Viking.. I use Tylenol or similar which contain the
When i was in college one of the girls gave me some seeds.Dumb as i was at that time and love to plant lol i potted them.Well i took such good care of the plants and fed them miracle-gro they were pretty healthy.I even put the pots in the kitchen window for better sun
One day my uncle came over and wow all h--l broke loose.I still haven't lived that one down.A prude i'm not a dummy yes at times.Hope i made you laugh SR.

28. Juli 2004, 08:06:01
Emne: Yes Viking.. I use Tylenol or similar which contain the
acetaminophen.. Usually I can tell if it will be a migraine day.. and I pop two of them down.. So rarely anymore do I need anything stronger..

What triggers my migraines are unstable sleep patterns.. Or a shift in my eating pattern..

Anger will also bring it on.. and strongly I might add.. so long ago I learned how to manage my anger.. lol

Those that do slip away, if it is at the beginning I can sometimes take the Tylenol.. and then lie down in darkness and no noise.. My children know the procedure when I do get them and are very good about letting me have some peace.. I usually meditate if that is what you call it.. I clear my head and tell my body bit by bit to relax.. I learned the technique about 10 years ago in my psych I class.. better known as self hypnotise.. but, on the rare occassion now a days if one were to go full blown I wouldn't run to the emergency room.. (I can't drive during them due to blacking out).. I would actually ask a friend for a couple of hits of a joint.. I know that sounds awful.. and I don't promote weed or pot.. but, it does take away migraines that have gone full blown.. and it is very natural..

27. Juli 2004, 19:46:43
Emne: Scarlet and Kammy,
Tilpasset af VikingX (27. Juli 2004, 19:58:05)
Have you ever tried the modern migrane drugs? As I don`t live in the USA I don`t know their trade names over there, but any doctor would know what you mean if you asked if he/she thinks the TRIPTANS (eg. sumatriptan, rizatriptan) would be suitable for treating your headache.
They are very effective and safe, but work only for migraine type of headaches.
Scarlet`s allergies would most probably not be a problem because the triptans are totally different
kind of drugs than asperin, NSAIDs or opioids (eg. codeine). And have you tried acetaminophen? Your asperin/NSAID/codeine allergies do not prevent you from using acetaminophen which should always be the first drug to try for all headaches. And it is cheap too :).
Maybe the only bad thing about the triptans is that they are quite expensive :(.

27. Juli 2004, 08:37:07
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: My gosh!!
Tilpasset af Foxy Lady (27. Juli 2004, 08:38:21)
Some ppl should read the side effects of some of the meds they wouldn't take them.

27. Juli 2004, 08:35:15
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Migraines..continued
I'd rather have the reg coffee.Let me say this a Dr i know orders strong coffee enemas and they work for some people.No leave the sugar and cream

26. Juli 2004, 22:38:41
Emne: My gosh!!
look at all the chemicals you are taking in.. geesh!!

Scarey thought there..

26. Juli 2004, 22:06:55
Princess Kammy 
Emne: Re: Actually,
Yes VikingX I have tried all of the remedies you mentioned...ibuprofen, anti-inflammitaories etc...under doctor supervision....unfortunately they all failed...i have now been prescribed a nasal spray form of pain relief (stadol) 2.5 ml bottle twice a month for my more serious attacks...and hydrocodone or butalbital for less painful ones.

26. Juli 2004, 21:32:56
Emne: Shoot no meds work for me once my migraine takes off in full force..
It took years to learn all the first warning signs that it was going to be a migraine day.. I have had them since I was 12.. my oldest gets them as well.. as well as my neice.. and my grandmother had them also..

I found that smoking a j just a puff or two.. will completely melt the pressure away within mins.. (I've only done that one time, but I do know that if another one gets away from me.. I will look for someone who has weed..)

prescription meds.. I am allergic to asprin and anything similar.. I get hives internally as well as externally.. I am also allergic to codine.. so pain relievers are something I steer clear of.. I have to depend on Tylenol to stop it at its earlier warnings..

26. Juli 2004, 20:14:12
Emne: Actually,
Tilpasset af VikingX (26. Juli 2004, 20:36:54)
caffein does relieve most headaches to some extent. But, of course, it`s effect is weak when compared with real pain relieving medicines.
The wast majority of headaches are not caused by migraine, but are usually of the "tension neck" type.
Anybody suffering from bad, chronic headaches should see a doctor to make certain that it is not a warning sign of something more dangerous (it usually isn`t).
1000 mg acetaminophen is the safest and relatively effective drug choice for most bad headaches. The second choice would be some non-steroidal anti-imflammatory drug, for example 800 mg ibuprofein. (always remember to read and follow the drug`s safety instructions)
100 mg of caffein (1 tablet or 1 cup of coffee) may boost the pain-relieving effect of those drugs a bit, might be worth trying out.
If those dozes don`t help see a doctor...there are
very effective, although reletively expensive,prescription drugs for migraine type headaches.

26. Juli 2004, 16:50:50
it sounds like it only helped the headache so much, because it was caused in the first place by the withdrawal of the caffeine.. so it's not a headache cure, but replacing the drug that was being withdrawn from.

26. Juli 2004, 16:46:07
Princess Kammy 
Emne: I might be wrong here but....
i always thought that caffine would cause more headaches...i would love to kno how it works so i can try it :)

26. Juli 2004, 16:34:15
would that not have been caffeine withdrawal though ? If you'continued with the de-caf, those symptoms should've gone in time, like any drug you're gonna notice when you stop taking it.

24. Juli 2004, 08:35:03
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Migraines..continued
I switched from regular coffee to de-caf because of being pregnant and wow got hit with headaches.After 2 days of hanging over the toilet bowl being sick from the headache i grabbed a real cup of coffee.Like magic my headache was gone.Caffine has been used for all kinds of headaches.
Always get a second opinion i tell my friends that all the time.

23. Juli 2004, 17:14:38
Emne: Re: Migraines..continued
couldn't agree with you more Foxy. All the suggestions that I have made to date are the things that I got asked and told by various doctors when I went to have my frequent migraines checked out. I seeked many 2nd opinions!

23. Juli 2004, 11:17:02
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Migraines..continued
It's the caffine in the coffee that takes away any kind of headache.If i had repeated Migraines i'd get checked out to make sure it wasn't something more serious.

22. Juli 2004, 13:26:07
Princess Kammy 
Emne: Re: Migraines...continued...part ???? :))
that is something i never thought of but it makes perfect sense

21. Juli 2004, 07:05:56
Emne: Migraines...continued...part ???? :))
sorry, as I remember, I'll post more info, unless people object to it :)
Another one to check is if you are drinking enough water every day ie your body may be dehydrated.

20. Juli 2004, 16:43:27
Emne: Wow!!

20. Juli 2004, 15:26:32
Princess Kammy 
Wow...i will definitely look into both of these bits of info on migraines :)

20. Juli 2004, 14:49:08
Emne: Migraines..continued
A nurse once told me to dissolve a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee with enough hot water to do so and then drink it! It is the foulest taste but boy does it work quickly. Best results occur when you don't drink coffee normally. I can't bear the taste of this concoction so I resort to drinking a double shot of espresso when I feel a migraine coming on.
Also, have your jaw checked out if you suffer from severe migraines....your jaw may be out of alignment. Cousin suffered terribly with migraines for years and saw top specialists in Italy about it, until she stumbled across this piece of info, had her jaw checked out, yes, she had a misaligned jaw, had it fixed and has been migraine free for nearly 12 years!

20. Juli 2004, 04:24:28
Foxy Lady 
Emne: MSG please read

18. Juli 2004, 18:16:41
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Hi All
Hi,i used it on my daughter and it worked.

18. Juli 2004, 14:53:48
Emne: Re: Hi All
sure...guess I'll be the guinea pig :))

17. Juli 2004, 07:31:53
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Hi All
Banana D let me know how you make out with the vaseline/regarding warts.

29. Maj 2004, 21:54:05
Foxy Lady 
Emne: Re: Have Any of you thought beyond a Mirgraine???
Any type of headache or the big M should be followed up with your Dr.Many things medically can cause severe headaches.An MRI can rule out some of the dangerous headaches caused by tomors,a weaken blood vessel and etc.A family member of my husbands refused to get checked and had a small tumor in his brain,he was lucky.He blamed his headaches on allergies.

27. Maj 2004, 21:37:03
Artful Dodger 
It's true that stress can bring on a migraine headache but, it's more typical of a tension headache. For a migraine, the more specific factors include bright lights, noise and alcohol. According to a souce I found on the net, "Tension headaches are usually described as a continuous pressure pain or tightness of varying severity over the entire head, whereas migraine headaches are a severe, throbbing pain over one or both temples, or behind one eye or ear, and are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting." The description above describes exactly what I've experienced with migraines.


Migraines: Myth Vs. Reality

another great site is WebMD.comA>

Migraines WebMD

27. Maj 2004, 18:28:30
Emne: I get migraines as well..
and I have had them long enough that I can tell hours before if it is a migraine day.. I usually can ward them off with just Tylenol now.. been having them since I was 12.. the symptoms continue getting worse.. If I go into one.. and I am able to meditate along with the tylenol.. I can usually kick it out.. but, the after affects are now becoming more problemsome.. I end up with a dumb like feeling.. I have problems with my vision afterwards.. as well as my speech.. and this usually lasts for several hours..

When I say vision problems I mean white splotches, and I don't wear glasses.. my eyes test out fine.. and by speech.. I mean that I start studdering.. and loosing my train of thoughts..

I am alergic to both codine and asprin.. and anything that contains asprin..

Does anyone else show the same problems I have after the migraine?

27. Maj 2004, 18:09:34
I have had stress headaches.. I have also suffered migraines (thankfully i discovered the cause! well the doc did).. to me they are totally different... the stress ones went with medication in a few hours.. the migraines took days...

27. Maj 2004, 17:20:37
Emne: Re:
I think stress can trigger migraines. Kammy won't delete your post chatty as long as we are on or near the point.

27. Maj 2004, 15:50:44
thats stress! not migrain.. totally different

Guess this post will be removed too along with my other one...

27. Maj 2004, 14:08:49
Princess Kammy 
Emne: Re:

eliminate the cause...eliminate the pain

27. Maj 2004, 14:04:58
What the kind and gentle Princess could not bring herself to say I will say for her. When she rid herself of the cause of her headaches and replaced it with someone who REALLY cared..poof went the migraines.

27. Maj 2004, 07:45:24
Radiant2008 :-) 
LOL - The Migraine on itself feels most of the time like a shot gun blast to me! Realising those aura's devellop itself in front of my eyes again.. last time I had that I was driving... awful.. :o(

Thanks for this excellent medic site, AD - will check it out after a good night sleep.. Sleep actually is the best cure there is! Goodnight you all :-)))

27. Maj 2004, 07:41:48
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Imitrex
Anyone who has migraines and doensn't ask about imitrex (assuming they have severe doesn't work on just any headache) is missing out on a complete cure. It zaps the little suckers into never never land.

As for the shotgun approach, theoretically it would work, but you might not be able to enjoy the benefits the way you would if you simply used Imitrex.

OTOH, if you are a migraine headache to others, then the shotgun approach in reverse....better not go there. :)

27. Maj 2004, 07:40:23
Linda J 
LOL It was more of a warning then a cure. LOL

27. Maj 2004, 07:36:21
Unless it were well-aimed it might actually contribute to one LOL

27. Maj 2004, 07:34:35
Princess Kammy 
Emne: Re:
A bit to the extreme. and no I do not agree that a shot gun blast is a good way to get rid of a migraine

27. Maj 2004, 07:32:43
Princess Kammy 
Emne: Re: Migraine Cure
I have heard a lot of good info on Imitrex myself and have seen many friends benefit from it...Thanks AD for the info.

27. Maj 2004, 07:30:34
Artful Dodger 
Emne: I've not tried that one
but I think it would work. However I wouldn't recommend it for just anyone. :)

27. Maj 2004, 07:29:35
Artful Dodger 
Emne: Re: Migraine Cure
Personally I've suffered with Migraines for years. I've tried everything but nothing had ever helped. I usually suffered through with an icepack on my head, the lights out, and total quiet. Often I'd get sick to my stomach. They'd last 24 hours and often 48. But...the first time I took Imitrex my migraine was gone within 30 mins. Within an hour I was back up with no pain, just a bit groggy...more like foggy...but that's normal most days. It's a miracle drug.

It’s not over the counter but worth talking to the doctors about. A friend of mine takes the shots when she gets them. I use the nasal spray and they also come in pill form.

Migraine Help

27. Maj 2004, 07:25:21
Linda J 
ROFLMAO My Dear Kam if you think I contribute such good post leave them. Do you not agree that a shot gun blast would relieve a migraine?

27. Maj 2004, 06:53:51
Princess Kammy 
your welcome.

27. Maj 2004, 06:52:34
Radiant2008 :-) 
Thanks.. just touching base :-)))

27. Maj 2004, 06:51:32
Princess Kammy 
Yes of course if it is in regards to health and home remedy tips. I have no problem with Linda posting here...if I remember correctly she has contributed some good tips on this board.

27. Maj 2004, 06:47:38
Radiant2008 :-) 
Emne: Re:
I saw nothing wrong in her post.. as a wonderful tip when having a Migraine.. its already toooo bad when you have one...

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