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27. Maj 2009, 19:22:57
cd power 
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af cd power (27. Maj 2009, 19:29:21)
Pedro Martínez: I'm not sure now... I have 11 won games of massacre chess, each lasting more than 10 moves, against unique opponents, and not in a fellowship. But I was not given credit for those, either. I give up... I'll just keep playing.

27. Maj 2009, 19:19:26
Pedro Martínez 
Emne: Re:
cd power: I think fellowship games do not count.

27. Maj 2009, 19:15:49
cd power 
I still have a question on achievements. I have started many new types of games since the inception of the achievements, and have won more than 10 games against unique opponents (and more than 10 moves) in several game types since then, yet, my number of games in which I've won "10 games out of 50 game types" remains stuck on 39... why is this? Here is just one example:

11 won games
Game Event Opponent Your color End of game Number of moves
Plakoto mini elimination tournament #5 Petromil black 27. May 2009, 10:57:58 51.
Plakoto ₣ŁĄΜЄ РΙŦ (SE/8 All Games) dalkelly black 27. May 2009, 10:21:13 50.
Plakoto 2 wins match bidžiganga black 24. May 2009, 04:54:28 35.
Plakoto Friday 4 player elimination #74 japajka white 18. May 2009, 15:07:41 23.
Plakoto Schoffi XII - my 12th tournament schoffi white 13. May 2009, 10:44:06 48.
Plakoto Normal game livia black 13. May 2009, 10:25:36 45.
Plakoto All games; 5 players; fast start. #32 lenkacz black 11. May 2009, 12:22:12 46.
Plakoto Normal game BAHADDIN black 30. April 2009, 13:19:53 0.
Plakoto Normal game pisipaddy black 26. April 2009, 07:28:49 13.
Plakoto Normal game Priscilla black 24. April 2009, 08:03:00 47.
Plakoto 2 points match vtavgjoe black 22. April 2009, 21:18:10 48.

10 of the 11 won games have 10 or more moves, but nothing has changed for my progress towards this achievement. Do these have to be public games? (not in a fellowship?) This has happened with several of my new game types already.

21. Maj 2009, 23:57:36
Pedro Martínez 
Emne: Re:
martes: A lot.

21. Maj 2009, 22:30:13
Emne: Re:
Tilpasset af pauloaguia (21. Maj 2009, 22:30:27)
martes: That's only 1 match with 5 games, where are the other 4 matches?

20. Maj 2009, 07:50:27
Emne: Re: being ranked #1
Fencer: too late .. i am no #1 anymore ... it was fun while it lasted though :)

18. Maj 2009, 15:43:20
Emne: Re: Espionage
Fencer: Great, thank you.

18. Maj 2009, 15:34:42
Emne: Re: Espionage
SL-Mark: Yes.

18. Maj 2009, 15:23:36
Emne: Re: Espionage
Fencer: I take it that these achievements apply to all the espionage variants?

18. Maj 2009, 15:21:28
Emne: Re: Espionage
Fencer: This is fantastic thank you.
I do like the 'First Line Hero', but will leave that one until I play you

18. Maj 2009, 15:20:14
Emne: Re:
joshi tm: But this is how most games end?
Perhaps win by capturing all opponents moving pieces and not losing any of yours?

18. Maj 2009, 15:12:19
joshi tm 
Could you add: Win a game of Espionage by capturing all opponent's moving pieces?

18. Maj 2009, 14:54:11
Emne: Espionage
I have just added 11 Espionage achievements and I would like to add that, due to nature of this game and other things, these achievements will NOT be given manually on a player's demand, based on finished games.
It means that everybody shares the same start point.

16. Maj 2009, 07:33:28
cd power 
Emne: Re: 50 won games of 10 game types/50 won games of 50 game types
AbigailII: I think there is a bug in those achievements, too. For the achievement "10 won games of 50 game types and at least 10 moves," I have watched and counted several variants where I have sailed past 10 victories against unique opponents and more than 10 moves, but the counter never changed. The only explanation I can think of is this: The unique opponents that you have beaten in one variant can not be the same opponents you have beaten in another variant. For example, if I beat 10 different people in atomic chess, I must beat a totally different set of 10 people in corner chess in order for me to get credit for those 2 variants, meaning 20 unique people. If this is not the case, then there is definitely a bug.

16. Maj 2009, 05:40:25
Emne: Re: 50 won games of 10 game types/50 won games of 50 game types
AbigailII: what if 7/10 really means you've beaten 7 different opponents if 50 different game types?

15. Maj 2009, 12:43:46
Emne: 50 won games of 10 game types/50 won games of 50 game types
I thought this meant that for 10 (50) game types, you have to win 50 games against different opponents. But then it claims that for the first one, I've done "7/10", which I assume to mean that I've beaten 50 different opponents in 7 different game types; however, for the second one, I have "6/50". Which would mean I've beaten 50 different opponents in only 6 different game types.

But that doesn't make sense.

So, what does this archievement mean? Or is there a bug somewhere?

14. Maj 2009, 19:12:24
Emne: Re: being ranked #1
Fencer: lol

can = will ? ;)

14. Maj 2009, 18:08:59
Emne: Re: being ranked #1
Hrqls: It can be done.

14. Maj 2009, 17:52:07
Emne: being ranked #1
its no achievement to hold the first rank on a game type ???

i finally managed to be #1 in a game type (wont be long .. dont worry :))
and then i found out it didnt give me an achievement :)

14. Maj 2009, 01:00:52
Emne: Re:
joshi tm: Let's see what's left: all checkers variants, some chess variants, Alquerque, Cam(elot), all boats variants (trivial), all Pente variants, all Espionage variants, all Go variants (very hard to capture all your opponents pieces - OTOH, each player has an unlimited amount of stones, so perhaps Go doesn't qualify anyway), Jarmo, Tablut, Tank Battle, (Big) Jungle. Spider variants have the same issue as Go: it's possible, but very hard to eliminate all pieces from the board, but the number of pieces in the hand is unlimited.

13. Maj 2009, 22:44:02
joshi tm 
Emne: Re:
AbigailII: Oh, I see. Those games also should be removed from the list. Hmm almost all chess games.

13. Maj 2009, 11:28:06
Emne: Re:
joshi tm: A couple of games that have permanent captures, but will be finished before all opponents pieces are removed: Extinction Chess, Three Checks Chess, Knight Relay Chess, Racing Kings. And this is even side-stepping that fact that under regular Chess rules the game always ends with both Kings on the board - there's no such thing as taking a King.

13. Maj 2009, 08:03:38
joshi tm 
Win any non-Anti, non Backgammon (or other game without any pernament captures) by wiping out all opponent's pieces on the board. That are a lot of games... this achievement is worth 50 ;)

12. Maj 2009, 11:56:56
Emne: Another achievement suggestion
Total annihilation: Win a Reversi game by turning all your opponent's pieces to your own color.

11. Maj 2009, 09:45:02
Emne: Re: Frog Finder
El Cid: That's more like it.

11. Maj 2009, 09:32:08
El Cid 
Emne: Re: Frog Finder
Tilpasset af El Cid (11. Maj 2009, 09:32:51)
Fencer: well, by killed I meant found (either by killing or guessing). Or if you prefer it, me having 0 frogs left and my opponent still having frogs to be found

11. Maj 2009, 06:34:19
Emne: Re: Frog Finder
El Cid: If you have all your frogs killed, you can hardly lose.

10. Maj 2009, 18:34:22
El Cid 
Emne: Frog Finder
Tilpasset af El Cid (10. Maj 2009, 18:52:21)
On the frog finder achievements, how about "win a frog finder game with all your frogs killed"

10. Maj 2009, 18:09:47
Emne: Re:
martes: I think that achievment obly applies to normal Dice Chess. It does say "Kill your opponent's king" not "kill one of your opponent's kings"...

9. Maj 2009, 09:35:00
Emne: Re: Some achievement ideas
AbigailII: I think most of those are actually quite good and hard to get. Real achievments if you ask me

I'd just like to add one to the Checkers list (why isn't there a checkers achievment section?)
Power to the PeopleWin a game when your opponent had at least 2 queens before you got any (in checkers variants with queens, of course).

8. Maj 2009, 22:05:07
Emne: Re: Some achievement ideas
AbigailII: for someone that made the following statement you aren't doing a bad job

***I fully agree. There are many game related bug fixes/improvements/features I would rather have seen than archievements, photo albums, "walls" and other non-gaming stuff we've seen lately.***

8. Maj 2009, 19:05:37
Emne: Some achievement ideas

  • A Bit of Everything: Win at least 50 different games against 10 different opponents. (So, at least 500 games)


  • Drinking Buddies: Capture 2 or more pawns en passant in a single game.

  • Drunk Mate: Mate with an en passant move.

  • Crowded Board: Mate with no captured pieces on either side.

  • Power to the little Guy: Mate with a minor promotion.

  • Full Stable: Get 4 Knights on the board.

  • Full Church: Get 4 Bishops on the board.

  • Full Castle: Get 4 Rooks on the board.

  • Full Palace: Get 4 Queens on the board.

Chess, Grand Chess, Embassy Chess, Capablanca Random Chess, Fisher Random Chess

  • Promotion Mill: Promote pawns to Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, Marshall and Cardinal (does not have to be done in the same game)

Atomic Chess

  • Full Blast: Blast 5 or more pieces away in a single capture.

Ice Age Chess

  • Octofreeze: At least 8 of your opponents pieces are frozen during a single ice age.

Behemoth Chess

  • Last Man Standing: Win a game with just your King and the Behemoth on the board.

  • Avoid the Dragon: Win a game without the Behemoth taking a single piece.

Hyper Backgammon

  • Ten Hits: Hit a blot 10 or more times in a single game.

Cloning Backgammon

  • Decawin: Win while having at least 10 stones more than your opponent.

  • Centurion: Get 100 stones or more in a single game.

  • Millipip: Make your opponent have a pip count exceeding 1000.

Anti Backgammon

  • Busy Bar: Have 5 stones or more on the bar.

  • Far From Home: Have all your stones in your opponents home board (or on the bar).

All gammon except Anti-

  • Busy Bar Traffic: Hit four blots in a single move.

  • Just Backgammons: Win an 11 (or more) points match with undoubled backgammons only.


  • Pile Up: Build a prime, and have the opponent collect all his checkers on the point behind the prime.

Various Checker Games

  • Slaughterhouse Five: Take five or more stones/queens/kings in a single capture.

  • Large Palace: Promote at least five stones to king or queen in a single game.


  • Gridlock: Stalemate your opponent without any captures.

Battleboats Plus

  • Marksman: Fire a salvo hitting all five opponents boats

Reversi (6x6, 8x8, 10x10)

  • Starfish: Flip stones on five or more lines in one turn.


  • Medusa: Immobilize your opponent while all your queens can still move.

Froglet, Sphere Froglet

  • Rainbow: Capture at least one of each colour in a single turn.

Cam, Camelot

  • Shutout: Capture all your opponents pieces without losing one yourself.

Frog Legs

  • The Second Plague: Guess all 9 frogs without any misguesses.


  • Hole in One: Guess the code on the first turn.

7. Maj 2009, 04:15:52
Emne: Re:
alilsassy: He needs to know the table you were on and the round number

6. Maj 2009, 23:53:59
Fencer: Is there anyway to go back & check a previous poker hand? It was played at approximately 23:00 today @ No Limit Fast High Bets 10 seat table.
I thought I might have received the "And it is mine, all mine!" achievement. Oh well, even if I didn't get the still felt good.

6. Maj 2009, 13:40:54
Emne: Shogi: Pawn Drop Costs A Game
In Shogi pawn drop checkmate is forbidden. This achievement is that the player leaves the opponent no option but to drop a pawn that is forbidden by the rule.

6. Maj 2009, 06:23:10
Emne: 10 More Tongues
Given for player who worked for 10 released localizations.

6. Maj 2009, 06:21:50
Emne: 5 More Tongues
Achievement given for multiliguists. It is given when you worked for 5 language localizations.

6. Maj 2009, 06:20:02
Emne: One More Tongue
Achievement given for translators: Worked for one lauguage localizatiion.

6. Maj 2009, 06:16:27
Emne: Re: Vacation days
FrancescoLR: >would do that even bigger >than .. lets see who never use vacation day and >never times out during the year and finish more >than lets say 1000 games ??

That's interesting. Maybe the achievement can be titled: Have a Nice Game Holiday

6. Maj 2009, 06:07:15
Emne: Shogi: King Stays The Throne
It is achieved when the player defeats the opponent with his/her King unmoved from the initial position(5i or 5a)

6. Maj 2009, 06:03:15
Emne: Shogi: No Pawns No Wins
It is achieved when the player defeats the opponent by stripping off every pawn pieces of the opponent.

5. Maj 2009, 22:18:41
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Vacation days
FrancescoLR: No. I use to do outside camping on holiday. So that means no Internet...

5. Maj 2009, 22:13:39
Good Luck :)FLR 
Emne: Re: Vacation days
Tilpasset af Good Luck :)FLR (5. Maj 2009, 22:14:58)
joshi tm:last year i didnt use vacation days ...
and i went in vacation anyway .. pbly you do not have laptop ?

5. Maj 2009, 21:54:47
joshi tm 
Emne: Re: Vacation days
FrancescoLR: That's impossible! Say you are on holiday, I do not have Internet access during my holidays so better should be, do not use autovacation days for a year, and of course fix the mentioned turtle trick.

5. Maj 2009, 15:14:08
It is more difficult shogi achievement to achieve. Defeat an opponent after losing all golds and silvers as well as rook and bishop.

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