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An outlet for players whose creativity extends beyond the board. Post your original works here!

The posting of song lyrics is not the purpose of this board and as such please refrain from doing so. Exceptions can be made to this rule if you are the copyrighted owner of the lyrics and the lyrics are not found offensive by the majority of the population.
This board is a place to post your original works of poetry and prose and also a place for discussion of poetry and related areas.

We have received word from Fencer that other's poetry can be posted to this board. These are the two conditions:
1) When someone posts a known copyrighted poem, he must add the author's name as well
2) If the author is not known, the poem can be posted without problems

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22. August 2010, 14:33:35
Emne: who wrote this?
"The heat we've been a havin' ain't necessarily pleasin', but there ain't no snow in the tomato patch, and there ain't nobody freezin'. It's only in the 90's, and the fishin's fairly good, so I figure summer's goin' pretty much the way it should.

"The squirrels are workin' the hick'ries, and somewhere's it's a rainin', so I'll wait 'til we get our share, and you won't hear me complainin'. Life is great on this old farm, and I ain't a gonna whine, cause as long as I can catch some fish, then things is goin' fine.

"Ma's cannin' is nigh over, 'til the apples come to ripen, I can't figure why that woman's always sittin' 'round and gripin'. I'd take her out a fishin', if she'd promise to be quite, but when she's rantin' and a rarin' I can't get the fish to bite.

"So if your lookin' for some good advice, I'm just the man to give it... I say summer won't be wasted, 'less you just forget to live it. There's a sunset that's worth seein' and the sky is full of stars, there's the sound of water flowin' over river gravel bars.

"There's fireflies o'er the meadows, summer flowers here and there, and I can hear a bullfrog beller, and a hoot owl off somewhere. When tomorrow comes a dawnin' its likely to be hot, but I can say that even if it is, I druther see it... than not.

"There's cooler days a comin', us old-timers can remember, but let's waste no days of August whilst we're waitin' on September. If your pinin' for a better time, just listen when I say, it may be all we got, so just enjoy today. God sends us autumn's beauty, He sends the springtime dew, He made the birds, He made the bugs, and He made August too."

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