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4. Januar 2013, 20:44:41
Emne: Re: to what extent do we have free will and in what cases do we not ( if any)?
Iamon lyme: No doctor needed for the patches now. (When they first came out, years ago, you did need a prescription)
I don't recommend the cheaper "no name" ones. Maybe it was all in my head, but they didn't seem to work as well.
I recommend the NicoDerm ones They have 3 sizes. Start at the big and work down. They have a recommended amount of time for each size, but I found I needed to follow MY OWN path, and decide when I was ready for the next size down. (Because I failed when following THEIR plan, and dropped sizes quicker than was appropriate for ME)

They have finally gone down in price. I think 3 years ago, I found I was spending about half on the patches than I was on cigs. I was smoking 1 pack per day.

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