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Ask questions or just talk about different languages. Since BrainKing is an international game site supporting many languages, this board can be kind of useful.

Since we will be dealing with pronunciation of words rather than their spelling, I think it's useful to have a link to The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet.

To see translations of some frequently used phrases and sentences in other languages see Languages

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17. Februar 2012, 01:18:44
Emne: Slovak to English
Can anyone translate this? Google Translate gave me gibberish.

Toto bol hod samé jednotky.

17. Februar 2012, 06:04:55
Walter Montego 
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
lizrising: Pedro might be able to help you. I am waiting for his return to continue a few games. I'm sure he'll check out your post when he returns. He has extensive knowledge of many languages, though I do not know if he knows Slovak.

"This was the very hour drive." <----- Is what I got.

I tried Google translate. The words make sense, but without context it looks like gibberish to me too. Are the Slovak words spelled correctly and in proper tense? I was told this language, Czech, and others in this area can be very strict on these things.

17. Februar 2012, 13:21:23
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
Walter Montego: I got the same translation. It was said in my opponent's first move in a Ludo game and I have no idea what that might mean.

17. Februar 2012, 13:26:26
Emne: Re: Slovak to English (translation)
lizrising: What a roll! Three times one!

17. Februar 2012, 13:28:25
Emne: Re: Slovak to English (translation)
vino: Thank you! That makes a lot more sense.

17. Februar 2012, 14:36:57
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
Tilpasset af TAROU (18. Februar 2012, 00:14:18)
lizrising: "It was very the journey of hours." ( It was the very time travel )

I translated your sentence into Czech by using "imTranslator", and into English by myself.
So I have no confidence in it...

Toto bol hod samé jednotky.
maybe... Toto=The, bol=(it) was, hod=of hours, samé=itself, jednotky=journey

21. Februar 2012, 00:12:01
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
TAROU: Toto = That, bol = was, hod = (dice) roll, samé = only, jednotky = ones (on the dice)

21. Februar 2012, 15:03:22
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
Milioi: Oh. Good! Thank you very much.
It looks as if I made a terrible wrong translation. Will you tell me its Czech translation for my learning, if you please?

21. Februar 2012, 23:49:06
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
TAROU: Czech translation is very similar to Slovak version, it could be like "To byl hod, samé jedničky."
It is just quite interesting how could get from "jednotky" to "journeys" :)

24. Februar 2012, 14:47:28
Emne: Re: Slovak to English
Tilpasset af TAROU (25. Februar 2012, 04:49:13)
Milioi: Thank you! I knew they were alike...
imTranslator changed the sentence to "Byl to sami hodin jízdy".... what did the translator think of it??

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