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 Missing people

This board can be used as a missing folks board for people who are away from the site for a period of time. This rpobably would mean a month or longer.

If anyone has info on some one who hasn't been at the site for some time please let others know. The original intent of this board was to get and give info on missing people after Katrina and Rita hit the US..

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    29. Oktober 2017, 14:55:36
    Kacper Klepacki, best known as Dein here (but he had few smaller accounts) on BK passed away on 27th Oct 2017 at age of 37.

    He had heartache and numbness in hands after workout. His dad drove him into ED but they doctors did not find anything suspicious. He collapsed by his car as he was leaving hospital grounds. He was hospitalized but died shortly after with head damage, large hearth stroke and cardiac arrest reported.

    He is survived by his wife.

    29. Oktober 2017, 14:58:16
    Emne: Re:

    29. Oktober 2017, 17:16:05
    Emne: Re:

    29. Oktober 2017, 17:27:23
    Emne: Re:
    Chaosu: R.I.P.

    29. Oktober 2017, 23:48:53
    Emne: Re:
    Chaosu: How sad and so young.

    13. November 2017, 01:06:39
    Emne: Re: dein
    Chaosu: Oh no sorry to hear about dein. had many a game with him.

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