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Kevin的会谈 (1. 六月 2004)

What is your real name?
My name really is Kevin.

How old are you?
17 years old. Will be 18 on October 3, 2004.

Where did the nickname Kevin come from?
It's really my first name :-)

Can you tell us something about your country?
Hmm...interesting question! Well, Canada is essentially 10,000,000 square kilometres of ice and snow where find a flat section to build our igloos and we ride our dogsleds anywhere we feel because the trails get snowed on so often that we've given up on bothering with roads.
It's actually quite fascinating - right on the Canada / USA border, there is a temperature change of about 45 degrees! If you don't believe me, watch a weather station that has the weather for both Canada and USA - when Canada is 10 degrees, USA is 40 or 50 degrees! Quite a geographic marvel!
Ok, i'm just kidding. I had my fun.
For those of you in the states, Canada (especially the southern region of Canada, which is where I am from) is very much like the northern part of the States in every way imaginable. The temperature can range from the extremes of about -50 C (-58 F) in the Winter to about 50 C (113 F) in the Summer.
Canada is generally flat, although we do have a few mountain ranges to gloat about - lol (most notably the Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia, and the Appalacians in Quebec).
Canada is surrounded on three sides by water (the Atlantic Ocean to the West, Arctic Ocean to the North and Pacific Ocean to (you guessed it!) the East) and on the fourth side (that would be South) by the USA. Despite popular beliefs, not all Saskatchewanians are farmers (I would be a prime example of that!), and not all Canadians live in igloos and ride dog sleds (again, I would be a good example of that) :-)

Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Nope, i sure don't :-(
(and it's certainly not my preference!)

What do you want to do/be when you finish high school?
I am enrolled at the University of Regina (located in Regina - pretty ironic, isn't it!!) in the fall of 2004 majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I hope to be a high-payed computer programmer working for a big company and writing computer software all day :-)

Do you have any part time work?
Sort of. I work one day a week after school (from 4 pm to 8:30 pm) accompanying (on the piano) for a voice teacher in the city, playing at some of her students' lessons. I also get to accompany them for performances at things like recitals and festivals, and I get to charge them for those - it can become quite a ludicrous business! :-D

Would you like to have children?
I sure would. But I wouldn't count on it before I'm done school - I've heard how difficult school and family can be to balance, and would like to finish school first anyways.

Do you have any brothers or Sisters?
Yep. I have one older brother named Curtis who is 19. After he decided University wasn't for him, he took a job as a Pizza Delivery Boy. He has just recently moved on from that, and has started training for his new job as a customer support person for a phone company (actually today was his first day - May 10).

Do you own any pets? Can you tell us what they are and their names?
Nope, no pets at the moment (unless my rock counts? lol). We used to own a rabbit named Speedy (maybe 10 years ago) but it died and we never did replace it with anything. Besides, it kept chewing things like power cords, and we couldn't keep it outside all the time (especially in the winter).

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Favorite food, color, perfume etc.
Favourite (with a u...!?!?! lol) food...would have to anything with cheese, as long as it doesn't have any vegetables, mushrooms or fish (of any kind). lol. I really despise anything that swims, think mushrooms are gross and do not like many vegetables (most of them are gross too...) :-)
Favourite Colour (with a u as well...!?!?! lol) - would have to be blue. And don't ask me what shade, because i'll say just blue. Remember, guys have a colour vocabulary of between 8 and 16 colours... :-)
Favourite perfume - i can't say i've had much experience trying out perfumes, so i can't really say i have a preference... :-)
etc - i'm not sure what "etc" you were looking for, so i'm afraid i am unable to provide an accurate response to "etc" :-)

What are your hobbies?
hmm...well, I play the piano (started that around grade 3) and have since taken my grade 10 RCM piano in August of 2003 and passed with an 87(those of you not in Canada will likely not know what this is). I also play the clarinet - took my grade 8 RCM in June of 2003 and got an 84 on that. I play it in the school band and in the local youth orchestra (and btw, just about 45 minutes ago i returned from a trip to Ottawa with the orchestra!). I also play the Tenor Saxophone in the school Jazz band.
I also like board games (again, very ironic!). As many of you may know, my favorite board game is Trax (http://www.traxgame.com). It can't be played here yet, but hopefully will be really soon (hey, i can hope!) :-)

Do you like to read? If so, who are your favourite authors?
Yes, I do like to read, but I don't read nearly as much as I should or would like to. I really enjoy the Redwall series by Brian Jacques - I have read about 5 of those, and own about that many more that I haven't read yet (there are a few I don't own yet). I also liked a lot The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. And third, you gotta love the Harry Potter books (ok, you don't have to...but I do) :-). I have read the first three of those, and will read the forth and fifth (and likely 6th and 7th) when i get around to them.
As for specific authors, there aren't really any that I specifically will go and get a book by them.

What kind of music do you like?
Generally I prefer classical music (referring to music between about 1700 and about 1900). I particularily like the music by W.A. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, F. Chopin, J. Brahams and F. Schubert, specifically the Chopin Nocturnes, Preludes and Etudes, the Mozart and Beethoven Sonatas, and the Brahams rhapsodies and intermezzos. However, there is not really any music I do not like so I will generally listen to whatever is on at the time. Although, i do own about 100 classical CDs, so i'm listening to those a lot.

Have you travelled outside of Sasktachewan?
Yep - a few times now (never been off of North America though). I have travelled to Calgary and Edmonton (and various other places in Alberta) several times, Vancouver once or twice, just returned from Ottawa, and have been to Disneyland (California) once and Disneyworld (Florida) twice. That might be about it... :-)

What was your most embarrassing moment?
hmm...i sure have had a lot...it's pretty tough to choose THE most embarrasing moment, but i'll give it a try with really the only embarrasing moment I can remember (probably blocked out the rest from my mind?):
Once when I was playing community soccer (in a gymnasium) at around the age of 8 or 9, the ball rolled across our net. I haven't the foggiest idea as to why, but at that moment, I bent down and picked up the ball with my hands. That meant that the other team had a free kick from right in front of our net (where I touched the ball) - all thanks to me! I really can't remember if they scored or not (was probably too embarrased to watch?), but i actually seem to recall that our goalie stopped it!

What kind of computer do you use?
That depends where I am :-)
My father's house has a 400 MHz, 8 GB HD, 256 MB RAM (the one I use), and a 2.4 GHz, 40 GB HD, 256 MB RAM (the one my brother uses).
At my mothers house, there is a 1.7 GHz, 40 GB HD, 256 MB RAM (the one I use), and a 2.7 GHz, 40 GB HD, 1 GB RAM (the one my brother uses).
Is there something not right here, or is it just me?!?! lol

What is your favourite game on BrainKing?
I would have to say Spider Line 4. But I also really like Czech Checkers, Tablut and Tank Battle (although I'm pretty bad at all of them...)

What is your favourite game that isn't on BrainKing?
TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, TRAX, and TRAX. Oh, and did I mention TRAX? lol
I stumbled upon it one day about five years ago when i was surfing the Microsoft Gaming Zone (http://www.zone.com). I got my first lesson on that day from a very experienced player who I ended up playing against quite a lot. Well, the lobby for trax was never very busy at all on the zone (towards the end you were very lucky to find anyone online! :-( ), so the Zone got rid of it. (Ok, everyone....1....2....3....BOOOOO!!!!!!!!). Since then, the current World Champion Donald Bailey has made a lobby and player program of his own (downloadable for free from http://www.traxgame.com) where players can log on to and play against players. But it's quite sad that there isn't very many players there either...

Is trax a finite game? Or can it theoretically go on forever?
That would depend. Originally, when the game was first invented, the rules were written to state that the game was limited by an 8x8 board (once the dimensions reached 8 across or 8 up-and-down the board could not be entended in that direction, and the remaining spaces would have to be filled). With those rules, the game was a draw should the board fill up with no one winning.
Fairly shortly after the game was invented some 20-odd years ago, the rules were changed to remove that limit. As the rules states, there is no limit to how big the board can reach. Because of this very important rule, there is absolutely NO possibility of a draw in trax. I suppose that is also dependent on the fact that should a "win" (loop or line) be completed for each player on the same turn it is a win for the player making the move.
However, even though the game can be played theoretically to infinity, the longest game to date is an 87 turn game, involving some 227 tiles and reaching dimensions of 17 by 24 rows. This is a TREMENDOUS effort by both players.

Who do you have on your friends and enemies lists?
I have not yet found anyone worth enemying (is that a word? lol) so my enemy list is and always has been empty. I hope to keep it that way, if at all possible.
I have 39 people on my friends list that i have added for various reasons at various times. Some of them have not logged in for several months, so the number of active people on my friends list is considerably smaller than that. However, that sure doesn't mean there are only 39 people on this site I consider a friend :-D

What question(s) did you hope would be asked, and what would your answer(s) have been?
I really had no idea what I would be asked, so I really did not have any expectations. I believe I managed to cover everything I hoped to in the questions that were asked, although I'm sure if i really thought about it, I'd be able to come up with a lot more to say. ;-)

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