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Whether fact or fiction ALL stories are welcome in here. Please come join in the fun!

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28. януари 2019, 12:04:21
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: pretend you're writing at your kitchen table. Not many here to read it.

28. януари 2019, 02:55:45
I knew you were heading that way, but didnt notice you were specific. I was trying to branch out and this place is so dead, not many branches. Lol time for nyquil. G'nite

28. януари 2019, 02:20:13
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: oops. I missed in your first post you mentioned a game site.

27. януари 2019, 22:48:42
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: so the superheroes left the beauty salon for more challenging worlds to conquer. Half The Originals have regrouped in an unknown place

27. януари 2019, 22:24:04
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: "The Originals" have retired, died or have been silenced...

27. януари 2019, 22:08:17
Относно: Re:
Променен от Carnie (27. януари 2019, 22:08:42)
MelissaMarie: the lights were on 24/7, so nothing was hidden. Hours of battling of the wits...

27. януари 2019, 21:55:04
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: who got tangled up in a web of drama and mystery. Their kryptonite was the same thing...

27. януари 2019, 21:34:38
Относно: Re:
MelissaMarie: Altho they've had many metamorphosis, many were shocked at who was still standing. Here is the history...

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