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Team Tournaments

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26. юни 2019, 16:04:31
Относно: Team Tournaments
Променен от MadMonkey (27. юни 2019, 13:57:32)
A QUICK look through upcoming Team Tournaments

First, STILL waiting for just ONE more Team is Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X (Normal Checkers)

And there also is.....

July 2019 Russian Checkers #2 (Russian Checkers) thats need ONE more Team before it can start.

I know these are not the most popular games on Brainking, but it would be great if we could get them started

After these we have a GREAT mixture of Tournies, here are the one that need more Teams to join.....

Aug 2019 64 Battlefields XVII (Chess)

Aug 2019 Nackgammon Championship XI

Sept 2019 hyper Hyper HYPER GAMMON!!!!!!!!!

Nov 2019 Catch 3 Kings Dice Chess 10x10 #7

Dec 2019 Darth Vader's Gammon Race #7

RIP 2019 -- HAPPY 2020 Ludo 21

That takes us through to the end of 2019, let's try and get enough Teams to get them ALL started......
Happy Gaming everyone

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