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Future Games
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Here is where potentially brilliant mind games which have not yet been added to the BrainKing site can be introduced and discussed.
When enough enthusiasm or even hype about any particular new game sprouts from these pages, it may be only a matter of time before Fencer introduces it to all BrainKing users!

Just a few general rules:

- Please stick to only one forum per game, it avoids useful comments being drowned out by other discussions.

- Try to always write in English. If you see a new message in a different language which you happen to understand, then please be so kind to provide a translation for all other visitors to the forum.

- Bear in mind that many may not know the game you want to introduce, so try to add relevant links whenever you can.

- Do check whether a new game you want to introduce isn´t already there under a different name (eg Anti Checkers, Suicide Checkers and Qui-perd-gagne Checkers are one and the same game).

- Be so kind to prefix a new game type with the (BrainKing) family name it belongs to (ie. Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Lines, etc).

- To avoid everyone bugging me personally about a new game they want to see discussed here I will try to give everyone the appropriate status so they can set up their own discussion boards. If for some reason I neglect to do this, then do harass me as much as it takes for me to change your level.

- Needless to say (I hope), but please be nice as well as relevant. :) Enjoy!

...and if you know anyone else who should be invited to this fellowship: Do let me know!

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