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▼ Swamp Frogs ▼
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FELLOWSHIP HISTORY: Started out as an Amazons fellowship, called "Amazing Amazons" . After awhile, the name was changed to "Frogazons Plus" with the addition of Froglet plus a couple other games. After awhile, some line4 games were added and the name changed to "Frogazons 4 Plus". In April 2006, the newest change: The Frogazons. In September 2006 this fellowship changed hands & name to become : "Swamp Frogs"!

Basicly all games EXCEPT NO Chess, NO Checkers, NO gammon, and NO Boats. There are plenty of fellowships dedicated to Chess & Checkers. Check out ◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ for gammon games, and * BIG BAD * Battleboats for boat games.

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Primary Fellowship Games:

  • Amazons
  • Alquerque
  • Froglet, Anti Froglet, & Sphere Froglet
  • Pah Tum, Hasami Shogi
  • Go, Go 9x9, Go 13x13
  • Halma 8x8, Halma 10x10
  • Assimilation, Ataxx
  • Tablut, Tank Battle, Jarmo, Jungle
  • PONDS! - Ponds, Dark, & Rain Ponds!</font>

    ALL SKILL LEVEL Welcomed! The only requirement is that you have to enjoy playing games & can have fun!

    We have fellowship tournaments, and will play in team tournaments if we can get enough on a team. Again, skill does not matter

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