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! True to Yourself in HIS Spirit !
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You hang in there! NO MATTER WHAT comes on your way.. You hang on to life and to God like to a rock in the heaving sea.. Swimming like a salmon upstream.. You stay true to yourself, to friends that come along the road; but most of all you reach out to God's Love.. and no matter what He will teach you, that you ARE somebody and deserve to get a hug, a smile, a game.. So, lets play and value one another in HIS Spirit!! :-)

! True to Yourself in HIS Spirit ! in English Christian Chat & Bible Study: the Purpose Driven Life As long as we want we can study and ponder on this book and in time we will discuss a new book. Whatever comes on our way to discuss. We are open for suggestions.

Please feel free and ask for any prayer request you might have. We pray for you. God bless.

Please pray for PEACE IN ISRAEL - Please pray for Carmel Assembly Shalom Le Hitraot - Kadosh Yeshua!
a href="http://jerusalemprayerteam.org

! True to Yourself in HIS Spirit ! in Czech Worship Here you can post your favourite hymns, contemporary worship songs, information about worship concerts anywhere on this planet. Worship the Lord: the First purpose for your Life. (Source: the Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren)

! True to Yourself in HIS Spirit ! (news) in EnglishThis board I want to completely give for updates, information and prayer request from all parts of this world with regards to the Dutch Christian Organisation: Open Doors International - founded in 1955. They exist this year 50 years. Thank you very much for your many many prayers!! God bless you ♥

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